Friday, 26 September 2008

MKings of Leon?

Their music is very good; all their albums are outstanding piece of work (obviously people will disagree, I gather they are pretty well hated in America) but I've suspected they could be mind controlled for a while now, purely based on a few titles of their songs such as: Spiral Staircase and Molly's Chambers [Her compartmentalized mind, compartments = chambers; necessary for controlling/organizing the many alters/alter fragments]. This supposition was also based on their ultra-Christian ("weird") upbringing: "The brothers spent much of their youth travelling around the South with their father, Leon, a traveling United Pentecostal Church preacher and their mother", from wiki for more things suggestive of this kind of thing. People raised by these suspicious "preachers"/"ministers" I would suggest are often mind controlled and are completely fake Christians (the parents anyway), hence Katy Perry's wildly unchristian material and KoL's [Sex on Fire just knocked off Katy off the #1 spot btw]. This kind of story shows the overall theme within organized religion [just another controlling mechanism; and the perversion at the top trickles downward, intentionally] I think. The cover of their latest album (UK version) has clinched it for me though, it shows the fragmented face (mind) symbolism interspersed with the owl... [Edit: May not be an owl, some type of bird of prey anyway, looks like an owl to me though, the TV ad appears to depict some kind of eagle and other birds I think]

The American version's cover art of the same album to me looks like eagles (or some types of bird) making the shape of a butterfly with a black/white/red theme going on. [Both are MK anyway] The album includes tracks such as 17, Manhattan, and one with lyrics about being a vampire.

"Kings of Leon" is named after their father [programmer?] and grandfather's first name. All four of them have the same last name of Followill [You Will Follow The Yellow Brick Road!].

The album before "Only By The Night", "Because of The Times" also has mind control symbolism with an X-Ray of someone's head, and a shattering bulb [so shattered glass/mind combined with an actual head emphasizing the mind control].

Alt version.

The album before this one, "Aha Shake Heartbreak"; features orchids of varying types: In Greek mythology, Orchis was the son of a nymph and a satyr. During a celebratory feast for Bacchus [usually involves altered states of consciousness/animal alters/copious amounts of drugs... good stuff], Orchis committed the sacrilege of attempting to rape a priestess, resulting in his being torn apart by wild beasts, then metamorphosing into a slender and modest plant.

And their debut album simply has all four of their disembodied heads.

I'll leave you with their first #1 in the UK Sex On Fire (see the remixes in wiki...), note the one eyed shots etc, the overall feel of this is quite odd.

King of Leon, Alfonso X's Book of Games. [He was himself of course a pedophile... but what European Monarch isn't?! Marrying a 13 year old (with the relationship I'm assuming having continued long before that)... Edit: This one even says she was married at 10 years old... (which is a lot more likely to be accurate). The elite have always been, and will always be completely perverse maniacs until we REVOLT!!!!!! and physically remove them from their position of total control.]


aferrismoon said...

The Kings with the weapon 'in' their head are often called Suicide Kings
Suicide Kings and One-eyed Jacks are often WILD CARDS


Anonymous said...

The cover of the US version of the new album might be a cockfight simulation/allusion.

Anonymous said...

Nathan and Caleb have the paw print tattoo..

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