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Bones: Freemasonry and Mind Control

This episode of Bones was loaded with Freemasonic and Mind Control themes as 'The Gormogon' (check it out, some one linked a piece I wrote as bens123 in a forum about the real gormogon in wikipedia at the bottom) serial killer story arc was drawn to a close. The name Gormogon was apparently the name of a real anti-Freemasonic secret society. Gormogon (actual name The Master!) kills and eats members of secret societies in this show, nice portrayal of anti-secret societies there! Zachary Uriah "Zack" (Ozish) Addy is the mind control victim in this episode, he is played by Eric Millegan and is Gormogon's Apprentice. His musical career started at age 7, he has been in productions such as Madame Butterfly, Jesus Christ Superstar, Hansel and Gretel and various others. He was also in this interesting looking film On_Line. Here he is pictured below dressed up in skull and bones garb for a Bones shoot.

It almost felt like a personal attack against all people who "believe in" conspiracy theories and don't think secret societies have just been doing charity work throughout the entirety of history. The Psychological profiler "Sweets" says that he thinks Hodgins (rich conspiricist type, pictured below) is Gormogon, apparently "Hodgins exhibits clinical paranoia as well as a rationalized feeling of superiority." "He's consumed by numerous conspiracy theories..." Sound like anyone you know? I think that is how "they" see "us" perhaps. Hodgins' statements/conspiracy rants are usually 100% dead on. And in the end you find out its all his fault anyway because Zack had been listening to Hodgins crazy ravings and believing in them. Dangerous cannibalistic conspiracy theorists! Get them in the camps already!!

Above is an image of the "silver skeleton" that The Master is trying to replace with actual bones from members of secret societies in the "Widow's Son" pose apparently. 'The Master' (Sir Alan Sugar synch) is pictured below eating human flesh over a Masonic checkerboard. He is shot with a shotgun in a symbolic scene, and dies on the checkerboard looking at the camera. The Luciferian light is emphasised in this sequence.

Written above the vault door were the words "Will no one help the widow's son?" which many will recognise instantly as a Freemasonic call of distress (Hiram Abiff). For an anti-Freemasonry guy he sure uses a lot of their motifs ;s (note the tracing board to the right, twin pillars either side a door above checkered pattern, I'll get more pics of this stuff in a future post). Also pictured is a symbolic gushing fountain within twin pillars (that is her lab, see first post of my blog), I presume that is a government building with a bunch of Freemasonic twin pillars, Gormogon's method of choosing who he kills uses the tarot cards or something, and also a picture of the symbolic restaurant they all eat at. They used to eat in a Chinese restaurant but that was changed to the one shown below.

There was loads more symbolism, but I'm going to do a post with all the Gormogon symbolism, why FOX would resurrect this anti-Freemasonic society (I'd never heard of it) and other such things at a later date. Anyway, onto the mind control. Temperance Brennan (Bones) speaks alot about her amazing capacity to 'compartmentalize', she mentions that word specifically in this episode. This is symbolic of mind control as that is essentially what government mind control tries to do, compartmentalize the brain making it easy to control. Here we see her sitting on stairs, another symbol for accessing a compartment of the fractured mind, next to her you see a spiral/helix on the banister another symbol used in mind control. She is covering her face, a reference to the facelessness and loss of identity of those under mind control, this facelessness was also seen in the latest House episode which aired in the same week. That House episode was called 'Wilson's Heart' (plan on posting it tomorrow if time), this Bones episode airing in the same week is called 'The Pain in the Heart'. Coincidence?

The Master (or Gormogon), makes a set of false teeth out of only human canines, which is probably a K9 subliminal. K is numerologically 11 so we have 9/11 11/9 symbolism here (11/9 in europe). You can see the set of false but real teeth as The Master is killed on the Masonic checkerboard above. A clear subliminal to my mind comes on another staircase as in the window there is what looks to me vaguely like a mouth or set of teeth.

Booth (David Boreanez) pictured above, next to the subliminal open mouth faked his death after being shot by a mind controlled singer last week. So this episode opened with them all going to his funeral, the latest CSI also opened with a funeral scene. He reappears in symbolic uniform, his coffin is knocked over in the fight he has with the guy he's trying to arrest, then symbolic of a heart in the wrong place, a red rose petal is positioned on the dummy Booth. The dummy Booth could represent two Booths so dual personality symbolism.

Bones describes the below area as 'Limbo', this has the never ending hallway/corridor feel to and on either side are illuminated bone cases. In one of the Oz stories after Braum, they are sent to limbo at one point. Also note the hexagon/cube to the right.

As I said at the beginning, Zack is the mind controlled slave who is brainwashed into becoming The Master's apprentice (The Apprentice post), here you can see he has hexagrams on his hospital overalls if you look carefully. The image below, when they were reminiscing about how much they'll miss Zock, looking at "all his favourite things" which are gifts from them, is a clear mind control subliminal in my opinion. He has a subliminal head injury in the picture, but what I found more interesting was the pattern around the border, where a similar one featured in the Hollywood mind control episode of CSI, where the lady from Married with Children dies from a head injury also, bashing against this pretty much exactly the same (except the pattern is mirrored it seems when comparing, if you flip the image horizontally it is exactly the same) gold pattern. Coincidence?

^^From CSI^^

It has always been Zacks "dream" to be "King of the Lab", this I believe could be a specific type of programming where the alter thinks they are literally a King or Queen or something. I really should do some reading up on this stuff to be honest, right now I'm just picking out the symbolisms for you all to see as I see them. And in what could be a trigger for the self-destruct programming he creates a big explosion leaving blood on his hands something I've seen absolutely loads of lately in various shows, there is also shattering/broken glass which I've mentioned in relation to Mark Saunders and Big Brother. The Apprentice (Zack) switches some chemicals (note the numbers, 113, 9 ((next to the hexagon, clearer in the show)), and also the colours) and creates the explosion as a diversion so the silver skeleton could be removed from the lab. Shattered glass is probably symbolic of the shattering/loss of one personality leaving the alter personality in its place.

As he is in the hospital he says a few blatant mind control things, "Drugs give me bad dreams... I'm walking somewhere... And suddenly someone takes me by the hand... (remember the latest Derren Brown post) I look, and it's a skeleton... And the skeleton's on fire... And my hands hurt..." Whilst he is saying this, Hodgins, making himself look like the Apprentice pushes the red button (see older Derren Brown post and others) which gives him the drugs knocking him out.

"Its in Benning Ridge... on a street called Sevoy Crescent... There's a flight of stairs... a blue door... It will be locked but there is a key above the door just above eye level... You will see a hallway..." He says this which leads them to 'The Master', anyone who has been reading my blog will see the blatant mind control themes here (keys, hallways, doors, blue). The fans went absolutely apesh*t over Zack being the Apprentice, (he was a ridiculously likeable socially awkward fella) which I feel was the desired reaction for the creators who want to suck as much energy they can produce by creating the anger amongst the fans.

Bones (Emily Deschanel) is essentially a vulcan, like Zack implying that they have no hearts which goes well with the Oz resonating title of this episode: 'The Pain in the Heart' mentioned earlier. She picks holes in Zack's usually flawless logic when she finds out it was him which confuses him and he accepts his logic was flawed in the scene pictured below, showing the one eyed/half face motif symbolising split personality. Also pictured to finish off, a few synchs: a yellow brick road on the former vampire Boreanez's head as he is drinking from twin beers that look pretty symbolic, he is also reading the Green Lantern comic book. Also pictured is him with his hand on a Freemasonic checkerboard pattern. And another yellow brick road which he symbolically rips apart. At one point he persistently says "Slug him" in a strange way which felt to me like a mind control trigger to make someone go out and shoot at somebody or something.


aferrismoon said...

Fine post - the look into the mind control aspect. Noticed that 'compartmentalization' repitition.
I too saw the wierdly strange CSI Miami which also featured an 'explosion' in the Lab with Blondy leQuesne [ pronounced 'cane'].
Also the apparent death of Horatio Kane as well as the death of Warwick in CSI Las Vegas

Thus 2 explosions + 'deaths' of 2 characters , Horatio dead, Zack will be imprisoned I imagine, as well as Warwicks death. Obviously all 'good' characters though tragically flawed

K9 = 9-11, nicely sniffed out.


Michael Skaggs said...

Hey Hey! Another doozy!
I re-watched X3 Last Stand last night and took note on the "breaking glass" everywhere in the scene where The Phoenix/Jean go "mind to mind" in the scene where Phoenix consumes Professor X...took note especially when they slowed it down in freeze frame all the "broken glass" or rather "alters" scattered about.

Been giving more thought to all the mind control we have stumbled across, am wondering if also, not just with the symbolisms, if the story lines are the actual "programming" now along with the symbols? You know what I mean?

Great stuff, nice spot on the 9/11 synch.

Cheers bud!

Curiosity said...

Does anyone know where the idea of the "Widow's son" pose came from? I can't find anything about it.

Unknown said...

Just a note about one annoying little detail... I just saw an episode of Bones in which the young Jason (I think it was ) was killed in his cell, stabbed in the chest with a dagger and left in the attitude of the "Widow's Son" as they say. In this same program they are looking for a Brazilian by the name of "Berimbau". They describe the Brazilian instrument as a "flute" but it is actually a bow-like single-stringed instrument which originated in the early African slave culture and was the primary music which accompanied the "dance-like fighting" called "Capoeira". I hope you don't mind my leaving this comment here, it's just that I didn't want to let this disregard for accuracy go unnoticed. Also, as a musician (and a flute player!), it irritates me how people happily ignorant of basic musical knowledge generally class any musical instrument as a "flute"!!!! It's amazing, but true....

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