Sunday, 4 May 2008

Let Them Eat Kate

Kate Moss has been back in the news with a new highly symbolic series of images from Agent Provocateur. On the cover of Murdoch's News of the World she is dressed up in white wedding Venus lingerie with the words "Kate's wedding day shocker". I personally believe our sexual impulses are perfect fodder for those that want to control us by implanting subliminals in to create a certain way of thinking. I like to think this isn't just an excuse on my part to post some form of smut! Skull and Bones, white/black, red, butterfly etc. Also notice Ronaldo no. 7 Christ resonator directly below her.

Edit: This advert for Coke Zero fits nicely in here, as this keeps people in the 'lad' mind and has clear masonic black/white symbolism (the boyfriends jumper, chocolate sauce or whipped cream? etc.), and the black/red/white symbolism I've been going on about too.

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Phiwizard said...

Good One,

The snakes really get the kundalini racing on that one. The rising up of the male and female energies carried on a chain rope via a timewarp/stargate resonating helicopter is classic.


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