Thursday, 15 May 2008

A big change to your head

There is total mind control going on in the occult media right now. I just posted today on mind control with Oz themes, specifically red shoes and hair dye were featured. After that in the middle of 'Midnight Man' (very interesting show) this advert for red hair dye came on with the symbolism I was just writing about. Here's my ridiculously over the top description of this one advert.

The target walks past a door with gold on it and also twin pillar bollards (with black chains around them). She stops, staring hypnotically at the red shoes (red ruby slippers) with long spikey heels, her reflection is focused on by the camera. Then an attractive but mean looking girl with gold Saturnian rings on surprises her, there's a look of disapointment on her face, maybe she won't get the ruby slippers?! (her childlike alter is probably thinking) She grabs her coiled (helix/helix) hair, or is she grabbing where the other woman's Saturnian ring would be in a jealous way (as her alter). But she is invited in and gets the ruby slippers, then the magic happens as loads of faces are flashed on screen (with light moving from left to right behind them) and the voice over says how it transforms your hair then says 'makes a small change to your hair'. Then, at exactly the same time as this image of her walking with red shoes on a checkered (zebra crossing) is flashed on screen, the words 'That makes a big change to your head, so be a shade braver' are said, and those words 'be a shade braver' appear on screen, potentially bringing out loads of alter's to do whatever they're programmed to or whatever. The butterfly-like transformation is symbolised by her removing the white hat (getting her wings) and the receiving of the ruby slippers.

The music also works with it as it is one of those country singers, Kim Carnes with the song 'Bettie Davis Eyes' saying, "You don't have to think twice." "You're pure as New York snow." Whilst the camera focuses on the menacing looking woman wearing black (wicked witch of west?). And various other potential trigger phrases. Maybe its adverts like these that are causing this to happen, and funnily enough the first line of that link after the intro paragraph has a 17 year old girl saying how she beat up a boy with a stiletto heel leaving him unconscious.


Michael Skaggs said...

Good spots! It's really being stepped up now!! Unreal.

Benjamin S said...

No doubts in my mind, they're planning something big on the horizon and they're trying to cause as much chaos to distract us. Just saw an even more symbolic advert for Venus (shaving), starts with an eye then has a rediculous amount of butterflies and whatnot, waiting for someone to put it on youtube.

This is not a prediction just something I've been thinking, the Champions League final is held at a stadium in Red Square, the two teams are red and blue and both English, to me it just has that strange Freemasonic ritual feeling about it... I think they need something to portray Russia as our big enemies in the next major war, this would be a perfect opportunity for that, we'll see what happens.

Hopefully nothing.


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