Sunday, 11 May 2008

CSI: Land of Oz

What the hell is going on?! Lately, every CSI is just a synch orgy with no worthwhile plot or substance(except maybe new york, but the cab killer is just a metaphor for the yellow brick road/checker chariot) The CSI fan forums are very confused over the last few episodes! It was episode 16 of the 8th season this time. There were constant references to reproductive organs, (and I mean constant! FFS they even taught me how to insert a tampon! :S) the very first line is "Are you afraid of vagina's Spencer?". The scene below, shows the (hollywood mind control slave) actress after being murdered. She represents the goddess, out of her mouth comes a phallic/serpent representing the masculine divinity. It turns out to be a rubber chicken, the chicken is symbolic. To the right of the investigation you can clearly see a sun, and a chalice below it. The actress who dies is the one from 'Married with Children', she plays both her body double Natasha and the actress Annabelle in this, symbolising the split personalities (pictured below feeling her own butt implants on her assistant, played by herself... Katey Sagal btw).

Chicken Little can even be brought in here because, a lawyer flies down on the studio jet and the cop says, "this is Stewart Little", the lawyer responds "it's pronounced: LightEl" (spelled Lytle) which couldn't really get more symbolic if it tried! He is pictured below with that guy who works for the company in "Heroes". By the way, her handler is a guy (below marrying the body double) who has a rediculously quick rise to stardom, reminds me of some of the people you see holding on to britney's, anna nicole's hands all the time.

This episode was written by the creators of "Two and a Half Men", they called the episode "Two and a Half Death". It included cameos from all the TAAHM cast (including 9/11 resonator Charlie Sheen, pictured below with a Pentagram behind him) which made the whole episode surreal, like the last one which had the two mythbusters people in it (pictured below).

The murderer ends up being a tin man (below) which is amazing considering aferrismoon's post and all the allusions to Oz and whatnot throughout the CSI's as of late. The guy hides in a closet eating chocolate and urinating into a "Titan Springs" which they've given a distinct green motif throughout the episode. A similar electrical symbol can be found in yellow in last weeks CSI:NY, see it here in my post. That represented the yellow brick road in new york, this is probably the same, except it's red, a violent colour. Or it may even be a Z with the circle below it being the O making Oz. In his police interview the csi guy says "there's a franchise of you robot guys?" (paraphrased) then he says, quote: "Yeah, yeah, yeah we're all over the country." As in mind control robots all over the country just waiting to be triggered on I guess.

We then find out that the tin man had "accidentally" (or so his mind recalls) killed her and then he ritualistically puts the rubber chicken inside her mouth as if it were a necessity in his mind control programming. He claims it was to blame one of the other writers (below, they all wear red hats most of the time), and the flashback does portray him killing her accidentally.

To symbolise mind control, alter personalities and all that Annabelle has a body double. She was also killed, because someone "reprogrammed" the chip inside a car leading to her crashing and dying. Killed by a girl with a toto resonating dog and also wearing yellow (brick road, pictured below). She gets away with it though because of lack of evidence, and her mind control handler, the guy works for the company in "Heroes" gives us a *magic* wave. The blonde girl kind of reminds me of the brainwashed girl from "Heroes", who he also "handles".

Some strange E! Entertainment thing was also going on throughout the episode which seemed hypnotic and a little strange, the hot scarlet lady (below) gives random updates throughout the episode on the case. Her name is double D resonating, and also Diana. I wonder if this is a command, a trigger or something, in new york when the screen flashes "what a shot!" and a smiley face, maybe the X and death of a diva (double D name, double D trigger) is another one.

Crazy symbolic scene to finish. The CSI's go to Hollywood to investigate Annabelle's body double murder (killed by a reprogrammed chip in the car), 9/11 resonating plane crash (which double masonic G-man Gil Grissom takes a picture of, notice there's actual wreckage there, unlike on 9/11!), numerology etc. It reminded me of David Lynch's 'Inland Empire', with awesome music (music is used in mind control also) to go along with the surreal scene which is the one that had the previous picture of charlie sheen etc.

And this menstruation symbolising (constant references to menstruation throughout the episode) scene is the final episode with some sickly noises going on with the mind control handler randomly cutting himself shaving then LOADS of blood comes out (because of blood thinner or something).


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