Monday 15 September 2008

I Saw 33 Die In A Chain Saw Massacre

Not really sure where I was going with this one... not for the weak stomached.

This is stating the obvious (people don't consider the obvious) but saw's are used for cutting things (in half or whatever, in effect splitting them; the famous saw magic trick involves the illusion of someone being split in half, chainsaws have interlocking rings sorta too), hence the series Saw I mentioned in a previous post and how these movies are designed to subconsciously (and/or consciously) traumatize you/split (cumulatively) your mind. Edit: This was implied in the title so I forgot to mention this but also, "I saw" = "eyesore" (phonically the same as). Mythology also undoubtedly plays into the use of the Saw in this way by the occultists that control Hollywood; as the saw in Greek mythology was invented by Perdix, the nephew of Daedalus; Daedalus created the Labyrinth for the Minotaur. Perdix could also put human souls into inanimate objects, an occult concept seen in various movies. He also invented the drawing compass, remember how important the compass (and square) are to Freemasons. Perhaps this plays into why "saw" is used so often in this way (Saw, Chain Saw Massacre).

Note the dummy's dissociative spiral on each cheek, like those "clouds" at the Olympics. [dummy's part of mind control for obvious reasons] "There will be blood", this is all about the blood sacrifice that the elite so love; oil is often used as an excuse (for the supposedly intelligent mainstream liberals) for war (it wasn't WMD's so it must be oil right?); hence the movie There Will Be Blood.

One of the odd promotions for the Saw series is an attractive latex nurse lady, some featuring a trinity of blood ritual goddesses [Saw III]. Not only do they want your blood in rituals like 9/11, global conflicts, but they also want the energy sucked from you (like a vampire, this is done by splitting your mind in a way) with this incessant releasing of a new Saw film literally every year... don't the poor sheeple's brains deserve a break? (probably not)

"IT'S A TRAP" these type of titles I view as what the movie literally is (a trap for your mind), note the pig mask, sexy boots. Combining this with the sexy nurses they use in advertising, remember in the reptilian brain (not 8 ft royal lizards, I mean the actual part of the brain) violence and sex are the same, so they can pull you in even further to their twisted thinking (stimulating that part of the brain).

The latest Saw movie, V's posters contain mind control symbolism with a man with his head trapped in a box [this is how some mind control victims feel in reality], someone wearing the original Saw dude's facemask, this mind control theme (wearing masks, other people's faces) is also seen in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre (see lower image). It is their attempt at filling the personality void created through the trauma that creates these monsters (as well as masking the other personalities), I'm only picturing and discussing screens from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning.

The dude from Saw I am referring to is called Jigsaw [see his face-skin mask above leatherface images]; so we have more mind control here as jigsaw pieces symbolize the fragmented mind/self, each jigsaw being a fracture/compartment that contains an alter(s). "Jig" is a dance [dancing major part of mind control, "Dance Marionette Dance!", "clubs" (also a weapon cavemen used for clubbing eachother over the head ^^) today are designed with lazers, repetitive beats, drugs and other mind control tools], "saw" is a cutting tool but is also the past tense of "to see" [eyes, sight, mind control], a "jig" is also a tool too. So this name has many meanings, all of which your brain registers subconsciously (they're working away at your brains with many tools!). This character (Jigsaw) had a brain tumor, which symbolizes the effect programming has on the brain (mind control) that creates these psychotic killers [it's what tips them "over the edge" (down the rabbit hole/through the stargate/etc), into the alter-personality of "Jigsaw Killer"].

In The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning we are shown this programming as his mother gives birth to him under horrific circumstances (trauma even before and during the birth on the baby is used on mind control slaves), before being dumped in a rubbish bin and picked up by an insane woman. Before I continue I'd like to paste a bit from Illuminati Formula on "In Utero Traumatization" [these practises are not shown in it, but are symbolized by his traumatic birth/early life].

The baby is taken from the mother (she dies in her unexpected birth), and dumped in a box of sorts.
The formal Monarch Mind-Control project was developed from observations of high level Satanic families. These families had no qualms about the concept of traumatizing the fetus. Italian generational witchcraft is called the Ways of the Strega. These generational occult bloodlines, esp. in Tuscany and Naples, are very much into generational ancestor spirits. These were the ones that Aleister Crowley went to learn how to create Moon Children.

Remember, that Italian and German generational Illuminati families were studied by the Italian fascists and the German Nazis to develop a scientific understanding of mind control. The Illuminati families in Germany were secretly and scientifically studied in the 1920s to determine what exactly was happening and how to systematically improve the Illuminati’s control over the people they were already programming.

Discipline and training has been lavished for centuries upon the children of these elite bloodlines. The contribution of the 20th century was the systematic collection and scientific study of all the various methodologies into one cohesive programming package. This research was begun on a large scale in 1940s, and has been systematically added to since then.

Families who wanted dissociative children learned that dissociative babies could be born if the child in the womb is tortured. Thin needles are inserted through the mother into the fetus to prick the preborn child. Mothers, who are pregnant with children to be programmed, are also severely traumatized during their pregnancy with a whole assortment of traumas [this is somewhat shown in the movie], which simultaneously traumatizes the babies which they carry [hence the horrific birth]. For instance, the father may purposely abandon the pregnant mother in the middle of a forest, or blast the mother with loud frightening music, and then follow this up with love.

The woman who picks him out of the trash is not his primary programmer, naturally the "Drill Sergeant" archetype is the programmer (above) because remember the military also plays a big part in programminger these "monsters" [really victims] (see David Chapman and others). This is expertly played by (he was a real one himself) R Lee Ermeya [E/Army, born in Kansas], who was the infamous one from Full Metal Jacket too. We are told that "Leatherface" suffers from a "degenerative facial disease" and is prone to "self-mutilation", the emphasis on the face is the loss identify/facelessness that occurs through programming. Remember the Saw head in a box poster from above (and in the fashion world); well here's another section of Illuminati Formula, "Boxes and Self-Abuse" [boxes house programs (suicide etc; many types)/ alters].
We will now discuss one method of placing boxes into an alter system. Between the age of 4 and 4 1/2, an Illuminati child would be taken to Scotty’s castle, CA for programming. A cedar chest would be placed in front of a table. Two Illuminati children well into their programming would be assigned to guard the chest, which would be called the Doctor’s box. They would have "clean slate" alters who knew nothing but their hypnotic commands to guard the doctor’s boxes. Expendable children would be coached to come into the room and try to get into the box. The Illuminati children would be given strict orders to kill them if they tried to get into the box. If the children failed in their guard duty, they either got more programming or were in turn expended. The Illuminati children had sharp swords with which to guard the box, which had 3 seals on it. Internally, Mengele would then hypnotically program in countless boxes with 3 seals.

Locked up in the boxes would be self-mutilation and body programs, etc. Therapists should know that these boxes are deadly. After reaching the level of obedience where they would kill for the programmer, the Illuminati children would be placed in a deep well for a well-trauma, and then while deep in the well would be given various orders such as "cut yourself," "probe yourself (electroshock oneself)" and other self-abusive things. The well torture would usually work at teaching the "clean slate" alters to abuse themselves.

During many programming sessions, the victim is told "you must pass a test, will you pass the test?" There is something that is more motivating in these words, than if the truth were said, "you must endure these traumas, for our enjoyment and to become a slave for And to quote a line from the film When Rabbit Howls, "The worse things got, the more of us showed up." The mind keeps protecting itself by dissociating the overwhelming abuse. [symbolized in the movie by the incestous, cannibal family, cannibalism is a program as well as a trauma programming method]
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is often shortened to TCM, this is the name of a movie channel in the UK (probably elsewhere too), last night it aired Alex in Wonderland (people can be programmed to hear phonically similar things as what the programmer wants them to like Alex/Alice) which I thought was an interesting synch considering I'd just posed Malice in Wonderland that day; the film naturally contains all the predictable themes [LSD is the major one, but the symbolisms are there including masked people, alternate reality etc, it also stars Donald Sutherland (note he is the lion in the MGM(13+7+13=33) poster, father of Kiefer].

But back on topic, other blood/torture-porn movies also have mind control themes; such as Cube (more boxes, each box containing a different program/way to die, loads of grids). Puppeteer (Labyrinth/Mirrormask) Jim Henson made a tv series called The Cube which aired on 23rd Februrary 1969 containing standard mind control themes. And Hostel is essentially the elite's wet dream (fully realized in reality) being sold to the public to bring them down to their level. The elite who have made snuff films in the past (Zeta Monarch code); places like those described in Hostel actually exist and are for the elite to use unwanted mind control slaves as victims of their own perverse/twisted tendencies. This continues on to today in secret, often done as part of an occult ritual in the basement of some Freemasonic banking buildings [ok that's just a guess but I think it is likely; a supposition I come to based on viewing their actions throughout history]; or as I said just to fulfill their twisted perversions, not necessarily part of a ritual. Read more about Hostel and such things in this Celtic Rebel post (also check out his work on cubes, tentacles etc).
Remember Vlad the Impaler's cannibalism and his own programming; Leatherface is picked up by a cannibalistic family where we are again shown how the military programs on both sides because the real enemy of the elite is the soldiers on the front lines, the masses of all nations, their own included (a notion some people find difficult to understand). Sheriff Hoyt [R Lee Ermey] tells of how he was taken as a P.O.W. in the Korean War (like McCain) and they left them there without food or water so they resorted to cannibalism [I wouldn't be surprised if there was collaboration on all sides in programming these expendible soldiers on both sides, to get as many programmed zombies as possible from these helpful (for the elite) conflicts]. (Tie this in to John McCain's programming; Carissa picks up on similarities between him and the Mancurian Candidate [both POW's in Korean War] in the comments; I've since learned on FOX News that he was taken as a P.O.W. in his 23rd bombing mission) So this sickening programming was passed on to Leatherface from someone programmed in the military [also see Jacob's Ladder for more military programming/mind control], hence why he became a cannibal. Cannibalism obviously has more to it in terms of occult beliefs and tribal rituals and whatnot (was also researched heavily by the CIA, it's psychological effects etc.).

To come back to TCM, it is apparently loosely based on a real killer (programmed [looks to me like the gov't wasn't involved but who knows... she moved away from people so as not to adversely affect the programming, this seems pretty intelligent for a brain-dead religious nut] by his ultra-religious mother), Ed Gein (did not use a chainsaw, note mind control half-face/split mind poster above). The film announces at the end that "the family" (Manson type cult reference?) had killed 33 people. I don't know where they got that figure from or what family it refers to (I thought Ed Gein acted alone). So bearing in mind that they pulled that figure out of thin air; what motivation could there be for choosing this number? Perhaps it is another Freemasonic signature (33rd degree freemasonry) for their "successes". This is also confirmed as being important because one of the attractive (arn't they always) teens who is brutalized later on, wears an American football Jersey with the number 33 written on it as she looks in the mirror (mind control symbolism) near the start. She is with the brother who does not want to go to Vietnam (smart), the other one has already been so is already a robot, see wiki for the overt plot.

Further mind control symbolism comes when a ring is given to the other teen girl which appears to be in the shape of a purple butterfly (I think; but there isn't a clear shot of it, scroll down bottom of link for purple butterfly synch).

Later on, in an almost Alice in Wonderland tea party scene, the bowls (with human meat soup in them) have red/white checkerboards (red implies anger/violence).

One more synch comes from the guy who played the embedded reporter in Generation Kill, as we see skull and bones (on his biker gang jacket, again showing who is responsible for these evils) synchs in both, this also shows the military connection (the "US Marines" skull and bones made out of guns). TMC images from


Jimbo said...

Another film with a poster of the right eye being somehow mutilated. There are a lot of those. I keep thinking I'm going to do a post about it but I get busy...

I can't take those Saw movies...

BTW, good stuff per usual. I read your stuff often.

Unknown said...

Lots of good stuff here alright! And in the Get Smart post, both of which I'll have to add to my MK-movie page.

I remember reading about the Franklin Coverup where a young male sex slave (of Dick Cheney? I forget..) was forced to bite off the penis of another male sex slave. This and other exmaples show that cannabalism is definetly part of their whole sick orgy of violence and brainwashing.

Michael Skaggs said...


Well done my friend! Excellent, your right not for the faint of heart!

I read in Springmeier's book, that the Alex alters are names for alters for "end of the world" programming, but Alex in Wonderland boy howdy, weird title!

Peace bro.

Anonymous said...

Good stuff Ben, love the 33 on victim's jersey

Hm ... TCM is also Turner Classic Movies.

Interesting you should mention, Perdix, which connects us back to Juno, two topics I'll be revisiting soon...

Interestingly, the embedded reporter from GK is also the main character from OZ.

I leave A LINK to an image from Henson's Cube.

D7 said...

Great post...
I was also while ago writing about SAW movies...check it out.


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