Sunday 28 September 2008

Doll Domination

By the way, the censored version of this features more twin pillars and spinning.

Note all the occult symbols [caduceus, checkerboard, horns hand signal, crowned lion, checkerboards etc etc etc.]
A few more music videos this time; start off with Lily Rose Beatrice Allen [Lily, Rose, Princess Beatrice], she has already been covered by Ben over at the Daily Behemoth, check it out for more insightful esoteric analysis. But I'll just embed the videos which have themes that support this also. At the start of her video about dissociation, LDN; when she rambles about music, we see the checkerboard on the guys T-Shirt [also one that says BABY and probably DOLL below it out of sight, checkerboard pops up again in this video at about 1:35] that also features on her album cover and also pops up as a big part of another video.

Note spirals, subtle checkerboard (not noticeable at first), on the right the legs are wearing red shoes next to another occult hand signal clutching the Union Jack, also roses underneath by the hand, skull (heart) and bones in the cloud....
This one has crazy amount of checkerboards in it. This kind of resonates on a personal level too with myself having older sisters who would state similar things (regarding weed, laziness and such). This is about her brother Alfie, note the time she says near the beginning "Almost half past 3" which is 3:30 obviously, so 33.

Yellow Line = Yellow Brick Road
Pussycat Dolls are interesting [kitten programming mixed with doll/puppet type programming]; the idea for it was way back in 1993 and formally formed in 1995 (see wiki), to be honest it's all worth reading so do check out the wiki page. I'll go straight to the latest video, When I Grow Up; disturbing lyrics about what they were thinking about as children aside (the lyrics here are exactly how they want your children to think, obsessed with fame/sex/money/etc), the imagery also pertains to mind control [various numerology synchs thrown around; you can interpret all the words written and such everywhere in a similar way]. Like when she stands on the bench and there are various things written on signs like "DONUTS" and "Erotic", "Red Line" and things like that, all the Hollywood stars/pentagrams etc. [not exactly a coherent analysis but you get the idea]
The bit I wanted to point out is a shattering mirror scene, this would go unnoticed normally but it seems pretty conscious mind control symbolism to me; at the part (2:44ish) where there is a recognizable melody and the main girl [her mom's name is Rosemary... and standard Catholic Conservatism cover] has PUSSYCAT DOLLS with lights gigantic sign, with her being literally dirty, she gyrates in front of the mirror and she [a slave] symbolically smashes it (computer generated, just before the dancing interlude at 2:58), then that mirror is not seen again for the rest of the video showing that this has some meaning behind it [I wonder if we've seen a glimpse of her future suicide here? (shattered mirror can sometimes = suicide programming initiates)].

Just one more from PCD [though others are equally as significant], this one shows the black/white duality theme that runs through their photo shoots/videos/etc. Note the girl's checkerboard hat, all the duality clothes, gyrating on top of a checker chariot (though no checker pattern on it I could see it is implied). One of the kittens' sole purpose seems to be doing those splits whilst standing thing... wonder how she got so flexible! [programming does this] The main girl asks Timbaland, "What are you a TIN MAN or somethin?"
Wait A Minute - Pussycat Dolls ft. Timbaland

Carousels are massively important in programming, Mossad often refers to it's creator MI-6 as "carousel"; it is a system for organizing alters in the mind, the actual physical carousel is used for dissociation... but I'll paste a very short section of Springmeier on it (do read the rest of the section for more info as this only describes the physical carousel rather than the internal system):
The Carousel in real life is used as a device to teach dissociation, and how the alters are to go up and down in trance. Sometimes you will see parents who seem to be so loving having their children ride for long periods on a carousel. They might actually be programming them in dissociation.
So bearing this in mind, Jordin Sparks like Leona (her video after this) won a (totally fixed, they all are so their programmed celebrities are definite winners) contest, American Idol. Her video for Tattoo (tattoos used to mark slaves, note the lyrics "You're on my heart just like a tattoo") features her pretty much on the carousel for most of the time, also note that she is wearing two keys around her neck.
Jordin Sparks - Tattoo ( Official MV ) -
Leona Lewis' new one, extremely American video for Forgive Me [slaves are programmed that everything is their fault (doesn't necessarily have to happen; but this is done by implanting false memories amongst other things) and can be programmed to genuinely beg the programmer for forgiveness when really they've done nothing wrong at all]. Note the twin pillars resonance behind her at about 0:55, note the Masonic top hat, the dudes wearing porcelain masks (white), the reflective floor, she sits on giant lips, then the umbrellas + her wearing purple, red carpet.... then she apparently goes to the carousel in the clouds [symbolizing it's a system in her mind?]... probably missed some stuff ;p Feels like they're getting really arrogant. Also synchronistically the Daily Mail has put up a feature on Leona Lewis today, also Kings of Leona Lewis synch.


Anonymous said...

That "Lily Allen" cover:D.
Cannot pull the "mere coincidence" card now unless somebody wants to lOOk like a fool.


Anonymous said...

johnny depp's daughter is named lily rose

Anonymous said...

I find it suspect...

Benjamin S said...

Corbeau exactly; but they have the amazing powers of infinitely twistable logic to fit in with the mainstream's thinking.

lily rose nice catch, if you look at JD's roles (and movie posters and such) I find it likely he is mind controlled.

Also found that suspect anony, check out this movie I linked to in this post (about another MK tv show, read Michael's comments on the movie in that post), the movie starring her as an MPD sufferer (click link, one alter is a prostitute and such; obviously it doesn't overtly describe this MPD as mind control) so it's pretty obvious that Heather is mind controlled on that one alone ^^.

Man, her eyes in that mugshot; she looks completely shattered (literally). AriZOna facility where she "received treatment for anxiety and depression"... give me a break! Totally Mind Controlled... maybe I should write this up.

Anonymous said...

There's also a ROSES invasion. This time we have RACHEL BILSON around:

Anonymous said...

I didn't have time to read thru the whole post and my comment might not be pertinent, but in reading thru these comments i saw the "Rose" mention re: Johnny Depp's daughter. Isn't Heath Ledger's daughter also a "Rose"? I think that's her middle name.

Benjamin S said...

Nice catch on the Roses/Bilson thing.

anony absolutely, a "Matilda (you know the girl with MAGICAL POWERS) Rose", she is set to inherit all his money (yet still be a slave probably ;s).


Anonymous said...

This might be well covered territory but a search didn't turn up anything on Teri Hatcher. Her daughter is Emerson ROSE.

She had a "meeting" with Sr. Bush not too long ago

And ...wait for it...

Alice In Wonderland

Sombrero_man said...

Blinding post, but I tell you mate I sure am sick of these bloody devil horns, I expect it in metal (which I listen to) but not fucking pop.

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