Friday 31 July 2009

Fashion's Dark Magick

Mess With your Mind
Because I can't be bothered to start a more substantial post just yet, here's another fashion one (they make it so easy! more quick fashion posts to come though I don't want to get too distracted with these types of fashion editorial posts, p.s. I'm going on holiday soon anyway for a couple of weeks so I'll probably get an MJ or another substantive one going after that break). I came across this and thought it was worth briefly posting on, German model Katrin Thormann's (Katrin/Katrina/Katherine meaning pure + cat dehumanization programming; bondage is a major theme in this shoot, Thormann Thor-man) Dazed & Confused magazine (it's photo shoots/themes are invariably symbolic; it's MK/pyscho associated name should give you a big clue about it too, which I've mentioned before) cover shoot was unashamedly occult themed with it's title 'Dark Magick' (Crowley's spirit consciously invoked here with the depraved themes and the 'magick' of course; "Crowley preferred the spelling magick, defining it as "the science and art of causing change to occur in conformity with the will." By this, he included "mundane" acts of will as well as ritual magic."), the kind of magick practiced through the numerous words (invoking certain messages) written in various symbolic guises (spiral below, lots of upside down/reversed/etc in the ones you can't really read but the brain will pick up on subliminally), most of it you cannot make out (I would really appreciate it if anyone has this in HQ). The front page includes words written on Katrin's blonde hair (note black lipstick for duality against the light hair/deathly white face); such as 'Lux', 'Luciens' and 'Lumen', all meaning/associated with the light, the Illuminists/Luciferians who practice this form of ritual magick (+ programming) in all forms of media that they control. Other words I can make out on the left side of Katrin's blond hair are 'vis' (vision/to see), what looks like 'nevis' (if the etymology of 'Ben Nevis' is correct, ['beinn' meaning mountain/peak] nevis derives from 'nibheis' meaning malicious/venomous apparently). 'Nillus' may refer to Sergei Nilus who was the first to publish the 'The Protocols of the Elders of Zion' "in full" in 1905; an extremely helpful book for the "elite" in showing that any future suggestion of an "Illuminist" conspiracy is just mindless antisemitism. Nillus may also refer to 'Saint Nilus the Elder', whose prophecy (questionable authenticity; it sort of reads like it was written by a modern day homophobic evangelical christian zealot, pissed off at society in my opinion) certainly fits the bill for the themes employed in this shoot as androgyny and dehuamization are, as usual major themes: "[in the time of the Antichrist]...People's appearances will change, and it will be impossible to distinguish men from women due to their shamelessness in dress and style of hair. These people will be cruel and will be like wild animals because of the temptations of the Antichrist..." Some of the other words I cannot make out, feel free to interpret them/correct mine in the comments.

Spiraling round Katrin's face wearing animal ears (dehumanization; could also be considered horns symbolic): "Her eyes wanted nothing to get away. Her looks nailed down his hands his wrists his elbows.", a quote taken from Ted Hughes' poem 'Lovesong', Hughes was into the occult (cabala/rosicrucianism) and his wife Sylvia Plath (probably sexually abused by her father who died when she was 8, judging by her work's themes; she had some serious "daddy issues"/electra complex anyway) gassed herself at age 30 with her children in the next room (she also "placed her head in the oven while the gas was turned on."); but had previously tried to kill herself after working for a fashion magazine in New York, she was committed and electroshocked before getting involved with Ted Hughes. The woman Hughes had an affair with and left Plath for, Assia Wevill also killed herself in a similar way to Plath: "On March 23, 1969, 41 year old Assia Wevill murdered her 4 year old daughter Shura and took her own life in a manner that closely echoed Plath's suicide. Dragging a mattress into the kitchen, Assia sealed the door and window. She then laid her child down on the mattress and dissolved some sleeping pills for herself in a glass of whiskey. Taking the pills, she turned on the gas stove, and lay down next to her daughter." Plath's son also killed himself earlier this year. The point of this is that many lines from Hughes' poem(s) are used here and his tormented relationships (he was more than likely abusive to his wives/mistresses, potentially manipulated slaves who had self destruction programming triggered) probably give energy to his works (+ his interest in the occult), used here for ritual magick purposes I think.

More lines from that "lovesong" poem by Hughes written on the arms of the two bondage clothing wearing, embracing models. Some more ritual androgyny on the above right, note the sexually depraved artwork to go along with the androgyny reaching up to the male model below (pulling him into that 'reality'; which is I guess how this magick/conditioning is working on the masses to some degree). "In secret between the shadow and the soul." (line from a Pablo Nerundo love sonnet, the line before that goes:
"I love you as certain dark things are to be loved,
in secret, between the shadow and the soul.")

Bondage themes (all the chains in the artwork etc) and dehumanization with the bondage dog mask worn by the androgyny dressed/gender reversed male model (in the below left image, in the top right of it I think that's a butterfly also).

More dehumanization + bondage symbolism with chains/dog mask (also padlock/chains fake tattoo on the male model on the below right).

"The pleasure and the pain is what I feel the love the most." Pain and pleasure, love/sex and violence reversed/confused, more bondage symbolism with the leather/straps.

The photographer is Mariano Vivanco by the way.

Other models featured in the 'Dark Magick' shoot but Katrin was the main one on the cover, to finish here are a few images of her looking like a typically tranced model.

Some of Katrina's in duality stripes/checkerboards on the katwalk.

And a recent set of Kat in a spread titled.. 'Cat Pack' (wearing duality symbolic cat iconography in the first couple) + nudity is always suggestive of their (sex) kitten programming and a couple of other motifs (one eye/half face covered, blurred face [giving a slight double/split personality effect as you can make out half of the face in the red ghostly blurred part of the face/image], last one has pyramidal type shapes on the necklace).

Wednesday 29 July 2009

Little Illuminations: Who is the Lamb and who is the Knife?

I wanted to cover a few random artists with some interesting themes in their promotional videos/art/covers (most readers probably won't have heard of them as they're all British/European), they all bear some similarity to each other starting with Little Boots (covering Beyonce's latest video + some bigger American ones later). Victoria Christina Hesketh took her stage name from the Tinto Brass movie Caligula (about the Roman Emperor, the debauched Roman "Elite" had a similar mentality to today's ruling class; Berlusconi being the most recent one to be "exposed" in the news), Caligula meaning "little boot" in Latin apparently. At age 16 she was on Pop Idol (all of it's spawns like American Idol tend to use slaves + obviously many non-slaves, they only need to insert a few into the mix and keep the results fixed for them to give their puppet a platform to 'make it big' in the industry [and also some "hilarious"/"crazy" ones for the masses to laugh at/humiliate the slave to milions of people, in the earlier stages], Leona Lewis I feel is definitely one) before joining a short lived band 'Dead Disco' (see video with her in checkerboard skirt, more checkerboard [+ some other themes] in another video; her hair has been given the duality transformation from dark then to light now) on the Warner Music label 'sixsevenine' which she is still on (+ Warner's other owned labels, Atlantic/Elektra) as 'Little Boots'. Triangles and whatnot are the maing symbols used by this performer's handlers (detailed further down), the top image of this post comes from the background image of her official site I found it interesting that they've positioned Victoria's head over the capstone of the pyramid.

Her newest single 'Remedy' shows some of the symbolism that pervades her promotional produce, with the imagery (mpd mirrors; mirror symbolism with Little Boots' head mirrored above) seeming to be based off the MK symbolic line "Spin me faster like a kaleidoscope" (click Remedy link for more lyrics to interpret; her other songs also have similar style like 'Stuck on Repeat': "You’ve got me stuck on repeat. And I just can’t seem to break free. You’ve got me stuck on repeat. I can only move to the beat. And I don’t remember how it started. And I don’t know how to stop. But every time I reach the bottom. Something pulls me right back to the top").

An earlier promotional cover for the single features some good duality/as above so below symbolism with the black triangle pointing up and light one with Little Boots in pointing down.
Little Boots - Remedy

But onto the video (p.s. thanks to a couple of anony comments on Little Boots)

Interesting cut from the above image to the kaleidoscope below image (very MPD symbolic with the six mirrored heads made to look like they've sprouted out of her original [mind fragmenting into multiple parts]).

Of course Little Boots' trademark triangles feature, along with hexagons.

'Caligula'/Little Boots inside her hexagon/cube illusion spinning round and round.

Lots of mirrors giving the infinite hexagonal honeycomb effect (more illuminated triangles).

Little Boots' primary gimmick is her use of an electronic instrument thing called a 'Tenori-on' which seems like it would have excellent hypnotic properties in terms of it's flashing lights working in time with the repetitive and hypnotic beats/melodies (you can imagine how this would be effective for hypnotic induction/triggering a trance state).

Spot 'the horned one' subliminal (that's how my brain interprets the pattern anyway; maybe I need some electroshock therapy to fix that ;p) on her above kaleidoscope type crystal dress.

Triangles are the prominent symbol in Little Boots, the triangle is of course a major Illuminist symbolism (they'll probably stick an eye in that pyramid soon ;p) and feature on most of her stuff. The one eye encircled below is her twitter profile image, couldn't find the full size version however.

The Vesica Pisces is another prominent one used by her handlers in promotional stuff for her; this interlocking rings (also symbolic of chains/mental prison, see Cocobots post), symbolizing the vulva/female genitals/sexuality, in Washington DC's occult architecture/design this symbolism is clearly evidenced with the Washington Monument phallus positioned directly inside the vesica pisces. The symbolism was apparently used originally 'as a joke' but it apparently fit her themes of fantasy, space and escapism (dissociation) so she kept it, that's how she tells it anyway (as vague and unaware as most of these artists when interviewed about the themes in their music + promo vids/images): "A lot of the lyrics are about planets or magic or things like this so it kind of works with the imaginative themes going on ... it's supposed to kind of look like different dimensions in different shapes so it's like taking you to different worlds and things." As with most of these artists I feel they have little to no knowledge of the symbolism they are using (apart from "it's just random fantasy images, like beautiful shapes and stuff, like and kind of things sort of like ye know").

The Chanel logo over Claudia Schiffer's "vesica pisces" in a 1993 catwalk (had some other good examples of this but can't find them now, probably easy to find many like this from catwalks).

The wolves (howling at the moon) symbolizing the animalistic/primal mind (mirrored; the interlocking rings can also be considered mirror symbolism), positioning the vesica pisces within the triangle is also very symbolic. All this geometry/geometric symbolism, i.e. the triangle within a circle (below on her album 'Hands' cover with Boots infront of it) strikes me as very Masonic as that is what their rituals and such are largely about. The 'vesica pisces' is also a commonly used Masonic symbol (as with most 'sacred geometry').

She has an EP called Arecibo which invokes more of her 'universe' motif (which ties into the "sacred geometry" type symbolism noted; 'The Great Architect of the Universe' worshipped by Freemasons/Rosicrucians) due to the Arecibo Observatory (based in Arecibo, note gold/blue checkerboard), involved in the search for alien life (SETI) and more than likely a tonne of clandestine stuff going on there we'll never hear of. The symbolism was apparently used originally 'as a joke' but it happened to fit her music's themes of fantasy, space and escapism (dissociation) so she kept it, that's how she tells it anyway: "A lot of the lyrics are about planets or magic or things like this so it kind of works with the imaginative themes going on ... it's supposed to kind of look like different dimensions in different shapes so it's like taking you to different worlds and things." As with most of these artists I feel they have little or no knowledge of the symbolism they are using.

Her Illuminist symbolism is also shown with her 'Illuminations' EP, with Little Boots' multiple images holding a square of light (as the image is multiplied I think the original image is probably her hodling a light pyramid, maybe not though). The positioning of Little Boots' images arms are probably symbolic, this cover is very interesting even in the word 'ILLUMINATIONS' as there is a point within a circle (a Freemasonic symbol; for the Masonic compass and such), the point in a circle is also a fertility symbol (circle female/point male). There is also a point below the A, drawn without the line through middle making it a broken triangle/pyramid (also perhaps a compass/square Masonic subliminal) symbolism.

Illuminations released on Elektra Records which invokes the mythological Electra (with a K for the 11 mirror numerology/symbolism; mythology, the 'Electra Complex' and other associations discussed in previous posts), here is an old logo used by the record company with a butterfly (elektra logo [black/white naturally] is an upright rectangle with a pyramid shape to the side with a circle inside it [eye in the pyramid] + triangles on each side of the triangle/pyramid on it's side [making the other rectangle shape]).

Illuminated triangles are a big feature of her live performances.

Little Boots in her black/white duality top and below wearing somewhat of an owl looking shirt (above image is older showing the hair colour transformation [to Barbie looking], more black/white duality with the orange left coloured).

The White Horse is another symbol used in Little Boots' promo, this mythological/occult symbol used often throughout history ("behold a pale horse" in Revelations and such), above with the white horse mirrored and Little Boots symbolically positioned (arms outstretched/legs) and connected points of light at her two hands + a smaller point at her chest showing it is a pyamid, bottom of the triangle pointing to sacred feminine area. She has visited the white horse when riding a helicopter at the occult ritual Glastonbury (main pyramid stage with illuminated capstone; the Glastonbury area is an important ancient occult site) in black/white clothing, seemed very ritualistic.

Little Boots' view of the white horse near Glastonbury.

"Riding a white horse/pony" is also a euphemism for being on cocaine (or any white powder drug); drugs are a big part of MK slavery (especially those due to their addictive properties so easy to keep someone trapped and controlled on it), so this may or may not suggest Little Boots is kept on cocaine. This reminds me of the Alison Goldfrapp, who has a song called "Ride on a White Horse" with some obvious drug suggestions in the lyrics, and in the video she is filmed dancing infront of various disgusting scenes (i.e. the false sense of happiness/trance that comes with those drugs). The EP cover with some of the standard half face in darkness motif (split mind), with her wearing heart shaped sunglasses with the white horse reflected off the visible lens. Apparently the song invokes when Bianca Jagger entered Studio 54 (notorious for it's past of rampant drug and sex club for "elite" circles) on a white horse (click Alison Goldfrapp's name for some more of her very symbolic videos/images).

The above magazine article even states, apparently as some sort of Illuminist joke, gives the official promotional shot of Little Boots the caption of: "The Illuminatus' new sexed-up recruitment poster" (referencing Robert Anton Wilson's Illuminatus fictional/some facts trilogy). And below in virginal/goddess symbolic white with the 'The new Kylie?' phrase.

Little Boots at the occult designed O2 Arena at some Smirnoff (double headed eagle/duality + note her zebra belt/red dress) event, putting a suggestion into the "suggestion box"; I wonder how many of her "artistic choices" are the result of her handlers using suggestion on her (to get her to include all the esoteric/MK symbolism/lyrics) by putting little suggestions into her 'suggestion box', her compartmentalized mind [into "boxes", the contents accessed by keys/triggers; which ties into the chained/padlocked box meaning below].

Moving on to another one that's got big over the past year in the UK, La Roux (thanks emailer by the way who brought her up, p.s. I do read all emails and comments though I'm obviously rubbish in general at responding, apologiez for the slight antisocial) AKA Elly Jackson (daughter of long-term 'The Bill' [uses standard Masonic checkerboard symbolism as the real police do, checkerboard is seen in her Bulletproof video below] actress Trudie Goodwin) who went to an religious right wing school where she was apparently bullied for looking quite androgynous. La Roux meaning 'the red-haired one' (perhaps referencing the Merovingian bloodline) consists of her and Ben Landmaid, producer (potential handler who stays in the background). I can't find official sources for the above butterfly/eye image but it looks professionally made/official and features on a few sites such as here. Below in an interesting duality symbolic top with "producer" Ben Landmaid.

Her first video 'Quicksand' is quite telling of her potential programming which seems to portray the standard kitten dehumanization (+ giant sized fruits and such).

She is dressed up in various guises of leopard/tiger/zebra print + with a bird and lots of sun worship (also note the rainbow). There is a extremely flexible dancer wearing a leopard print catsuit also.

Even the sunglasses she puts on are leopard coloured.

But obviously the most kitten programming bit is at the end where her face is shown transforming into a leopard's (the leopard face makeup fades in). The video was directed by Kinga Burza who directed Katy Perry's kitten programming/mass kitten conditioning video 'I Kissed a Girl'.

The video after that 'In for the Kill' had some themes worth writing on but to save time I'll avoid it and move on to her recent song that went to #1 'Bulletproof' which features 'the red-haired one' walking around in an alternate reality in zebra print + checkerboard shoes (lots of duality in the alter-reality) with some good alter-personality with shattered mind symbolism near the end.

Tonnes of duality in the video with her checkerboard shoes and zebra-print jacket.

The Escher style disorientating (confusing up and down is also a theme in the video) staircases feature prominently with La Roux wearing her trademark cameo (not sure who it depicts, probably more to do with alter programming) + pyramids, checkerboard floors and such.

More disorientation in music symbolic (similar to the hexagonal/mirrors thing Little Boots was in with the pianos surrounding her) with a spiral square staircase. Music has always been used (probably since before we could talk/write) by humans to induce altered/trance states; this hasn't changed in modern times as songs are built with programming in mind (to be used in countless ways; i.e. song used as a post-hypnotic trigger). Music has the unique ability of stimulating inaccessible (via other means) parts of the brain (again this goes back to the primordial role music plays in the mind).

It gets really MK symbolic near the end as La Roux walking in her alternate reality shatters into pieces, with parts of Elly split up by the shattered pieces; the different clothes/makeup symbolizing the different alters in her shattered mind (the mind shattered into dissociated pieces; the fragments/compartments/pieces housing different alters [+ programs/dissociated memories and the like]). More duality/polar opposites (used in programming) themes in this bit with the black and white colour scheme.

Moving on, a quick Robyn update who has a song out with Royksopp called 'The Girl and the Robot', click Robyn's name for some more MK themes in her videos and such. Note the red/blue covering two halves of her bed, the video cuts from scenes of her in a bedroom mixed symbolically (the robot cuts the leaf off a tree and Robyn removes an earring; perhaps symbolizing the robot/garden is part of her internal structure also shown by the blood tubes and spinning testtube blood thing [it's inside her; also shown by the 'seeding' and pregnancy test] and other small suggestions) with a robot houseworker/slave-bot model called 'ARTEMIS.02', named after the important Greek Goddess which I feel is ritualizing Robyn as a goddess/robot (robot [depersonalization] is a very standard mind control theme). Multiple Robyns in her room at around 02:10ish a couple of mirror scenes (2:54; mixed with the robot looking at a phone).

Royksopp's album covers are worth posting quickly with all seeing eyes inside flowers, both are pictured in a pyramid type shape below on the cover of the album 'The Girl and the Robot' comes from 'Junior'.

In their second album 'The Understanding' the cover has some good MK symbolism with the girl on the cover given four fading heads and the Royksopp duo dressed all in black and wearing masks (that long nosed one is specifically used in various MK movies).

Speaking of "girls and their robots", the band 'Florence and the Machine' AKA Florence Welch has been of some interest; starting with her first video (cover above it, facial expression is important to note; shocked/traumatization) 'Kiss With a Fist', an apparently funny song about the "humorous" topic of domestic violence with Florence in a purple skirt and duality black/white(skin) stockings with symbolic fire (symbolizing the primordial mental state usually behind this violence + sex in general [sex and violence are intrinsically connected; the abuse + love mixture also factors into the double bind in programming]). From wiki: "According to Welsh "The name Florence And The Machine started off as a private joke that got out of hand. I made music with my friend, who we called Isabella Machine to which I was Florence Robot. When I was about an hour away from my first gig, I still didn't have a name, so I thought "Okay, I'll be Florence Robot Is A Machine," before realising that name was so long it'd drive me mad"." "Her father, Nick, works in advertising, her mother, Evelyn, a New Yorker and once a regular at Studio 54, is an art historian and author."

Note her flower top (and the as mentioned duality stockings/royal purple skirt) + the flower made of hearts; this is more flower MK/mind control symbolism and connects with Florence's name, which literally means "flowering, in bloom" (trauma based mind control programming analogy [victim = flower coming into bloom, more detailed description in previous posts] + flowers used a lot in actual programming).

Got to have some phallic symbolism in there of course (+ floating/fire-filled chinese lanterns), Florence shatters a plate over the head of the "boyfriend" (obviously they can't get away with showing male on female abuse so they have to reverse it; confirming this though is the lyric "you [the handler] smashed a plate over my head", shattered mind). This abuse/traumatization/submission song will be on the soundtrack of Megan Fox's latest film Jennifer's Body (post on in future; I covered it briefly in some of those posts I did on her Megan is 'possessed by a demon', click name [there are some pinned butterflies at 1:05 and such in the latest trailer]).

The domestic abuse ("A kiss with a fist is better than none", so obvious trauma based MK/dissociation implications) video came 'Dog Days Are Over' (cd cover above the video) and things started picking up in terms of her occult initiation ritual as she is first seen lying (passed out drunk) in a black and white man's suit + bow tie (duality/androgyny) before a girl dressed in white wearing raven feathers, raven = a symbol of change in consciousness/initiation/transformation, which fits absolutely perfectly into what is portrayed in this video as the girl blindfolds Florence in gold fabric then leads her to a place where the already initiated are waiting.

The process of blindfolding/hoodwinking her is extremely ritualistic; used commonly by occult secret societies, in the first degree (Entered Apprentice) of Freemasonry, the ritual starts with the initiate being blindfolded/hoodwinked, and they are then led to the place of initiation (a specific room inside the lodge).

The raven feathered (ritual raven used here for it's symbolic meaning described above) girl leads Florence dressed in a man's suit to her traumatic initiation ritual where the cult members chase her down and tie her up (and things not shown in the video but you can fill in the gaps) leading to her transformation.

Bird cages are a common theme in her stuff; in particular this video, Florence's position in this video of being trapped and tied up (then transformed to the cult's way of thinking) adds more meaning to the standard MK/psychological motif of the 'caged bird'.

The cult members hit sticks together and such in time with the beat of the music (standard beating drums/rythmn used for it's psychological effects in things like this [music is a very powerful psychological manipulation/MK tool]), there's even a kid in there in the typical "Joker"/clown makeup.

Some of the 'jokers'/frenzied cult members are dressed in duality stripes, one hides behind a tree just as Florence removes her blindfold; the process of leading her to a different place blindfolded then hiding from her (and probably making noises to freak her out) is part of disorientating Florence as they eventually show themselves and the 'chase' begins (I'm sure this kind of situation has occurred many times in real life).

The cult chases the disorientated Florence through the woods (obviously forests are a very standard occult setting) before she trips over and is caught.

The 'transformation' scene is purposefully blurry with close-ups making it impossible to see what is going on though we are shown her being tied up by numerous ropes, and once the transformation is complete she is shown in the matching make up and clothing (she's now part of the cult/initiated into the occult society; the change from a suit to the cult's hippyish clothing probably also symbolizes the transformation was about rejecting the uniformity of society).

A transformed Florence (to the cult's hive mind) below after her being tied up + other things happening to her not shown in the video.

After her occult initiation ritual song came a video for her occult ritual blood sacrifice song 'Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)' (cd cover), plenty of mind control themes with it's opening lyrics invoking Alice in Wonderland: "The looking glass, so shiny and new. How quickly the glamor fades. I start spinning slipping out of time. Was that the wrong pill to take." I've copied the lyrics below as it is all about an occult ritual sacrifice and "making a deal with Lucifer" so to speak, dissociation is also a theme (I start spinning slipping out of time etc). The white rabbit Wonderland reference also connotes the sacrificing of (small) animals such as rabbits ("rabbit heart" suggests the removal of the heart in occult ritual sacrifices, tying back to Egyptian funerary rites/rituals which a lot of this occult stuff does); in the video Florence plays the willing ritual sacrifice victim. Note on the cd cover the mirror/looking glass, the white rabbit infront of Florence's face, the apple and the flowers around the mirror + pink general colour scheme.

The looking glass, so shiny and new
How quickly the glamor fades
I start spinning slipping out of time [dissociation]
Was that the wrong pill to take (Raise it up) [Alice in Wonderland pill]
You made a deal, and now it seems you have to offer up [occult belief that continued success demands sacrifice to the powers they worship (Lucifer)]
But will it ever be enough
(Raise it up, raise it up)
It’s not enough
(Raise it up, raise it up)

Here I am, a rabbit hearted girl
Frozen in the headlights [rabbit caught in headlights = petrified/tranced/dissociation]
It seems I’ve made the final sacrifice

We raise it up, this offering
We raise it up

This is a gift, it comes with a price
Who is the lamb and who is the knife
Midas is king and he holds me so tight
And turns me to gold in the sunlight [King Midas was given the ability to turn anything he touched into gold by Dionysus, realizing it is a curse (this is all analogous to celebrities/"stars") he becomes a follower of Pan; turning Florence into a gold statue ("in the sunlight"/Luciferian light worship) is very MK symbolic of the standard petrification (person turned to mannequin statue)]

I look around, but I can’t find you
(raise it up)
If only I could see your face
(raise it up)
Instead of rushing towards the skyline
(raise it up)
I wish that I could just be brave

I must become a lion hearted girl [as opposed to the 'rabbit hearted girl' earlier on, must become like a lion; the right mental state for her sacrifice]
Ready for a fight
Before I make the final sacrifice

We raise it up, this offering
We raise it up

This is a gift, it comes with a price
Who is the lamb and who is the knife
Midas is king and he holds me so tight
And turns me to gold in the sunlight

Raise it up, raise it up

And in the spring I shed my skin [serpent symbolism]
And it blows away with the changing wind
The waters turn from blue to red [blood sacrifice]
As towards the sky I offer it

This is a gift, it comes with a price
Who is the lamb and who is the knife [blood sacrifice]
Midas is king and he holds me so tight
And turns me to gold in the sunlight

This is a gift

The video starts with the 'looking glass' line with Floorence's face behind a veil.

Flo's earrings are symbolic of the eye in the pyramid (this kind of circle in a triangle is always this standard Illuminist subliminal).

The virginal (all dressed up in white as virgin sacrifices) nymphs dance with Florence as ritual prepration for sacrifice.

Also as preparition for sacrifice they have a debauched/gluttonous meal, note the guy in the top hat (phallic/"elite"/Freemasonry symbolism; the Worshipful Master wears a top hat), definitely also a reference to the mad hatter because of the top hat, and it has a ver 'mad hatter's tea party' feel about it too (going along with the white rabbit cover/looking glass lyrics etc). There is also a guy wearing the usual duality black/white stripes who lurks suspiciously in the background throughout the video (you can see him in one of the later pictures down). Eating the meal is more ritualistic offerings (a standard practice throughout history offering supplication to the gods with a ritual meal and/or burning some meat for them).

Florence and co throw all the food offerings off the table and the main human sacrifice offering is put on it (Florence).

"Turns me to gold in the sunlight"; as the cult members at the 'mad tea party' type bacchic ritual hold their plates up to reflect the light of Lucifer on to Florence. The fruits are also probably a 'forbidden fruit' motif.

More death/human sacrifice ritual as the new human offering (as opposed to the food being eaten as supplication to Lucifer [or whoever]), the white sheets of the table are in turn lifted as she is placed in a coffin and carried away to her resting place; floating away on a river/lake.

The virgins/nymphs (bit of an oxymoron I know) also put floating candles on the water (more offerings to Lucifer/the light; Florence the main offering also floats on the water in her coffin).

Florence's upbringing (programming) probably has a lot to do with her lyrics: "Florence is a jubilant giggler and prone to telling you stories about "the time I pretended to be a lampshade for two hours". Or the fancy dress party she went to in a hospital "where I carried a crumpled-up photocopy of my face in a jar and was dressed as Eleanor Rigby". Simultaneously, she's a lifelong bad sleeper who suffers "night terrors" and hallucinations where demons sit on her chest. When the demons come, sometimes she'll get up in the night and raid local skips "for old paintings" which she'll hang in her bedroom...[guardian]"
"Her father, Nick, works in advertising, her mother, Evelyn, a New Yorker and once a regular at Studio 54, is an art historian and author. The oldest of three children, Flo is the granddaughter of Colin Welch, a former deputy editor of The Daily Telegraph, and the niece of the parodist Craig Brown. Her love of performing began as a small girl when she used to sing to her grandmother, and in the school choir. By the age of seven she was performing at family weddings and funerals ('mainly funerals'), [Telegraph]" Studio 54 mentioned earlier in the post (lots of slaves and people 'riding the white horse' have been taken there).

"As a child, Florence would be taken on artistically educational trips to Italy, shown around "endless gothic churches" and shown the odd martyrdom masterpiece, like the one of St Agatha, "this saint who had her breasts cut off and she's holding her breasts on a plate". Her mum was, she notes, "part of the whole Studio 54 thing", the mythologically hedonistic New York nightclub beloved of the art-set glitterati of the 1970s and 80s. Her American uncle was one of them, an actor. "Andy Warhol was in love with my uncle," she avers, "but in his weird, platonic, 'I just wanna draw you' way. The lifestyle was too much of a whirlwind for my mum and she left America. [guardian]" "Florence read Victorian murder mysteries and Egyptian mythology, “stories where people get their eyes and liver pecked out by vultures, only to have them grow back”. She remembers her mother taking her to Renaissance churches and staring “long and hard at St Agnes, who had her breasts cut off and was holding them on a plate. [Times]"

Florence with a lamb, St Agnes below (who she mistook for St Agatha) whose main attribute is holding a lamb (purity; sacrificial lambs/martyrs); this relates to the blood sacrifice (sacrificial lamb) themes of her 'Rabbit Heart' song "who is the lamb and who is the knife?".

In her quote she confused St Agnes (Roman "elite" wanted her to marry someone at age 12, she refused so naturally they dragged her naked through the streets to a brothel as they couldn't execute virgins apparently, before eventually tying her to a stake and cutting her head off), she actually stared "long and hard" at St Agatha (which the guardian article corrects) who had a similar story to Agnes in that she was a virgin and a Roman prefect wanted her, she resisted so he gave her to a brothel madam 'Aphrodisia' before eventually being tortured and having her breasts cut off by men. Some old paintings of these martyrs to illustrate the narrative here (the kinds of images Florence would have stared at for ages as a child probably as part of programming).

Her next video are for her song 'Drumming' and is set in an actual church with Florence and dancers dressed in black probably performing a black mass... they certainly aren't praying to Jesus ;p.

Florence in a mask in a photo from the video shoot, it's silver/black duality coloured + has some sort of horns.

Another mask in a duality symbolic (striped top) photoshoot (I'm sure there's some meaning behind her tattoos also).

She won a Brit award (Critic's Choice) somehow since she barely had one song out at the time (they obviously got all excited over the abuse song). Note the sunflowers at the event and the sponsor MasterCard's (Master Mason 3rd degree; remember the vesica pisces is prominently used in Freemasonry) symbol is also a version of the interlocking rings/circles (the vesica pisces inner shape marked by the interlocking horizontal lines) discussed earlier.

Florence and the Machine's live performances also feature all the bird cages (bird cages she had collected during childhood), Florence pretty much tells it like it is when it comes to musical MK and the themes used in all music concerts: "'It's all part of a ritual. You're trying to help the audience lose themselves, and you're trying to lose yourself.'

More ritual wearing the raven feathers.

I was originally intending to go into some other acts (covering another person most readers will have never heard of/probably have little interest in; 'Bat for Lashes' also but I'll leave it for her own post), but that's all I'll cover here and save the stuff for future posts.
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