Friday, 23 May 2008


Not sure how much people are into advertising but I've always found it fascinating because it's so unavoidable, I'd recommend the book The Secret Sales pitch on subliminal advertising ( because its the only one I've read). Here are a few adverts (that ad site is amazing, has every advert on the planet practically, but you have to click on it then click play, don't see the point of having an embed button if it's just a regular link...). Recently, I've noticed a change in advertising in general, loads more symbolic numbers, an emphasis on "belief" (are they getting ready to make us believe some crazy bullsh*t like Osama doing 9/11 type thing), loads of Sun worship etc. Here are a few from the cosmetics industry, also they don't stay free forever on that site so leave me a comment if they start asking you to pay and I'll covertly upload them to youtube or something.

Alluring ad from Stella magazine. Mirrored El Goddess. Purple, gold, hexagons, and other (see comments section for some excellent info on this one).

Boots have been going all out on the occult advertising it seems. Their latest campaign is showing the No7 over and over. Check out this Free gift worth £33 (It's insane how much of this sh*t is around atm), has monarch butterflies and yellow brick roads! I'm convinced that pattern of a circle with a dot in the centre is used in mind control (eye symbol?) because I was watching The Apprentice and Alan Sugar was wearing a tie with similar patterns, then the news comes on the anchor is wearing another one with that pattern!

New ad - unclassified

This next similar one from Boots evokes Crowley as it offers 3 No7's for the price of 2 so 777.

Boots -  3 for 2 on No. 7

Here is another one from the same Boots campaign, the song over it is "Here comes the girls!" which synchs up nicely with the perceived rise in feminine aggression written about in the news. Here we see a subliminal eye (vaguely, its the plate with fruit on it, probably symbolic of something else not an eye) as she looks into a mirror. If you remember my previous posts, parts of the face and the whole face are used in mind control, obviously it is to be expected in cosmetics advertisements but in relation to the No7 campaign Boots are doing it synchs up. They focus on each individual eye then the mouth.

New ad - unclassified

This one was pretty interesting, sun/goddess worship (yes I know we're nearing Summer) but the prominence of the No7 piqued my interest. Look at Marie Claire Summer Secrets (check their symbolic logo) really pushing it, trying to get as many people to participate in the Sun worship as possible. Here are a few screens (not in order). Touch of Sunshine.

Olay - Total Effects Touch of Sunshine

One more, loads of red/white/blue hexagons in this advert for Aquafresh toothpaste. From my previous Bones and other I have discussed parts of the face being used in mind control, obviously this uses the teeth/mouth. I do think there is more than first meets the eye to many of these adverts, cheers.

Aquafresh 3 Way Buzz

Edit: To illustrate some more the rise of "belief" in advertising lately here is one completely blatant ad that I saw last night during Midnight Man, the creator of the video is right: "How weird is this?". (Also see short post on Barack) Re-edit: It appears this video is over a year old, but they are bringing back loads of old symbolic adverts too it seems as I also saw that really old Chelsea insurance advert last night where the guy mentions in relation to how he can get £10,000, "I've got a dead certainty, the 3:30 at Kempton".


Michael Skaggs said...

Hey Ben!

Nice catch, one night while I work, I poked through a Vogue magazine, and OMG are they brainwashing women! The darned mag was ALL advertisements and the stories had no sustenance whatsoever within them! It's awful.
So your seeing 7 pop out now huh? While I was seeing the 8's...weird, there must be different numerological usages towards different venues, maybe the 7 works wonders within the subconscious of the female mind? Hmmm. Interesting.

That dumpster looks like a subliminal "rainbow" to me.


Phiwizard said...

Very Intereting. In the first pic, the left hand seems to be positioned in the sign of a mudra. Specific hand positions used in hindu meditative practice. Also used as a sexually seductive hand positions in belly dancing. Sex sells as they say, which lead me to think they are layering these ads heavily with multi-religious symbolism.

Interesting how the grid behind her also give the idea of the Iris ( rainbow goddess, sync with Michael) of the eye is opening, from the bottom to the top, which is characteristic of going into a disassociative trance state. They also look like mandalas with the varied geometric shapes used as a meditation device to achieve an altered state aswell. They tend to use eastern symbolism because of the general publics western judeo-christian leanings on a conscious level. However, the collective and individual unconscious of everyone registers these symbols easily and knows what they mean and what they are used to do.


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