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The Duality of Muse

So what do people think, just whose side are Muse on? Either way, their music has been a big influence on me over the years and it would not stop enjoying their music. A recent commenter stated that their latest album 'The Resistance' was a joke and they are mocking mind control conspiracy theorists, but I don't buy that and I don't hear it in the lyrics personally, maybe I am being naive and have missed some obvious lyrics that suggest this (perhaps this quote from Dominic ["Not everyone gets the Monty Python aspect to our music, but it's there... we're often laughing as we record."] which I do not think is referring to all of their music's conspiracy themes, you can tell what their humor is in the songs), but I would love to know what would make someone reach such a sweeping conclusion (I'm open minded either way; but Matthew Bellamy has always sounded very sincere when I've heard him interviewed about wearing the 'Terrorstorm' T-Shirt at Reading festival and such; if they have always just been taking the piss out of conspiracy theorists then they certainly are committed!). Of course I have considered it many times, why would their big record label Warner Music even allow them to write about such controversial issues? Scanning through their photographs, anyone with even the remotest degree of symbolic awareness should be able to pick up on the symbolism they use repetitively (like most of the other bands/artists in the industry; but these guys [you'd like to think anyway] are more aware of the meaning/significance of the things they are wearing/pictured with [checkerboard floors etc]). I posted this a day ago but messed up the date so it was back in last month's archive, apologiez to anyone who was trying to comment on it when I took it down to put it back to the right date; it needed a little editing anyway.

As you can see they have quite a few checkerboard floor symbolic (duality symbolism used in Freemasonic lodges and whatnot) photo shoots.

Christopher Wolstenholme (bassist) in a checkerboard tie, below is Dominic Howard (drummer) in a checkerboard sweater.

At the very recent Q Music awards where they won 'Best Act in the World', Dominic's shirt looks interesting though it's hard to make out exactly what's there, Chris in military jacket and Matthew with a black/white duality mixture.

Again their clothes are colour-coordinated to represent black/white duality. Note the occult caduceus on Dominic, one serpent black one white. The caduceus on it's own is very duality symbolic, having one black and one white though obviously emphasizes this fact. Also note the astrological symbols (Mercury [the god is of course associated with the caduceus] etc, that occult symbol [and a couple more] can be seen on the forehead of the weird looking little girl [the hair style probably supposed to represent horns] in the New Born [interesting lyrics too] video below where she releases orbs of light and float around [Bellamy symbolically controls one near the start after the girl releases them] and Muse's fans are put in a frenzied state, I'm sure someone with more than my limited occult knowledge can interpret this better; that song was actually the one which got me into Muse way back when).

Giving it some hornage over Mastercard's occult vesica pisces symbol (giving a salute to their master maybe ;). Included a poster for Muse I found on their official site with a vesica pisces motif, butterflies and a sunflower (below the two overlapping moon faces).

As Above So Below..

Above symbolically using twin pillars, and below Chris in an Egyptian occult ritual pose.

The above I suspect symbolizes duality (half face in darkness, half light) and the usual one eye symbolism (as in the below shot). Similar motif two above with the added mind control symbolism of a removed limb like a mannequin from a Spin magazine shoot.

Matthew with mind controlled, and masked (as usual) here Grace Jones. This is from, as you can see the NME Awards 2009.

Bellamy in Russia (hence the double headed eagle guard).

Matthew in an Eyes Wide Shut (etc) style ritual mask with the ultra-symbolic (lots of duality [Muse used the Black Lodge duality symbolic floor as the main motif for their HAARP tour, see further down] as I've gone into here) David Lynch's Twin Peaks. I think that's Christopher below wearing two (these come from their official site gallery, from here).

In September they took a tour in America's Masonic capitol Washington D.C. where Dominic wore a highly symbolic (duality/"elite" European families/Freemasonry) double headed eagle shirt (which aren't exactly hard to find, everyone is wearing the "elite's" iconography these days it seems, must be a global case of Stockholm syndrome ;p) with a sun behind it (which feels especially ritualistic considering the symbolism of the phallic Washington Monument situated behind him, phallic obelisks such as that are associated with Egyptian Sun worshiping cults; + the eagle has been said to really represent a phoenix). The Washington Monument itself is an expression of duality because of the reflecting pool (as above so below), which I have gone into before.

Above note the white/black pattern duality floor (+ 2 white and 2 black statues). I think below they are in the U.S. Capitol building looking out at the Mall.

Bellamy intrigued by some pyramidal/benben stone symbolic monument.

Below ascending a staircase (ascension/initiation symbolic) with a bust of Freemason George Washington kept in shot.

Dominic with blue blooded Illuminist ["It is now clear that Mr. Gore and Mr. Bush have an unusually large number of royal and noble descents," said Harold Brooks-Baker, publishing director of Burke's Peerage.] Al Gore.

I came across this at Dedroidify, Dominic wearing a t-shirt showing "a skeleton carrying the burden of an inverted Illuminati Pyramid." which is interesting as it seems to me that they are the only band (on a major record label) who are willing (or aloud... maybe even forced?) to go into "Illuminati"/conspiracy themes in a big way. Also note the symbolic white horse painting behind them.

Their HAARP live show/album (named and themed after the highly suspicious High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program in Alaska) was interesting, occurring at Wembley Stadium; which replaced the former structure's Masonic twin towers (symbolic of the twin pillars of Freemasonry; remember the twin towers in New York were also taken down around this time, it is all ritual) with a Masonic arch which was incorporated nicely for the tour's artwork (see above), stretching across the HAARP tech (makes me wonder if the arch might serve some sort of antenna-like purpose for some big event in the 2012 Olympics [faked alien invasion using HAARP's hologram capabilities?]).

Anyway the tour is loaded with symbolism such as these triangles with light from the centre (illuminated pyramid/all seeing eye symbol [the eye is the sun/light]).

So that's alot of 'illuminated triangles', even the inner crowd was, just about pyramid shaped! (that may have been purely logistical however)

As mentioned the background motif was a Twin Peaks black lodge style duality zig- zag seen in the red room (covered it in this post).

Black/white/red has been a very commonly used colour scheme (black/white duality + red symbolizing fire/blood/primal), I have discussed this in previous posts (used by the Nazis and whatnot).

The programmed robots are coming! [a clue where they'll be coming from in the below image; far from 'taking the piss' I thought their MKULTRA song was quite clever and sincere (the mind breaking symbolized by the "we're breaking through" line where the 'through' word is not held for a couple of bars but is split in to shorter [minims I think] 'ou'-'ou'-'ou' fractured sounds), which I may go more into more detail if they come up with a decent symbolic video for it or something]

Their videos all have a fair bit of symbolism in them (embedded a couple below with a very short analysis), but one of their earlier videos made me a little suspicious of their involvement (though I doubt they had anything to do with the themes used or using Brooke in it). The video 'Sunburn' centers around Brooke Kinsella babysitting a young boy, which is significant as you probably won't recall I was posting on the gun and knife crime hysteria a while back where her little brother Ben was murdered and she became the poster-girl for the cause (to increase the police's Orwellian powers, specifically stepping up the use of metal detecting arches), leading marches and starting up a website, suggesting every child should be forced into the army (which the establishment would absolutely love; a whole population of robots like you have in Israel and other places where national service is mandatory) and whatnot.

I noted in the post the symbolic 'K' logo for 'Kinsella', K equals 11; which is duality/mirror symbolic as I have gone in to. Note the crown ('King'sella, the Kinsellas are a 'monarch' family; and I don't mean they are part of of the "elite" in any way, google Project Monarch if you aren't aware of what I'm talking about [or read posts like this; the child sexual abuse film I analyze below with Brooke as the protagonist even has the word 'MONARCHS' spelled out for you]), black/white animal spots and the yellow/purple colours. The most often used picture of Ben in the media has the Godfather Collection DVD on prominent display with it's Marionette cross + strings + manipulator hand symbol. Ben apparently predicted his own death just weeks before his death. "The Adams Family" (or another crime syndicate in the area, who are invariably working with the powers that be; a criminal underworld existing is a necessity for them) were probably involved in it in some way (a member of the gang vowed to kill Ben's killers [and I don't think it's for noble reasons, probably to stop them talking!]), the head of it (currently in jail) was known as 'The British Godfather', which is an interesting coincidence (clue in the picture with the Godfather DVD set [though it's obviously a very common one to own, I got it years ago also]).

"You were a beautiful star and now you will shine even brighter..." [message written by Brooke] She wore this very sun symbolic dress to the funeral (see below for context, more sun ritual on her).

Anyway; to the video, Brooke walks up the stairs, stealing jewelry on the way before arriving at the parents bedroom where she tries on more jewelry. Muse appear playing in the mirror but not in the room itself, messing with Brooke's head (this exact kind of illusion is more than likely very common in mind control programming using mirrors). She inevitably shatters the mirror as Matthew Bellamy sings on appearing to taunt Brooke as she enters 'Looking Glass Land' (the video ends with the little boy coming up to the room and seeing she isn't there, but she is seen in the mirror's reflection like Muse were before).

I feel this video suggests that Brooke is mind controlled (being trapped in a shattered mirror; her shattered dissociative mind), it's always amazing some of the "coincidences" (none of them are, it's all ritual/symbolism) that follow these individual's careers. Like before she appeared in the Sunburn Muse video she appeared in an episode of an unrelated BBC show called 'Sunburn' (usual occult sun worship/ritual). Most tellingly she appeared in ITV's 'No Child of Mine' where "she played Kerry, a young girl who continuously suffered sexual abuse from her parents, friends and carers, and was forced into prostitution by her father. Kerry finally contacts Childline and is put in a safe house, where she tries to come to terms with what has been done to her. The film was based on a true story, with the names changed to protect the real victim's identity."

This video is the only clip I could find from it, check out the way the father points at 0:13 giving the horned one sign, the Disney references are notable and feature a few times in the film (at the start of the clip she is told to ask her mother to pretend to be Elvis Presley, a monarch slave with a lot of sun ritual surrounding him [he was the 'Sun King', Sun Recordings, Elvis at Sun, etc], then after the Donald Duck voice, one of them asks her to tell her stepfather to pose as a statue, then take take his trousers down). The DVD is hard to find (there is no official release for it, it is available on torrent for anyone interested), the cover is symbolic featuring the half face/split mind (the mind splitting off [dissociation] from conscious awareness due to the trauma of repetitive sexual abuse) commonly used motif for symbolizing psychological trauma. Look at some of the reactions in the IMDB review page, most of them basically saying "unrealistic bullshit" without considering that there are families that exist in the world (virtually every adult she comes into contact with is an abuser) who are exactly like the "over the top" portrayal in the film (of course it's on the higher end of the scale but it absolutely goes on).

I have watched this and I've included a few screen caps from it, you can imagine my response when the word 'MONARCHS' was spelled out! I was immediately aware that this was going to contain predictable MK themes because the very opening shot is of Brooke with her father singing the lines from the song 'I can See Clearly Now' "It's gonna be a bright, bright, sunshining day!" repeated twice by Brooke with the sun symbolically shining on Brooke's face in the car (on the way to a boat, presumably being taken for her father to prostitute to pedophiles), again showing the sun ritual involved with these Monarch slaves (remember her two 'Sunburn' themes).

... It doesn't take much thought to figure out why they have never released this on DVD... it actually tells you Brooke is a part of the 'LONDON MONARCHS'! This random lady in the crowd of parents at Brooke's sports day (that's her stepfather who rapes her in the shot too) wearing the a London-based American football team's (since defunct in 1998) shirt based in London, it's extremely obviously what it means though. This type of shirt doesn't just accidentally work it's way onto set, it is a very clear reference to Brooke being a victim of Monarch (trauma-based) mind control programming, she's 'part of the London Monarchs' team along with Amy Winehouse and other 'London Monarchs' (Lily Allen etc). The music they chose was rather suggestive when mixed with the imagery in the scene such as in the sports day scene (focusing on the children in their shorts and the LONDON MONARCHS shirt) the song by 'The Lightning Seeds' called 'Thinking Up Looking Down' with lyrics such as "They touch you with that magic touch and you shine".

The school's colour scheme is Masonic gold and blue, note the owl (looks like one anyway) symbolically on the wall behind her.

Note the small sunflower on her shirt, and wrist cutting is a symptom of MK/abuse also (see Demi Lovato and others I go into there). This occurs after Brooke informs her real father that her stepfather is raping her, he gets angry and rushers her back to her mother's (and stepfather) home, breaks a glass window and beats up the stepfather because he is annoyed that he didn't ask him for permission or pay him for it (not the horrific fact that she is being raped; which is fine, as long as he is getting paid). Brooke uses broken glass (symbolizing her broken/shattered mind in Monarch trauma-based mind control) to cut her wrist.

Another sun/flower motif on Brooke below.

The orphanage type place where those types of kids are housed are "welcomed" with Mickey Mouse's open arms (remember Brooke is Minnie, dressed in her image earlier; all this Disney stuff is purely pedophilia suggestive). Her room has an old Boyzone poster, I think that may even be Stephen Gately (see Boyzone/Stephen Gately post for context, Stephen was likely a Monarch slave performer also) on the right.

In a slightly disturbing scene Brooke and her friends in the film are discussing their first period, I particularly cringed when they described exactly how to insert a tampon, it felt a little pointless (other than to compare a 'normal' girls sexual development with Brooke's who is constantly sexually abused [she was apparently impregnated but has a miscarriage]). Note the Masonic looking (an obelisk inside a two sets of twin pillars) monument behind them, twin pillars are symbolically kept in the frame when the camera focuses on the little girl in black/white duality (+ a horse motif).

I was a little surprised just how explicit the child sexual abuse scenes were, above she is being raped by her stepfather and below by a social worker in a big foster home (note rainbow coloured vest, going "over the rainbow" sexual dissociation).

She goes to a shop to buy a present for a teacher she takes on as a paternal figure, note her face symbolically positioned behind a dreamcatcher, and the ironic 'Scales of Justice' symbolizing the lack of justice for Monarch victims like Brooke.

To illustrate the whole half face missing/in darkness psychological motif I go on about, here it is on the ChildLine poster used in the film, and note their duality/mirror symbolic phone number 08001111 (their actual phone number, which could always be coincidence choosing an easy to remember number for children like 1111 but the synchronicity is certainly there).

While those stickers are obviously standard safety ones, I feel they are probably used symbolically here as subliminal pyramids (Brooke's father is a London cabbie).

Towards the film's end she is driven by London black cab (remember her father in reality is a London cab driver; there was a line said in the film about cab drivers meeting lots of people which I found notable but cannot remember the exact quote), with the sun again used symbolically in the usual way (focused on by the camera, with the taxi driver in the mirror and the sun behind it), when it cuts to a shot of Brooke she symbolically is posed so half her face is illuminated by the sun. This is her final journey towards sanctuary and the film ending.

The very final shot of the film is the image discussed on the cover of the unofficial DVD, Brooke's half face covered by her pillow looking quite traumatized/dissociative.

This is a typical kind of role for a Monarch trauma-based mind controlled slave (for obvious reasons). Brooke in reality does not know her real father, her step-father (below image right of Brooke) George is a taxi driver (like Amy Winehouse's father Mitch ["I think my daughters new boobs are fantastic"], what's up with London cabbies? Probably from picking up all those Masons and other snakes that inhabit the City; this struck me as odd, a 'Mad Hatter's Tea Party London Taxidrivers Fund for Underprivileged Children') "Kinsella's father walked out on her when she was four years old, and she was subsequently raised by her mother, Debbie, and stepfather, George, who Kinsella has described as her "real dad"." Perhaps coincidentally, Matthew Bellamy's father was also a taxi driver working in London called George where he met Matthew's mother Marilyn and then went on to become a guitarist in The Tornados.

She has recently been getting back on the MK'd celebrity circuit again after her tragic family trauma, showing up in her transformed state to a recent awards show above.

I was a little surprised that this was actually Brooke in this photo shoot (aside from makeup/lighting, it's still unrecognizable in my opinion). Notice she looks completely different here (probably in an alter), I actually still struggle to recognize it as her. I think she went through a period where they were trying to set her up as a Page 3 type glamour model (and giving her a lesbian kiss scene with a Bionic Woman, Michelle Ryan in Eastenders [where Brooke's character was a prostitute for a while also]). I was considering not posting these images because some people find them inappropriate, like I am re-objectifying these victims while not showing any empathy towards them, what has happened to Brooke and her family is absolutely horrible. I'd like to think long term readers will know my heart is in the right place even if I don't go on and on with patronizing statements about how sorry I feel for them (hopefully some people appreciate my candor anyway).

They chose a very symbolic scene to shoot this probable victim in, original sin (in the video note the butterflies on the example page thing). Also note the red shoes (Dorothy/Anderson fairytale; covered a fair bit here and elsewhere in the blog).

Brooke the bird on a swing. The name Brooke seems to be significant, with Brooke Shields being another example of an MK'd Brooke (many other likely candidates though like Brooke Burk, Brooke Valentine etc).

Note the gold serpent jewelry (emphasizing the original sin ritual, and the psycho-sexual aspects of the shoot). Victims like Brooke are the 'forbidden fruit' to the pedophilia obsessed establishment (serpent = phallus, the sexual metaphor is pretty obvious I've gone into it a number of times before).

Anyway, after that interlude back to Muse; as I said earlier many of their videos are symbolic in one way or another so I'll only cover a few here. This one 'Invincible' goes through humanity's continuing history of enslavement to the Illuminist masters (showing slaves building the pyramids, the Colosseum [Roman slaves used as performers for the masses as gladiators were slaves; still works essentially the same today], mass ritual blood sacrifice WW2 and whatnot), 9/11 is suggested (smoke from top of skyscraper), then the all the organized chaos kicks off (after the 9/11 catalyst), even the fake alien invasion (complete with giant mechanical mice [Disney/global corporations]) before eventually humanity rises up and crushes them. Personally I can see how someone might be skeptical of Bellamy's sincerity, he sort of comes across as something similar to what a right wing talking head does (speaking of, that Glenn Beck thing was pretty humorous, Beck always cracks me up though he's obviously a massive POS and a demagogue, you can tell he's not actually insane and knows what he's doing and what's going on [I've seen him wear a triangular/pyramid shaped lapel pin too on his show apparently with an eye in it, someone else noticed it on the godlikeproductions forum]) saying all the patriotic bullshit his audience wants to hear; except Bellamy's content is made to appeal to the emotions of the growing numbers of conspiracists (not a bad marketing ploy by Warner Music).

This traveling by boat through the history of time (starting from the creation of the universe) is obviously extremely ritualistic associated with Egyptian funerary rituals (also think of Anubis' little trip down the river Thames), note the boat has a pentagon (with light from the interior sides) shaped roof, Dominic's caduceus t-shirt shown earlier too, again emphasizing the ritual aspect.

Plug In Baby is a good one: "The video features a performance by the band in a bedroom, along with shots of girls with morphed tube and tentacle-esque synthetic body parts. The original idea involved the band's performance, but with robotic limbs moving around them, suggesting a mechanical sex machine." In it's eventual form though it's still very MK related, with the women in it I think supposed to symbolize dehumanization (they're a manufactured product; lacking a soul/real emotion) Dominic describes it (Matt conveniently forgets) as such: "That song’s about putting emotion into something that has no soul - like a child’s teddy bear or a computer. And also what it would be like if we could genetically engineer puppies that never grow old." Hopefully you can read in to that to understand what it's really referring to (Stepford Wives type stuff [hence the original "mechanical sex machine" idea]).
I'll nearly finish with Supermassive Black Hole, directed by Floria Sigismondi (whose work is incredibly symbolic like her video for Marilyn Manson's Tourniquet; spend a few minutes checking out her website too), here is what Bellamy had to say about it: "The idea for the video is good, it's kind of very simple really. It's just us three with sort of masks on with mirrors and weird sort of material on our faces pulled. What does it all mean? I wish I knew. But it's... it looks good." That quote I think says a lot about Bellamy's true awareness, any self-respecting person who is into their conspiracies should at least have some vague understanding of the owl's symbolism and the goat. The above image is Storm Thorgerson's rejected artwork for it (he created the 'Butterflies and Rainbows' single and 'Absolution' album covers + others), the used artwork (above the video) contains a black/white pyramid subliminal among other symbols (+ sexual overtones ['Supermassive Black Hole' potential euphemism, the hearts], crosses, point inside circles and the usual black/white duality).

Matthew and Dominic on the occult symbolic set, with the Illuminist's owl symbol (symbolizing knowledge, all-seeing as it can rotate it's head nearly all the way round, Athena [they wallpaper may have something to do with that, looking like a classical design] and such; used by the Bavarian Illuminati/Bohemian Grove/etc), note Dominic again dressed symbolically in black/white (on the white symbolic throne/chair next to the white tree [of life?]).

Different types of goat/antelope are used probably symbolizing Baphomet.

Interesting motif chosen for the clock, symbolizing a star and resembling the British establishment's 'Order of the British Empire' star (give it 10-20 years and Bellamy, Dominic and Chris will probably be inducted into it).

Note the aforementioned owl + the body suit symbolic gluttonous owl (symbolizing the mentality of secret societies who have always just taken what they want when they want it; I think there are also foxes on the bodysuit [FOX = 666]).

Matt predictably in a black/white checkerboard duality symbolic silk scarf, which is even more Freemasonry symbolic (on top of the Masonic checkerboard) because it symbolizes the cable-tow/noose worn around Masons' necks in their first degree initiation.

Whose eye is this? It is subliminally included at around the 2:08 mark when a full-body catsuit wearing (watched by the mirror face man, probably symbolizing the programmer) is crawling on the mirror. I suspect it is one of those 50's kittens like Marilyn Monroe or someone else from that era (based on the black and white photograph/makeup).

They eventually take off their full-bodysuits revealing them to be black empty space, finally revealing their painted/tattooed faces; and some more subliminal 'black holes' are flashed as well as Bellamy's image double exposed with the man wearing the mirror over his face (+ the symbolic wallpaper). I'm certain I have not interpreted the overarching narrative of the video correctly but I feel I have picked up on enough here to suggest that something is up with it.

One of their earlier videos, Uno seems very much mind control associated, symbolizing an alter trying to make it's way through the 'hotel'-like internal structure (alters 'living' in numbered rooms/floors; more deeply dissociated alters/memories/etc further down the system, accessed via an internal elevator [and/or hallways/staircases/doors]; these things are entirely variable depending on the programmer and what the victim's mind is most receptive to) to become the alter controlling the consciousness which is why she so desperately needs to access room 1 [where Muse are playing?] as that would trigger the alter to take control (that's pretty speculative but I don't think it is a bad interpretation). I can't find out who the actress playing the protagonist is.

Their most recent work is of course symbolic, invoking the pyramid + capstone and a hexagonal honeycomb portal/stargate type thing, this site had an interesting take on it (+ 'The Uprising' video which I'm not covering, the lyrics are very self-explanatory; I'd appreciate links to any work you have done on Muse too). The cover was created by a London based graphic design circus calling themselves 'La Boca' ('The Mouth'), to give you an idea of their use of symbolism (for the context of Muse's album cover) here are a couple of examples of his other work. The first one, a T-shirt design was inspired by occult magician Kenneth Anger's (I have Magick Lantern Cycle on blu-ray so I expect to post on that side of things at some point) 'Lucifer Rising' according to their site (also, spot the subliminal pentagram below). You could spend all day going through every conspiracy mentioned in Muse's work (there's much more there) and all the symbolism in every one of their videos but that's everything I'm covering on them here (feel free to comment).

They also designed the cover for this Padded Cell single (I posted the occult video for it here btw, definitely worth a watch) called 'Word of Mouth' which is not associated with Muse but it's very occult anyway and I've shown here that the designers of Muse's latest album cover are no strangers to the occult world. You could spend all day going through every conspiracy mentioned in Muse's work and all the symbols on their various single/album covers (there's much more there) but that's everything I'm covering on them here for now.
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