Friday, 2 May 2008

Rev. Wright ushering in the new race war, with the help of the occult media.

The Daily Show has been great recently, it's portrayed the news media's violent/blood-thirsty language accurately. Barack Obama has been called the new JFK and quite a few people have speculated he might be assassinated. Rev. Wright is hilarious, The Daily Show episode 30/04/08 has a brilliant segment which had me cracking up showing the news media's rediculous portrayal of him (fast-motion Wright, slow-motion Wright, negative-image Wright). But in all seriousness I'm sure this is being used to ratchet up as much racial hatred as possible and probably brainwash a few people into violence.

Masonic G, dark/light symbolism round a circle. If you count each dark and each light section as a point of a star you get 6, so a hexagram.

Glenn Beck, sporting his army-style short hair and his Freemasonic logos sums up the news media's angle on this: "Be afraid America, very afraid... this guy has the ear of the possible next president and he ain't speakin to himself!"

And how's this for some occult magickal practises: You've got a pentagram made up of news media talking heads. And look what's at the top point of the pentagram, twin pillars with red (violence, mars colour) doors. The guy positioned at the top of the pentagram, specifically between the twin pillars says, I quote: "He wasn't just throwing him under the bus, there was Barack Obama driving the bus, rolling over him over and over!" In reference to Barack's response to Wright's statements.

And to round off, a screen from the same daily show episode showing the pope in symbolic red hats and a random numerology synch from the night before.


FilmNoir23 said...

I agree that a race war is REALLY being pushed right can feel it. Helter Skelter anybody?

Daily Show is quite funny but I had to stop watching because it is ALSO a big part of the problem. Reducing these crooks down to mere jokes nightly just turns it all into folly in the minds of the masses.

Again, nice work

Benjamin S said...

So true,watching 'The O'Reilly Factor' last night there was SO much of this racial hatred pushing as the blonde temptress filling in for O'Reilly was talking about how 27% of black people believe in Rev. Wright's "whacky conspiracy theories" about the US government creating aids and whatnot. And saying how Barack has alot of fixing to do with the black people as a whole and that he probably can't do it... Never mind the fact that the conspiracy theories are probably true, what she was saying seemed totally in synch with the stemming up of as much racial hatred as possible that we've been seeing lately.

It (daily show) is part of the problem, I mean it keeps people thinking in partison ways and that Barack (hear the crowd scream when Jon namedrops Barack) or Hillary will somehow change something and that the "evil" republicans are the only main cause behind all the chaos. Also it makes people think Bush is an incompetent fool when his perceived incompetence by the masses is probably part of the plan. So yeah I agree with you.

Still, I watch alot of stuff I consider to be part of the problem (and get entertained by them) because maybe it helps to fix the problem if you look at it and expose it, in my opinion.

Nice recent posts btw, specially the DC Madam and Bush ones. I wonder if Chemtrails are used symbolically as they're also in my "Unmistakeably Masonic" car advert post.

thursday said...

thats the same way they depict jesus in pictures with the rays of sun coming out of his head....

word verification olooma....


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