Sunday, 21 September 2008

The Black Snake That Makes Ricci Moan

"You know a white girl, dirty blond hair, split down the middle like...?"
Edit: Added some trailers.
The sadomasochistic relationship [in the sense that it's there to brainwash/keep us all hypnotized/etc but it's just so damn entertaining] I have with Murdoch's Sky HD+ box provided this movie, Black Snake Moan (also with Mouseketeer JT) on Anytime [TiVo auto-record thing] last night, the film is about Christina Ricci playing Rae (pronounced ray, as in sun ray) chained up (prominent chains/interlocking rings, symbolizing the mental prison) for most of it so Samuel (E)l Jackson can cure her of her nymphomaniac ways. I took it as symbolizing mind controlled Hollywood slaves because she had been made that way (i.e [unintentional] programming) by the abuse she suffered at the hands of her father as a kid, as we're told in the movie. The title has obvious phallic/abuse implications, Ricci is the RAINN spokesperson. Christina Ricci has been in many mind control suggestive films, a few posters are shown below with mind control themes (note hexagonal honeycomb, butterflies, split mind/one eye symbolisms, cat+dissociative green spiral standard Disney mind fuck [think I'm going to start work on a Disney post next] etc). In 2009 (February 13) a movie she appears in comes out called New York, I Love You which should have an interesting poster and seems to have every mind controlled Hollywood slave in existence in it [remember N/Y and (up 1) O/Z]! In her movie Miranda, directed by Marc Munden she plays Miranda, a dominatrix whose alter-name appears to be Alice [havn't seen it].

I include the above video to show the chains become almost like a tentacle/ serpent wrapping around her and other suggestive things.

Note the heart in chains.

Standard Nietzsche quote on a mind control movie poster [shown a few times potentially mind controlled people randomly quoting Nietzsche/perversions of Nietzsche quotes, and more are mentioned in the comments]. Obviously one eye/fractured mind (with the claw rip), she plays Ellie in this. And below in Marilyn Monroe pose [top picture of her has her in black/white duality dress from Sleepy Hollow where she plays Katrina Van Tassel, and also a modern version of the duality stripes (zebra)].

Click image for my Speed Racer post.

Here she is over a Masonic checkerboard floor [note the other symbolism too] in The Addams Family (her third film) and the sequel below [can only remember the sequel really; she is constantly trying to decapitate the baby; anything that prominently focuses on the head in its story is usually mind control (i.e. the headless horseman, decapitations in Sleepy Hollow for another Ricci decapitation synch/mind control ritual occutlism)].

Click image for trailer. Note the mirror-image poster thing.

Face mask/hexagonal honeycomb, butterflies.

[Note angel in stone which I've pointed out in other mind control movies too]

Enough butterflies? Here's a quick quote from this shockingly blatant mind control movie [haven't seen it]: "At a costume party at which she wears a porcine mask [pig mask/sort of porcelain looking (below), the "costume party/"Masquerade Ball" is a common theme in many mind control movies], she meets Johnny, who, unaware of her transformation, apologizes for not being able to break her curse..." Might have to give this one a download.

A woman in a bee costume gives her the mask (I think).

Purrrrrogramming Disney kittens [sorry]. Note dissociative green spiral.

To go along with the kitten programming, here she is with a cat and as cat woman.

Found the above image to be an incredible synch, considering I did a post of that same title just 7 days ago; no idea what it is from. Found image here.

In the film (most likely with a tonne of mind control in it, the above image is not from the movie or anything, looks odd because she's very young; looks pretty dissociated/confused) Small Soldiers, she does the voice of Gwendy Doll [Peter Pan Programming: Wendy+Freemasonic G and Doll obvious implications]. In The Ice Storm she played Wendy Hood. In a black and white short film from 1997 she played Little Red Riding Hood, by the way: "This story is number 333 in the Aarne-Thompson classification system for folktales."

Her first film was Mermaids, where she played Kate Flax, with Bob Hoskins [in Danny the Dog] and in Casper she played Kathleen 'Kat' Harvey, remember in the occult Sleepy Hollow she plays Katrina.

A quote from wiki on her numerous tattoos [images of which can be seen here], more evidence of her programming: "Ricci also has many tattoos: a lion on her right shoulder blade (a reference to The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, a favorite novel of hers as a child), a fairy on the inside of her right wrist, praying hands on her left hip (this tattoo was originally a bat), a bouquet of sweetpeas on her lower back, the words "Move or Bleed" on the left side of her ribcage, the name "Jack" on her right thigh for a dead pet, a sparrow on her right breast, and a mermaid on her left ankle." Her mother is a model (potentially mind controlled, maiden name is Murdoch), her father is a psychiatrist (potential programmer?), look at what he specialized in!!! [Primal therapy]

Finish with this movie [standard one eye movie poster], another one with mind control themes; Ricci gets amnesia etc. [Only watched the first couple of seconds of below video from it because I want to see this one so no spoilers; but right off the bat there's a kid wearing a mask]


Anonymous said...

Some truly powerful images you found there Ben.

When I first glanced through the pictures, I thought to myself "they're remaking Mandingo???" Btw: sure this will piss some people off, but that is definitely an agenda, particularly in the states.

Is Ricci mind-controlled? I think you've proven it beyond a reasonable dought.

Benjamin S said...

Cheers mate, love your latest post on The Happening and such, agreed on pretty much all of your analyses.

Some of my earliest movie memories when v young are her in Casper and the Adams Family Values [edited checkerboard posters in from them btw] so it's kind of interesting writing about these people I've watched growing up on screen with me sort of, for some reason those performances have stuck in my memory (unlike many of the other countless films I watched as a kid). Looking back at Casper, this seems to have standard yellow brick road style spiral, and at one point Ricci gets stuck on a ride; which starts out going down in a spiral staircase type thing, check it out in the trailer.

Cheers again.

Anonymous said...

yes nice post- ive never seen CR in this light before (I happen to feel a liking for her and her work, generally)- but have you seen Buffalo 66 in which she's held hostage by Vince Gallo? I'm sure interpretive power would delight in it.

Benjamin S said...

anon, I like her to, as I was saying to Celtic her films have stuck in my mind moreso than others. I think I may have actually randomly seen that Buffalo 66 thing a few years ago one night on TV [your description of it sparked my memory of it] which would be another weird synch; downloading now, can't wait to watch it with this perspective in mind [watching movies these days compared to a few years ago is totally different, less mindless if you know what I mean].


DAYSGONE BY the sideshow mermaid said...

So I read somewhere that she has a tattoo of "Jack" on her right thigh for a "dead pet", and a "sparrow" on her right breast. It sounds more like these tats are for Johnny Depp, Jack Sparrow. I bet money that he took her virginity away!!!

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