Thursday, 15 May 2008

The Mind Control Rabbit Hole

Across the world, the mind control agenda is being severely stepped up against an unwitting populace. Random TV shows that have nothing to do with this type of thing are being riddled with mind control triggers and themes lately (see any of my previous posts, especially the CSI ones), WW3 has many fronts. One being the control of our minds, I've probably watched an unhealthy amount of movies and shows lately with these mind control themes in them without going out of my way to see them. I watched Doomsday in cinemas yesterday and it was just 110% a predictive programming film (it was also rubbish), I wouldn't be surprised if the step up in random acts of violence lately is a direct result from these mind control triggers found in films such as the one I am about to describe. I'm watching The Bill in the background and a killer has given them until 3:30 to do something (not really paying attention, definitely 3:30 tho) its just getting totally ridiculous at the moment, I definitely think they're building up as much "magickal" distraction to stop people realising when the next false-flag attack happens or something along those lines.

What a shocking surprise, that Murdoch's The Sun would like this, also note how H symbolism is employed as the 'THE' is positioned in between the twin towers.

Nick Hamm's 'The Hole' was shown on Saturday the 10th of May on Channel 4 at 10:50 (so moved on into Sunday morning). In my opinion, there are clear mind control triggers and themes going on here. The same weekend this film was shown (the derren brown mind control episode was shown the night before on the same channel), there were a series of stabbings that have led the police to do some 'in your face' (see why its in bold later) police work, basically helping continue the 'totalitarian tip-toe' on its never ceasing path. It stars (not the central character) Hollywood mind control slave, double K and Knights Templar resonator Keira Knightly.

The KK-centric American dvd cover.
Bearing in mind the recent controversy over fellow mind control victim Miley Cyrus, who was photographed apparently naked at age 15 it seems like a strange coincidence that in this film (when KK was just 15) she was already doing full frontal nudity in this film, unless it was part of her programming. This was her first major feature film, and she has since become Hollywood royalty and also stick-thin (her programming for that is done in this film ). Her character says that they first had sex at age 13 which ties into it, as child abuse usually creates the alter personalities for the child's mind to cope with said abuse(though at a much earlier age).

This was KK's first feature film, she is not the star nor the central mind control victim. That is left to the part of Mira Birch (pictured below with numerological MISSING sign) who was payed a '7 figure salary' because of her performance in American Beauty. She has an English accent in this film which reminded me of the British Britney alter. Bear in mind that this film was released only a few months before 9/11 and in America they did not release it in cinemas but waited a few years before releasing it on DVD. See wikipedia for more details. I have already mentioned the H symbolism on the PAL DVD, perhaps this has something to do with the twin towers, ushering in the new age of mind control leveled against the masses.

She has a deep obsession with a rock-star's son in her school, Michael Steele. I think this is one of the methods used in mind control, make them believe that their 'yellow brick road' is ultimately leading them to their number 1 desire, the "prom-king" type guy is one of many ways of doing it. So to achieve this she locks herself and her 3 friends inside an octagonal underground chamber, apparently built during the war. The trigger phrase, I believe in this is: "Have you ever loved anyone so much you didn't care what happened to yourself?" symbolising the loss of self in mind control. This is the case because Director Nick Hamm says it is the line that best sums up the whole film, and speaks of the film being a "love triangle" and a "triangle of obsession" according to wikipedia. All the credits are illuminated by flashlight torches, there is a ridiculous amount of Luciferian light worship going on here also in my opinion as it is set primarily in a dark hole (...cough).

Onto the actual plot though. Thora Birch plays 'Liz' (lizard) who emerges looking like the victim, walking with no shoes past the MISSING sign pictured above and into her school through various empty corridors before arriving at a phone and calls 999 (666) then screams down the phone before ending up in the classic fetal position. Reflections are naturally used (it's about mind control!) all the time in this film, as she walks through the school, this can be seen twice in this one short opening scene, as her reflection is seen over a picture of her holding a silver trophy, and also just a regular mirror with some weird modern art to the left of it probably containing subliminals.

The school is highly symbolic also, as it has this compass/sundial octagonal building as well as a bunch of other symbolic stuff. It is a real school called Downside and is Catholic. It appears their logo, crest, shield thing is Freemasonic as can be seen from the scenes below. (note the green eyes of the angel of death, checkerboard symbolism, twin pillars, is that a Phoenix I see?, sun cross tombstone, chemtrails etc...)

Liz then is taken by a psychologist to determine what happened to her and her friends, but she apparently makes up an alternate scenario that occurred (alter personality). She is recorded making her false statement and the lady tells her police boss "She thinks she's been in fucking Disney land!" a blatant mind control metaphor. The house this takes place in is yellow (brick road) and has twin pillars. Mira Birch is also pictured waving at the psychologist behind bars, symbolising the prison mind control slaves are kept inside their own heads.

Let's compare the two alters different memories. The first one states that she is all innocent and just wanted to be with the rock star and that she had no control of the events that occurred. The second shows herself locking them all in and she is a bitter "bad-girl", until he says that he loves her then he dies anyway. The first has KK (Frankie) pretending to be sick (below) to make their apparent kidnapper, Martyn think Mike (prom-king stud dude) hates Liz by shouting because she thinks he has planted listening devices around the hole, if that makes sense. It doesn't really matter, what is interesting here is that in the first alter's version she remembers KK faking being sick, and in the apparent actual memory she is literally sick and dies due to the side effects of her bulimia (check wiki). Since then, KK in real life has gone from being quite the attractive lady to one of those anorexic Hollywood types, could this film be a part of it implanting her bulimic programming into her? Also note the toy rabbit looking over her body, symbolising the Rabbit Hole they are in. Also in this shouting scene, Liz says: "Well you're just a face... and hair!" (as an insult) which shows more facelessness (loss of identity) symbolism and such.

Keira Knightly is constantly depicted in pink, with stars and faces all around her. Her door is pictured below with a pink/white star on it (I do not know who Charlie is) symbolising her future rise to colossal stardom. Also pictured is her on a pink blow-up couch clutching her pills that stop her eating. In her room is a sticker of red (ruby) slippers (on the left), unmistakeably a conscious use of Oz symbolism.

Messing with ones hair seems to be a symptom of mind control. Many of the known mind control slaves dye their hair blond, this is symbolised in the film when; to impress Mike Steele she dyes her hair blond using chemicals she took from the school's lab, and KK helps her sort it out in the pink ladies room. Lots of mirrored personality symbolism here too (notice the subliminal cross on the mirror before, this takes place in the original alter memory). She goes to impress him (note the symbolic triangle above Geoff, the blond guy's head, Mike is to the right of him) but then everyone laughs at her and she sees all the blond girls (hallucination) laughing at her, so gets rid of it in this mind controllian subliminal blood scene where she dyes it dark again.

Straight after this scene she goes to Martyn's room where there is a subliminal pentagram (at the top, it's clearer in the movie) above Mira Birch's head and also loads of trees around, like the Oz forest. And a weird looking camera with a pentagram within a red circle and a hexagon below it is pictured in his room also.

Before I get to the actual hole, there were a few absolutely blatant mind control scenes. Inexplicably Liz is walking through a tunnel (light at the end of the..) lined with all seeing eyes and faces after arguing with the psychologist over Martyn's imminent release. She walks through it, then the focus of her mind control walks past her (who is dead), shocking her. The camera symbolically rotates looking at the left side of the tunnel then the right side etc. and she appears on both sides as if there were two of her showing this dual personality symbolism. The scene ends with the same image at the start of it, with the all seeing eyes going round a corner. The walls also have a yellow tinge and the floor is made of bricks (yellow brick road).

Another one shows Liz hallucinating Mike (who is dead) in the mirror showing more mirrored/dual personality symbolism (last picture above). Inside the hole, another mind control scene as (after he says he loves her) Liz reveals the key to Mike, her red dragon top is split down the middle (I never noticed a zipper or anything so maybe it's symbolic of aggressively ripping it to reveal the anguished face) by this point revealing another face which she does just before this mind control scene. The trigger seems to be seeing the key then hearing the Coke can opening, he goes nuts and attacks and kills his best friend on the edge of the octagon. Frankie (KK) is said to have died from heart failure as a sympton of her bullimia, and Geoff got his skull bashed in meaning blunt force trauma caused his brain to stop functioning. Brain and heart so we have more Oz symbolism going on here.

Then after this, another symbolic mind control scene as an image of him standing against a wall is interlaced with one of him in the foreground, then the background image of him standing facing the wall disappears, leaving the foreground image where he walks to the place he was standing before and remains standing there, facing the opposite way round to where he was originally. Difficult to explain (for me at least). Then he sits down and pretends to drink empty Coke cans, you can tell they are empty because of the empty sound they make.

Mike Steele (last one to die, guy pictured above) dies symbolically climbing the ladder towards the light after finding out she actually had the key. The aftermath of that scene is pictured above, he calls himself a scientologist (as a joke I think?) but I'm pretty sure scientology is deeply soaked in mind control. Light symbolism is everywhere in the film. For instance, after wrapping up her description of how they escaped (the first alter description) she tells the psychologist how "we all grabbed eachother and just stood in the light' and the psychologist asks how she is feeling and she says "lighter". The actors play some weird light-tag game and at one point Geoff shouts through a hole in the glass, which I can synch up to the posts I've been doing on mind control blood sacrifice victim Mark Saunders where pictures of the hole in the glass he shot from have been shown a lot in the media. Incidentally, this is probably just coincidence, but the directors last name and Mark Saunder's first name make up the name of the Freemasonic square he lived in (- an m, double M symbolism), Markham square. This type of light/sun worship can also be seen as they first enter the hole.

Subliminal use of anguished looking faces are constantly used throughout the film, here are a few. I think this synchs up with the police saying they will be doing more 'in your face' police work after random acts of violence which I attribute to mind control, there is a game that I completed which has these themes also called Condemned 2 which I will be doing a post on at some point. I also found it quite humorous (probably a testament to my current mental state) in an ironic sense, the magazine she reads at one point with the number 5 (freemasonry, 5 points of fellowship) on the back of it because it had an advert saying 'free your mind' and a green couple of pages. Also you can see her red dragon top, where I do not see any zipper or anything that would split it in half revealing the face hidden underneath just before he murders his best friend (pictured above). Mike wears a blue top with the number 64 on the back and KINGSTON on the front (not pictured). There is also a tonne of Freemasonic Police Officers on the loose. The entire hole is one massive octagon, with an octagonal pit in the centre, below is a nice picture with them sitting amongst candle light, seems very occult to me. Those biohazard symbols on the yellow tape may symbolise illuminati and yellow brick road.

There are SO many things and images in this film that I could not include due to lack of space and time. I hope this post is not as incoherent as I think it is! This video made by someone might be of interest as it shows some parts of the film, very KK-centric. All this talk of a 'dark hole' and 'entering the hole' and all that has me feeling uncomfortable! Joking, but I'm sure the sexual connotation of 'The Hole' was considered in the thought process of them naming this film.


Michael Skaggs said...

Awesome work!! I hear you on spending too much time in the "unhealthy environment". I think being aware of the signs is what is going to help synchomystic bloggers avoid whatever is coming next...remember to walk away and re-charge and cleanse those shields!

Peace my friend!

Michael Skaggs said...

I had to read this one again..supreme work!

I only watched the first 5 minutes of the movie "Immortel" (can't believe I never saw this movie before) and am already ready to wrench my guts out, talk about loaded with sickening symbolisms!

Benjamin S said...

Thanks a lot, this movie had such blatant mind control themes that I had to do a picture-heavy long post on it.

Been meaning to pick up Immortel for a while, looking forward to it (in the same way I enjoyed the Freemasonic Cremaster 3). But I do think we need to be careful, its confusing; I do not think all this symbolism is 'evil' just because its there. Not all the Freemasons who put their symbolism into movies are evil...

We're living in messed up/confusing times, I'm just trying to pick out the symbolism/numerology and show that it is put everywhere (consciously or otherwie), for good or bad ends I don't know.

In The Hole though, we can safely say there is a sinister motivation behind it in my opinion.

Lovin the images in your latest post by the way. I totally get where your coming from.

Michael Skaggs said...

Yes, I think your right on about being careful..that not all symbols are meant to be malevolent, but as you also stated, its confusing/crazy, probably what they meant to do. Confuse.

Too bad we really don't know who the good guys are in the movie/television industry eh?

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