Sunday, 18 May 2008

Reveal the alter in you

Continuing my theme of there being a colossal amount of mind control in the media at present. This is another advertisement designed for mind control purposes as far as I can make out. All seeing eyes seem to be used to open (and sometimes close as well as open, as in The Hole) a mind control scene so it is to be expected that it would open this advert. This can be seen in this new advert for Venus (every advert of theirs is symbolic but this takes the biscuit) Breeze shaver (symbolic of violent blades). The first line the lady voiceover says is, 'Imagine you can feel beautiful, in the blink of an eye' implying the impressionable young girls watching should not feel beautiful without their shitty product, and its a trigger phrase probably what with the eye and all. There seems to be something significant about the colours purple and white used together, as it was on that Monarch Sun Sale! advert in the times as well as this. Then there's a bunch of symbolic Labyrinth style sphere bubbles, subliminal butterflies, sun worship, goddess symbolism and all that. (Images not in order, except the first and last ones, the last one looks a bit like Leona Lewis in my opinion)

Its worth passing comment on this picture above as it shows dual personality symbolism showing the shadow a couple of times throughout the advert then showing them both at the end. Obviously she's meant to look like a (subliminal) butterfly also. The V in Venus is made up of a 3 on the right line of the V.

This ad also caught my eye as it has the same white/purple/blue (see blue in the razor packaging) and also the Miley Cyrus 'Best of Both Worlds' symbolic dual personalities statement, and is called linkworth as if linking up the two alter personalities or something.

You can watch the video here, can't seem to embed it so it plays, just click play once you're there.
Gillette Venus Breeze Beach Play

Nationwide advert 'The Real Butterfly Effect' symbolising the kind of chaos in a humorous way they're attempting to create on a world stage through this mind control.

The real butterfly effect - wideo
The real butterfly effect - wideo

The real butterfly effect - wideo
Nice ad for NationWide (insurance, retirement, investments).

And is Princess Beatrice a Monarch slave? Top hat. Apparently its going to set a trend.


Michael Skaggs said...

Good spots!

That insurance commercial was hilarious! The Real butterfly effect indeed! Chaos! LOL

Yes, I'd say her top hat or whatever that thing is is pretty indicative of her being a MMC puppet.

Good work my friend.

Atlantean Times said...

jesus christ that some hat... and blouse too i see.

highly relevant material..thanks for the info...


Newspaceman said...

I just noticed this Ben and used the picture myself in relation to her mother.


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