Monday 14 June 2010

Megan's Mannequin

Quickly cobbled this one together because I'm being so damn slow with other posts with more writing in them (this kind of post seem to flow pretty fast so wanted to get one out after some minor 'distractions' and general burnout). I thought this new shoot and video from Interview Magazine with Megan Fox was interesting enough to post quickly (in the interview some brief mentioning of them being puppets/tools for the Hollywood machine), doesn't need much elaboration featuring the kind of mannequin programming (this mannequin was apparently created specifically in her likeness by the way) showing her in a frozen (mannequin/statue-like) possible trance state on the bed with it and other scenes (I think this post has some more detail on mannequins, which is a basic kind of hypnotic 'freeze' command anyway). Note her and the mannequin in a duality checkerboard floor corridor which she drags the mannequin down to kill it. The final scene involves her symbolically killing herself (possibly killing an alter or something) via the mannequin by strangling and gagging it with her hand. This all goes along with the narrative they have created for her in the media with quotes from her saying that she has "mental problems" and her tattoos and such that may point to her potentially being Monarch programmed. [Edit: Fixed video]
The music going along with the video was clearly chosen for its MK/mind control lyrics, the track titled 'Master's Hands' by French actress/singer Charlotte Gainsbourg (the woman from Antichrist, with themes of trauma/dissociation/hypnosis/explicit sex etc), i.e."Pull my strings and cut my rope, Rattle my frame and shatter my ghost, And if I can't get back in line, They're gonna break me down...".

The shoot is the work of Illuminist/celebrity/fashion photographer Craig McDean, who has photographed many others (see this link for some of his portfolio), some have featured in this blog like the above Rachel Weisz (+ husband and child) shot. One from a typically dualistic shoot of kabbalistic (former?) slave Madonna below.

Below is another one by him of the MK half of the Olsen Twins, Mary-Kate in an Interview Magazine shoot. Just to make things more relevant to the post, Megan's first film role, after being strictly raised in Oak Ridge, Tennesse (lots of military stuff/history going on there, always a clue, the National Laboratory is listed in Deeper Insights Illuminati Formula as being involved in mind control/genetic Monarch research) by strict Catholic parents and the usual training for performance from age 5 and modeling by age 13, was in an MK and Ashley movie 'Holiday in the Sun' at age 16 (still from it below, in her stereotypical early role).
To round off this short post (I have already covered Jennifer's Body briefly in older posts + other stuff to do with her like the tattoos, see link near start; her new tattoo by the way 'Those who danced were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.' seems to come from some relatively unheard of poet Angela Monet, as someone interestingly noted in the comments the direct quote can be found in David Icke's 'Tales from the Time Loop' from years back) her more recent films have been relatively occult themed like 'Jennifer's Body' which I have only recently watched. She enters some kind of dissociative state while watching a band in her small town of 'Devil's Kettle' where a fire breaks out and is taken by the band in their van in this 'out of it' state, and is then sacrificed in a Satanic ritual by them wanting to make it big (an exaggeration of what bands have to do to make it big in reality, for the most part sell out to the music corporate/Illuminist overlords) and she becomes possessed by a succubus demon because she was not a virgin, and her friend Amanda Seyfried kills her (not worth covering in detail in my opinion, don't want to make this post longer than it has to be).

Butterfly motifs (also a symbol of female sexuality and transformation which I have mentioned in the past) and obviously plenty of occult themes are prevalent throughout. Some of the flashbacks to Megan and Amanda's character childhoods have more Monarch symbolism (Amanda's character, who as an adult always wears butterfly earrings and such, is covered in more butterfly print; she will probably pop up in some future post and will post some of her symbolic shoots etc) with barbie dolls, some twinning programming suggestions (at one point one sucks the other's blood or something) and other things also.

Her most current film is Jonah Hex, which is a loosely occult themed Western comic-book adaptation where she plays a prostitute Lilah who has spent her life in a brothel, a typical role. Perhaps more pertinent to Monarchs is her role alongside Mickey Rourke and Bill Murray in 'Passion Play' which she plays a "caged circus freak with wings", which is "a magical-realist drama in which Fox’s character sprouts wings at puberty and is drafted into a traveling circus" (from Interview piece). Below is a leaked camera phone photo from the set of Passion Play trapped in her glass box/cage, the exposed photo apparently embarrassed and infuriated her in a similar way to her character on display in the actual film is supposed to feel.

Anyway, future posts are forthcoming but I am still going at a leisurely pace (though I put this one together in like 1 hour today so I'm not exactly consistent), the Charlotte Lewis/Golden Child post is so delayed that it doesn't seem relevant anymore but will put it up soon anyway (there is some interesting stuff in it).

Edit [June 2011]: No one will probably see this as this post is like a year old (if anyone does, I do plan on posting again later this year by the way) but here is a photo from late April 2011 of Megan with her current husband (slave/handler?) Brian Austin Green donning an Illuminati T-shirt going for a pizza at Lucifers.
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