Sunday, 31 August 2008

IlluMiMusiC: 'Kat'y Perry

Quick post, want to do a few more music videos posts; but this one is just about Katy Perry's I Kissed a Girl which has been her breakthrough hit, at the age of 23. The video pretty much revolves around attractive women in ultra-sexy stockings (fishnets and such) gyrating/posing, with the camera perversely zooming in on different parts of their feminine beauty. I mentioned Katy in this post which also has a link to a Celtic Rebel post with her in. She is 23 years old (hence why she has "made it" this year rather than others, gaining global notoriety) and is the daughter (middle child) of two evangelical Christian ministers (100% fake, "illuminati" sell-outs). I downloaded the Howard Stern [different one to Anna Nicole's former handler] show with her in and it's amazing how they objectify her etc., all probably pre-planned (including them baiting her to show them her "double D" breasts which Howard is shocked by and demands proof, she removes her jumper with candy on it, to reveal a white vest thing with black pentagrams on it, not pictured). Her name was originally Katy Hudson, but changed to Perry because it was to similar to Kate Hudson (MK relative?). Apparently Madonna is a big fan of her... which should tell you something [also this rumor is worth noting]. Edit: Annoying Daily Mail are a couple of days late for my post, but some goddess worship here as MTV immortalize her aforementioned "32DD"'s in plaster.

Note the bunny rabbit (Alice in Wonderland programming, white specifically, dressed in pink) as she strokes her ..... kitten. [Katy's name is obviously part of this too; cats/kittens are sex-alter programming... which certainly fits with this song nicely] Her parents are Christian evangelical ministers, like I said are definitely involved in this type of stuff (opinion) like the Billy Graham (similar type of minister to Katy's parents I think, though obviously much lesser known). Here's an illuminati formula quote:
"Religious fronts (denominations, individual churches and certain ministers) are used to hide criminal activity. Billy Graham, who is a programmed multiple himself, is exceptionally adept at managing his Monarch kittens. The drug money laundered through his crusades is carefully handled by many Monarch slaves working in shifts and teams, so that the whole scheme can not be uncovered by catching one person. Billy Graham runs big operations all over the world under the disguise of evangelism."

Katy is invariably shown wearing some kind of bow, which I think represents the butterfly, also note the checker pattern floor (dark red, light red)

purple/pink is often flashed at the viewer (note Katy is often portrayed with one eye covered)

Think her earring is a FOX.

She wakes up at the end of it (showing it was all dissociation, a dream)

Her other video, "Ur So Gay" (...?) is equally blatant in it's mind control suggestiveness (note her bow too, the Masonic Pentagrams, the hexagonal bathroom floor seen in other mind control things like Lost Boys [I have SO many movies I need to do posts on :(], Enchanted and various others. The quote from Nietzsche is also worth noting because I have seen Nietzsche quotes in mind control movies such as The Dark Knight and The General's Daughter), this time focusing more on the doll side of mind control rather than the cat/kitten one.

She alters her hair on a hexagonal honeycomb tile pattern (with black ones for added dualism black/white). Altering hair seen in mind control movies (symbolizes a personality change (literally shown here, above and below images)/change to the head) like The Hole.

Moving away from Katy to Miley, a couple of things have come to my attention lately; thanks to Carissa for showing me this, as disturbing as it is ^^ [Obviously nothing sinister there then... looks exactly like a "guitar" and nothing else... (also pictured is Miley with a butterfly guitar, shown for the synchs), and also synch it up to Miley's "milk moustache" (which happened just after the whole "topless" vanity fair photo shoot scandal... nice timing); I showed Rihanna's one yesterday which is my excuse for showing it today] Also; meet MC Miley's half-brother (wonder why he's so fucked in the head, shown by all those tattoos and whatnot). Obviously mind controlled [he was "lucky" enough to be adopted by Billy Ray Cyrus...], note the rose and crossbones T-shirt etc.


CarissaC. said...

Hey, and don't forget how Nietzsche was used in "Eternal Susnhine of the Spotless Mind," another movie with mind control themes/undertones. I mentioned this before in another post, sorry if it's repetitive :D but Mary, played by Kirsten Dunst, quotes: "Blessed are the forgetful, for they get the better even of their blunders."

Anonymous said...

Good stuff. Thanks for doing this. I knew that there must be more to this Katy Perry persona beyond pushing the lesbian agenda on teenage girls.

I'd like to think that nothing Disney does surprises me anymore, but I guess I can't. That looks like nothing other than a guitar, of course. Any "idiot" can see that it is a guitar (and will only see that). Wonder what the microphones look like? Plus, that exact "pose" of hers can be found on every other DVD in the porno section. I showed this to some parent I know and she didn't get it. The mind-control of parents (and mass stupidity agenda) is working too well...

jefferyO said...

The entertainment industry is being controlled by these illuminati secret socities and these entertainers are just their tools to spread their message and purpose across.

ivory said...

you know miley's half brother MC is in the group, metro station. hahahhaha why not exploit two kids....

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