Saturday, 31 May 2008

Reaping Our Minds

The term 'reaper' is used a lot in entertainment, for whatever reason. In Doctor Who 'reapers' are extradimensial flying reptilians whose tails are shaped like scythes, in the XBOX360 game Mass Effect they are squid-looking sentient machines who appear every 50,000 years to harvest all sentient organic life, in the film Doom (based on the game) John "Reaper" Grimm is the protagonist who saves the day (stargate stuff), obviously a reference to the Grim Reaper which is what the creators of the reapers in Doctor Who based their design on (hence the scythe, see a scythe over Helena's head in Mirrormask). I watched The Reaping about a week ago which also contains loads of occult and (trauma based) mind control themes. Sticking with scythe's, the main occult symbol used in this film is an upside down cross/crucifix with a scythe/sickle blade at the end of it (wiki describes it as an upside down sickle with a cross through it).

The Grim Reaper also features in a classic 1998 adventure game called Grim Fandango (see box-art at link for 6 pointed stars and whatnot) by Lucas Arts (subliminal all seeing eye/ purple masonic square or L shape/ and others logo below), which had me spellbounded for a good while when I was younger, it's main influence is Aztec art and myths, it is extremely cinematic (for its day). The Grim Reaper can be seen as a representation of Charon, he was the ferryman of Hades who took the newly dead across the River Styx to the underworld, if they could pay. This is what 'Manny' does in Grim Fandango, gives them passage to the after-life, if they could pay, the number 9 train was the preferred method of travel. I'm increasingly becoming more aware of how much video games have this kind of stuff in them (a recent trailer for Haze blew me away), makes me wonder what kind of effect endless hours of blowing people up in Counter-Strike and shouting down the microphone at faceless people had on me as a kid. Also, I was just thinking today about 'leetspeak' which was a way for us game addicts to communicate 'originally' or something... L337 is the most common one typed which is clearly symbolic (I cannot account for this synch, probably not conspiracy), see wiki link. Perhaps we were all subconsciously worshipping the 'elite' which is what 1337 is short for as we discussed our "1337 pwnage kills".

The television show Reaper is a metaphor for illuminati mind control, it is shown on The CW (C=3 W=23, or see below where the W looks like a 3 on its side, so 33). It centres around a 21 year old guy called Sam, whose parents "sold his soul to the devil" (JonBenét Ramsey anyone?) and he is forced to act as a 'grim reaper', collecting escaped souls and sending them back to Hell. I will be using images from the pilot episode and episodes 16 and 18. The very first few shots of the entire series are interesting as it shows him waking up then looking into a mirror (whilst the word Reaper appears), and also masks, a knight, a nine synch, a pentagram... interesting room. It would be possible to go through every single episode picking out every symbolic thing (there are a lot, obviously with it being about the 'devil') but that would be fruitless, I'll just pick out some of the major themes and events.

One of the most prominent mind control themes/triggers is the use of opening a door/box then an alternate space/reality is seen, which I showed in my Mirrormask post using Mulholland Drive for comparison. Sam is transported to random locations by Lucifer, this invariably is done after a door is opened, a box, an umbrella, and other things that symbolise accessing/opening compartments of the mind. This happens numerous times in each episode, which would undoubtedly have a cumulative effect on the viewer, one example from the pilot is shown below. He closes one door walks down a hallway, is surprised to see light underneath a door, he opens it and arrives at an ice-rink where Lucifer is waiting, brilliantly played by Ray Wise (Twin Peaks). Ray Wise probably plays the handler in this show as he appears in every alter-reality (he is the one who seemingly teleports Sam) as is shown by another example below where the 'vessel' is a baseball (used to capture escaped souls from hell) which is always inside a wooden box/cube/cuboid and is opened, in this example instantly transporting his mind to the different compartment/alter-reality. Circles feature prominently in the show too; other demons and fallen angels are rebelling against Lucifer (pissed off that he messed with the big G man), constantly planning his demise, which Sam says is futile and is symbolic of the programming; as they are made to think there is no point going against the handler because the victim thinks he/she is all powerful. By drawing a circle on the ground, Lucifer can not hear them apparently. This type of ritualistic exercise is used in mind control as it keeps them convinced that they're doing something 'for an important reason', and they must continue these rituals or something terrible will happen.

Episode 16 was reasonably interesting, it was all about how Lucifer had given 'mind control powers' to Greg (seen in a crosshair below); who fancies Sam's love interest Andi (the whole romantic element was annoying me off for a while, but the show got back on trackish). After Lucifer gives Greg the powers to mind control Andi into wanting to be his girlfriend, he then tells sam to 'Kill him' after he is instantly transported to an alter-reality atop a building. The phrase "Kill 'im" is repeated over and over whilst a sniper rifle is pointed at Greg, which was originally a telescope, I missed that on first viewing, showing the subliminally confused nature of these scenes, all the buildings are made of glass too. As we approach the anniversary of RFK's tragic assassination, this bares more significance as Barack may well be targeted on the 3rd of June (3/6, 666. hopefully not, but I can't shake the feeling they've got something horrible planned) which I am only mentioning because I am writing about the devil+anti-christ 666 at the moment. Sam is said to be the anti-christ by some of the demons who think that he is literally the son of the devil, which he may well be but we have not yet been told. It's all just part of the programming anyway.

He does not 'kill him', but that was never the intention of this scene, the pink/purple lady on a bicycle suggests that there is more to this, I have attempted to established these colours as being part of mind control, Andi wears green throughout the episode. The above image of President Lincoln was randomly shown earlier in the episode, who was obviously himself assassinated ;s. Another thing from this episode is the literal representation of the things I've written about, like Greg's alter-personality is pulled out (he is made to look like a puppet in the way he is hanging in the air) which is a Texas Chainsaw Massacre type movie character (a poster of the movie is up in his room, he wears a mask), showing how movies and entertainment are used (by programmers) in creating these alter-personalities, and/or at least to bring them out. It is worth noting that the K (11) in The Work Bench (place where they work) is, in part made up of a regular saw. The grotesque, neverending amount of Saw films are probably a part of this too, I guess it would symbolise the sawing in half of the mind (splitting it), similar to the scythe symbolism earlier. Below we can see this literal pulling out of Greg's alter, and Greg's alter attacking them in a car with a chainsaw, coincidentally (yeright) parked in space 37. Greg thinks that everything is his fault and that there's nothing he can do to stop it, which is the same kind of helplessness (so they think there's no chance of breaking out of the programming) I have been discussing in relation to things like Mirrormask and others.

The season finale was very interesting as the lesser angels were trying to capture who they think is the anti-christ, Sam inside a (I think, can't find any info on one from mythology or whatever) fictitious Solomon's Cage, used to trap demons within it, which is symbolic of Solomon's Seal, which was used to control or trap demons by King Solomon. It is shaped like a cube, and has the Seal of Solomon on it as well as other symbols like a crosshair and interlocking rings (symbolised multiple-personalities locked in the mind) which can be seen in the latest, absolutely disgusting (it got me pretty emotional, the horror of it all, poor girl) mind control Doctor Who episode.

The humorous "Sock" kisses a succubus which alters him, making him super-strong and whatnot after she has fed off his energy but also limiting his lifespan, and giving him a nasty hangover after the effects wear off, he does not care about his long term future though. Fair play to him, he's hilarious in my opinion. They also need to capture a soul, who reads tarot cards, she reads Sam's and upon finding out who he really is (3 Devil cards are shown) he gets the hanging man card (heath ledger) and she does something to make it so he is hanging from the kneck by some invisible force. He is being strangled by the invisible noose, JonBenét Ramsey died of strangulation. When searching for a tarot card reader 'escaped soul', they look through ads in a newspaper and some are symbolic, these are also unarguably subliminals because the viewer would not have the time to read them but would effect them on a subconscious level. The name of the tarot reader is Mistress Ozera, she appears in the newspaper as the Ellis Place one. Her name is even written in yellow, confirming the Oz resonation.

The media has been forcing the masses to view blatant subliminals with things such as BT's Happy Homes adverts, this is also in the episode as mould keeps appearing on the wall which Sock recognises as a 'unicorn battling a werewolf' and Sam as a dead demon; but there is definitely a subliminal face there as far as I'm concerned. This is probably necessary to increase the effectiveness of hidden subliminals on the masses. And to end the season finale, a nice luciferian burning man ritual where many different colours are produced from the fireworks sending them into an extatic state where they jump around and hug each other.

The purpose of this show is probably to prepare the masses for the "anti-christ", as well as whatever the effect all the reapings and reapers have had on the masses over the years (subliminal raper/raping?). The occult media are definitely reaping what they've been sowing ever since, probably the birth of media itself. They recently announced that the show will get a second season, 13 episodes in length. By the way, Ray Wise was in a Bones episode 'The Titan on the tracks', and in Law and Order SVU he played the head of a company testing drugs on little children. The actor who plays Sam is called Bret Harrison, in Law and Order: SVU he played a 'young sexually abused victim', which is a common method used in trauma based mind control, his character was also called Sam, as was his character in the show The Loop.


Michael Skaggs said...

Excellent work Ben! Nicely laid out and sweet sleuthing!

I think your right, something is coming, you can feel it in the "air"/ether...symbols are abound, numbers playing a huge part in all this, and the multi layered occult symbolisms featured in mind control are just swimming in plain sight now!

Take care my friend!

Newspaceman said...

Hiya Ben, I had that:

" as it keeps them convinced that they're doing something 'for an important reason', and they must continue these rituals or something terrible will happen."

with the number 3 when I was younger, do you think it was mind control ?


Dedroidify said...

Is the show reaper or dollhouse worth

I saw death in a mushroom trip, he was a nice old man with a pair of scissors waving and smiling "not my time yet", hehe. So I don't fear the grim reaper.

But what's a little freaky is I saw Blade 2 yesterday and a new breed of vampires called reapers feed on both humans and vampires. combine that with the mass effect and doctor who reapers you mention, oh oh :p

Dedroidify said...

Is the show reaper or dollhouse worth watching that oughta be ;)

Benjamin S said...

Mike, agreed and you too.

newspaceman maybe, wouldn't worry though mate, and I doubt it very much (would depend on why you thought something terrible would happen if you stopped, and other stuff I guess, I'm no expert) This is a good website for that stuff though I think (though to be fair, they list practically every slight symptom so basically everybody could be mind controlled...)

Dedroidify, yeah I figured that's what you meant ^^. Well Dollhouse isn't out for ages so iono about that one, I'll watch it for mind control purposes (though they say it's going to be the new Alias, I never liked Alias). Reaper is alright, I'd give it a 6/10, it's very inconsistent. Kevin Smith did the pilot by the way, and it is pretty funny. I dunno if you saw Blade 2 on TV, but over here in the UK they're airing Blade 2 then Blade 3 later in the week (as if the TV execs are coordinating the mind control on a global scale) so wouldn't be surprised if they're loaded with mind control. Nice catch on the reapers in it too, cheers!

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