Saturday, 7 February 2009

Purple Star Cyrus

To get me back into the swing of posting (started this before posting the previous 2) I'll continue my 2009 MC coverage (all images are from 2009, following that post) starting with these interesting promo shots from HannaH Montana Season 3 using outrageous levels of the colour purple (royalty/'elite'/abuse/red blue mixture/etc), with Miley dressed up in purple/black stripes and the papparazzi (furthest papparazzo to the right in black/white duality stripes) on either side of the purple carpet flashing like crazy (strobe/flashing lights from them is depicted in her 'Fly on the Wall' video in this post), with zebra-print bangle and pentagrams allover Miley Cyrus (edit: should mention Cyrus/Sirius dog star though that's in the original post on her, more on this on Sirius radio further down).

Horns + below Miley as Hannah in Luciferian pyramid of light; these are from last year but were shown on TV earlier this year (same goes for purple kind of circus-like dress)

Miley's latest 'embarassing photos' (aside from the non-controversy Asian eyes [Mileyes]) were her in a inky purple/white/silver top sans bra.

But before this was the standard ritual humiliation all the Media Monarchs go through (Paris/Britney/etc); it's certainly been an over-exposed year so far for Miley!

Dressed as a goddess, one of the goddess' symbols (breast) is exposed on a white horse. [see Freeman for more ritual breast exposure/Janet Jackson; I found the image further down (not sure if it was taken in 2009 but it was put up/on tv in 2009) hinting at this connection]

Don't think an uncensored image exists on the net.

Expect more "accidental" 'wardrobe malfunctions' in future.

Lilly wearing her pink wig, Miley (as Hannah) with pink + puppy toy. Lilly (played by Emily Osment, went into Lilly/Lola and other facets of HM in this post) is wearing duality trousers (click, small black/white) with 3 large black squares emphasising she is a product of the 'dark side', so to speak (as in the evil/abuse these Disney slaves come from). And of course Miley with 'DREAM' + black/white duality striped stilettos.

Dreaming of T(w)eens yet? Note pink zebra top, the exact kind seen on Brie Larson (Kate in United States of Tara; need to do another TV post after this, latest Chuck episode and some others) in her dissociation music video in this post.

Standard Mickey Mouse jumper + dog, (as seen on Howard Stern's wife Beth Ostrosky [oz] soon after their "marriage" [from this post], Howard Stern's radio/tv show [more on that soon] is on Sirius radio [Cyrus] with the dog star logo [dog's eye pentagram/dog star, also note the i's are the only letters in lower case], MC went on Sirius radio at the end of 2007)

"Take a picture it will last longer" fragmented letters; obvious duality theme going on here (note the white dogs in the darkest squares).

Miley with turquoise leopard-print (more ) + Miley's (probable programming) 'twin' from the Miley and Mandy Show [MM] in black/white stripes + checkerboard. Below leaving Starbucks twin-tailed/tentacled Goddess/Siren symbolic logo, between twin pillars. Miley's latest necklace (posted on her others previously) looks like a dark crystal/marble/jet black mirror kind of thing.

Miley's skull bag. Bird cage etc below.

Couple of random mannequin shots from late last month.

Which Media Monarch Slave are you? Miley! Katy! or Lily!?

Of course Miley is the new Britney, interesting stuff on those poor quality scans [Starbucks (twin tailed siren; like double headed eagle) "coffee crazy" etc].

Some good ol' fashioned blatant Monarch imagery now to finish; with her green bicycle wheels + fairy + ELECTRA (electroshock/mythology; bike company) + flowers... Electra Complex (i.e. this make of bike is hinting at Billy Ray Cyrus' relationship with his daughter? [Billy (originally named Miley 'Destiny Hope' gone into previously) is son of politician/ex-Air Force Ron Cyrus, and his grandfather was a pentecostal preacher]):

The Electra complex (colloquially Daddy issues or the Bernfeld factor) is the psychoanalytic theory that a female's psycho-sexual development involves a sexual attachment to her father... Women who are sex workers [many MK'd sex-kittens] are often stereotyped as having "daddy issues." [wonder why! 3 images below are from a few years ago/that Vanity Fair Leibovitz topless shit btw]

Celtic Rebel is on top of such things, here is one great article (loads of amazing info on Emily Osment and Miley in that link [Miley/Emily anagram, remember Miley wasn't her birth name etc]) of many [latest post is excellent; had similar thoughts when watching those FOX shows, need to catch up my reading of all the great blogs to the right though tbh].

... and that Monarch cap (butterflies on her mind) is something else (the big main butterfly looks like a Monarch specifically)! Made by monarch couture provider 'Smet', French Elvis Johnny Hallyday's (no prizes for guessing his [and/or involvement in] mk, see video [(called black is black) the blatant ones always make me laugh, checkerboard/black + white pillars/black+white+red dancers etc] he supported Sarkozy for gods sake!) clothing line based out of Los Angeles; covered in skull and bones and the like (click Smet link).

That completes this 2009 MC update; next post on her in a few weeks will probably go back to her earliest shoots (cheers for link in previous post), may merge it with another Britney post.

Edit: Miley and the rest of the Musical Monarchs at a Grammys event from yesterday/pictures up today. Mileys mother Leticia 'Tish' Cyrus obviously being a programmed Monarch [at their 'secret wedding' Leticia wore a catsuit under her dress], hence the butterflies all over her; alternative she could just like butterflies a lot (those eyes/facial expression tell me otherwise however).

Taylor Swift + Miley's MoM, a butterfly. Please check out this post for more musical monarchs/butterflies trapped in the music box, specifically Taylor Swift's butterfly album covers.

Miley and Taylor (those two performed a duet together at it) with 'Mad Hatter' (because of his trademark top hat; real name Saul Hudson [another Hudson], married to Perla Hudson; pregnant zebra) Slash.

Miley + Rihanna on red carpet (as always note various symbolic corporate logos [shooting star, dots on the i's of sidekick, i inside an orange square making an H]).

Edit: Following this event, Chris Brown, Rihanna's current 'partner' (2 victims put together as far as I'm concerned, see Chris' childhood) was involved in domestic abuse (TMZ saying the victim is Rihanna) in Hancock Park, LA, Kalifornia [you can see her in this dress just a short time before the dispute here (interesting that they drove so far past their hotel)]. Needless to say her scheduled performances were cancelled, link to actual Grammys main awards show, Katy Perry in pink etc + Daily Mail's reporting of the Rihanna/Chris Brown story (they don't say the victim of domestic abuse here is Rihanna). Of Rihanna's injuries, a law enforcement official told TMZ: "They said there were two "huge contusions" which swelled up on both sides of her forehead, along with "a bloody lip and nose," TMZ said. "[the contusions] look like an MMA fighter or something ... looked like she was growing devil's horns." [Story still developing, probably edit some more in the following days, see my comment for some interesting rumor.] New Daily Mail article on it, describing Chris Brown's abuse as a child and the standard lawyer for MK'd celebs (he represented Michael Jackson (who Brown has been compared to) and Winona Rider).

Leticia is an extremely symbolic name (probably not her real one), derived from Laetitia meaning 'Joy'/'abundance' and a minor Roman goddess of fertility (according to that wiki link) + Letizia is: Letizia (butterfly), a genus of butterflies! [hint hint! (monarch intergenerational programming/all in the family/genes/bloodline ;) Saint Leticia was a virgin martyr. Princess Letizia is one of quite a few famous Leticia's (see wiki link)]


skrambo said...

Purple is the color of Sex Magic in chaos magic.

I actually refuse to watch videos involving such heavy MK themes, as they can be potentially damaging to the mind. They used to make me laugh, but now I just get a dull sick feeling.

Have you ever seen that show called LazyTown (Drugged/MK'd populace)? I think you'd have a field day with it... Puppets and a pink haired girl hanging out with an older dude.

Anonymous said...

Out of the blue, his wife in Brazil, bla bla bla:


Anonymous said...

Hayden Panetierre was at the white house too, not for the first time either.... Check out the expression on her face and her mom in the background. Presidential model?

aferrismoon said...

Don't the date of the Letterman Show, but watched it with him and Bill Hicks mother. He apologised for not airing Hicks stand-up on his show 16 years ago, and then showed it.
It began with Bill Hicks talking about assassinating Billy Ray Cyrus , bring the whole family etc etc


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the nods! I think the most telling incestuous pic I've seen to date is this one (wasn't on a miley post):

Seeing that the Stranglers have come up in my last couple of posts, I'll leave you with this on topic stanza:

"I want to love you like your dad
find be your superman
I'll show you things you've never had
And hold your little hand"

Anonymous said...

yuck whats with that picture celticrebel, make my hair stand on end. Her expression!

Anonymous said...

Oh god TMZ making something out of nothing again, he gave her a taste of his drink by taking the straw out and giving it to her, those straws have a scoop, like a tiny spoon. That zoom in pic is her own hand holding her sundae, which you can see in the video, and eating the cool whip. I'm sorry but did you actually watch the video?

You cant go all satanic panic, irrationally getting bent out of shape about things that aren't really there. It's not good for your mental health. Be smart, observe, rationally. A lot of the stuff talked about here is there, it's pretty obvious but some shit is just really stretching it.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anyone notice how kitten Rihanna's injuries from Chris Brown are being described as "devil horns" by the police. What's that all about?

Benjamin S said...

How is posting a link the commenter found interesting going into a "satanic panic", he/she didn't claim anything, I think we all know what kind of spoons those places use, I'm confused what your point is... seems like your nitpicking. Who is getting irrationally bent out of shape? I posted on that milkshake 'trip' (you watched the video yeah? all the dissociative strobe/flashing camera lights etc; you need to get your head around that these little trips in LA are much more than Miley just going for some milkshake/icecream...) a while back by the way. The video is a good illustration of the insane level of flashing lights this girl has to endure in keeping her dissociative, even if you think a 15 year old getting a taste of daddy's milkshake is entirely meaningless (taking into account the context of their relationship).

Cheers for fascinating comments all round btw, that Rihanna story is a bit annoying, keep having to edit it as it's still developing; adding the Satanic Horns injury (I view this event more as synchronicity [devil horns] rather than as a planned MK'd scenario [but who knows?]), though I'm not adding the rumor that the fight was due to Rihanna giving Brown Herpes, which she potentially got from Jay-Z (which makes purrrfect sense if you know what Jay-Z is about and where kitten Rihanna came from) [not posting because we'll never know if that's true or not, while they wait for the "true facts of the case" to come out (i.e. the story sold to the masses)].

Anonymous said...

Rihanna getting beaten up by an alleged normally "nice" guy like Chirs Brown could point to MK.

Trauma for her, to head and face would also be especially triggering for a beautiful entertainer, violent alter triggered for him by some unknown cause. Of course we have to wait to be certain.

Anonymous said...

wtf does MK mean??

Anonymous said...

Miley Ray Cyrus turns 18 today! Disney's Little Princess is now Reverend Loveshade's Discordian American Princess. But in spite of what her critics say, she's beautiful, talented, and will be a star for a long, long time. Happy birthday, Miley!

Mort from Ort said...

Since this was posted, Miley's now done the song 23, released a 23 song album, etc. She's not even hiding her Discordian connections anymore. Why should she?

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