Thursday, 8 May 2008

Happy 60th Israel!

Edit: I just had to add this video on from the always hilarious, Gordon Brown. Sporting a red/white/black outfit. He sure went to Israel alot.... and is that some Freemasonic twin pillars I see behind him? And gosh, how painful does his rediculously fake put-on smile look, I feel sorry for the guy to be honest. :(

I do not recognise Israel's right to exist. It makes no sense to me how they could put something that was so obviously going to cause so many problems in that area, based on some biblical bullshit and the holocaust which pretty much all sides were culpible in anyway. As (a reasonably) politically aware 19 year old I can see no reason why Israel was created and why it was put where it was (well I can, what with the Rothschilds and co's plans and all that, but from a layman's perspective if people just looked at the mainstream facts it makes no sense, but people don't even look at the mainstream facts).

So Israel is 60 years old soon (today? don't know), does that mean in 2012 Israel will be 64 years old? Which just happens to be the number of the checkered squares on the chess board (cheers newspaceman), symbolically completing the Freemasonic ritual in the final year mayhaps? The video above is a symbolic parade, chemtrail orgy and whatnot. The video below is the light/luciferian fireworks ritual held to mark it, the video made by "Jewlicious". Who cares about those Palestinians as long as they can be "Jewlicious" and keep signing those bombs of course! I'm not anti-semetic, I don't think the Rothschilds remotely care or are interested in Judaism and the Jewish people, they just use it like all the other mainstream religions, as a tool.


aferrismoon said...

Someone out out a vid from NY, where the Hassidics were sounding off about what they considered to be an ' atheist state' .
One of their problems seemed to be that the 'atheist' Jews do not 'report' Jewish dissent against Jews
They told about how Palestinians and jews looked after each others chldren etc, no probs.
I'm not Jewish so I'm guessing now but:
If a Jew is Jew and a non-Jew = a Goy, that is someone who comes from a state, then Israel as a state forces all there to be Goy.
I realise this could be considered divisive , but then I consider the STATE [ in all forms] to be divisive.
60 - god number to celebrate as the State of Babylon had a thing for the number 60

Anonymous said...

Stumble across your blog and am hooked.

On the same day it was Steve Win-woods 60th birthday.

Also note that Prime Minister Olmert is being taking down.

Keep it up.


Benjamin S said...

Aferrismoon, I've seen that video lurking around somewhere online, what you say there is right imo.

Thuther, been following your blog for a while (posted a comment about the show Jericho last year, as Ben). Good stuff mate, I've got some catching up to do reading your blog though (been slow keeping up with everything cos of this one).

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