Tuesday, 9 September 2008

'Coke shame' pictures of the new Kate Moss: Model Alice Dellal caught in drug scandal

They're certainly following the predicted pattern, building Alice Dellal up more and more with stories like this (and more at bottom of page). Also goes into the elite's drug use/smuggling, I just spoke of how the elite's children are usually on cocaine (probably to aid the programming that "illuminati" family members endure [have always endured]). Remember Alice in Wonderland, Dellal symbolic name, spoke about this stuff in previous posts on her. "The new Kate Moss" caught my attention, herself obviously caught with coke too. You can see this story over at The Sun, with exactly the same language and whatnot (they're all controlled by the same cabal), "rising star" (freemasonic language in them both), also check out which European Monarch she is "dating" (naturally [being a high level bloodline family member] he gets with mind controlled ballerinas/models/whoever he feels like [more on mind controlled ballerina's in Dark Knight post]), from Monaco (Monarcho).

As the face of lingerie brand Agent Provocateur, Alice Dellal is fast becoming the next big thing in the fashion world. [Shock! Horror!]

In spite of a colourful family background, Alice, 20, has so far managed to keep her reputation intact - but she now seems to have shed her clean-living image. [I predict she hits it big or something happens at age 21 [777]... obviously I'll just say any random news story is it; but we'll see :)]

For the socialite model, who boasts high profile friends including James and Elizabeth Jagger and Leah Wood [all mind controlled illuminati family members, "fashion elite"], is pictured in a series of curious photographs with what appears to be drug paraphernalia. [curiouser and curiouser...]

Scandal: Model Alice Dellal caught on film with an Oyster card, a line of white powder and a hollow tube [Love the "one eyed" shot ^^]

Alice replaced Kate Moss as the face of Agent Provocateur earlier this year but has also modelled for Dame Vivienne Westwood and Mango.

Friends close to the model fear that she is moving heavily into the party scene - and that it could ruin her career.

A source said: 'It's quite shocking for someone with such apparent talent to be photographed like this. It's worrying.'

Body of evidence: Alice with what appears to be a wrap of drugs [But it's OK for Alice in Wonderland to have plenty of different drugs ^^]

In the first picture, taken in July, Alice is shown with a friend looking up to the camera. Nearby, a suspicious white powder, believed to be cocaine, is laid out on the back of a DVD case with an Oyster card and a hollow tube. [Oyster card... hollow tube... it's like a teeny alternate London underground reality dude]

In the second picture, taken in March at a party in south London, Alice is seen sitting on a sofa dressed in her trademark leather jacket and shirt holding what appears to be a wrap of cocaine.

Turning her back to those next to her, Alice seems more concerned with the task in hand.

Party girl: Alice, taking a tumble during a recent night out at Bungalow 8, is a fixture on London's social scene [see older posts for my narrative on this scene, dissociatively sized plant pots and whatnot; as if little Alice has just taken the pill that makes her small ;D, this kind of thing is seen in that Pjanoo video I showed in this post]

The heiress, due to inherit an estimated £800 million, is the granddaughter of the controversial property tycoon Jack Dellal, 83, also known as Black Jack for his love of gambling tables around the world.

One of her aunts, Suzy, died from a heroin overdose while studying in Paris.

Alice follows a long line of high-profile celebrities who have modelled for Agent Provocateur.

Rising star: Alice in an ad campaign for fashion label Mango [that hair is always helpful in covering one eye]

Peaches and Moss, to name but two, have posed leaving little to the imagination.

Alice's father, entrepreneur Guy, was a former escort of Mick Jagger's ex Jerry Hall and has an interesting history. ["escort"/programmer/handler]

In 1978, when he was 21 [777], he was accused of being involved with a ring that smuggled cocaine worth £40,000 into Britain. [That shouldn't shock anyone, these programmers/general illuminati activity involves a lot of drug smuggling (usually though it doesn't even need to be "smuggled" these days)]

It was decided that he had been used by dealers and he was fined £2,500 and given a 12-month suspended jail sentence. [Guy Dellal is probably mind controlled himself, these elite illuminati families tend to be, helps in the control; so was used by "dealers"]

[By the way, I first pointed out Alice when she was announced as being the new Agent Provocateur face, since then they've been giving her a MASSIVE PR push (obviously got big plans for her), in The Sun in particular, which I missed. Added a few symbolic images in from this Sun story, set in the occult city of London.]

Alice on the Thames (Isis) and over the Twin Towers of Tower Bridge. [More on twin towers in Bones post]

Alice clutching phallic Big Ben, to finish with a vague personal synch.


Anonymous said...

guy hes a very nice person

Benjamin S said...

I'm sure they all appear to be very nice people on the surface. I never said Guy wasn't a nice person :p In fact I view all these families who seem to be used as tools by the media, fashion, 'the elite' in general (see that European Monarch who uses these mind controlled ballerinas/models/etc as essentially sex-slaves whenever he needs a 'date', Guy was used in drug trafficking, all the cocaine today etc.) as victims. I'd be less suspicious if he was a total asshole, than if as you say he is a very nice person.

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