Saturday, 10 May 2008

Checker Chariot Checkup from Masonic Manhattan

CSI: New York was again synch and symbolism heavy on it's 19th episode of the fourth season. It stars Gary Sinise (below as Mac Taylor) who was the lead in Mission to Mars (M2M) which is coincidentally (synchronicity no doubt) on television right now (ITV) as I write this... symbolic ending btw. Mac Taylor's wife died in the 9/11 attacks so he immediately resonates that stargate ritual. He also used to get calls at 3:33 AM from a stalker/killer guy. You might want to check out this post which is based on the episode before this one.

The "cab killer" (so checker cabs are constantly shown throughout the show) is shown below sorting the material he used to dump a body. Look at his shoes, they are a checkerboard design which cannot be coincidence considering he drives a checker cab.

Oz was back once again in CSI (Oz themes in other CSI's too). The Oz resonating coin from last week is pictured below, and below that is the one from this week. And to confirm (to my mind) that this is a conscious use of Oz symbolism, the lady investigator, Stella says referring to the Oz resonating magnet, "I'll keep following it, see where it leads us." As in follow the yellow brick road. The magnet thing even has a yellow electrical symbol which you could consider as the yellow brick road. The colours are also probably symbolic with a white 42 over the black Z, the black or green circles being the O of Oz. The body was dumped in a symbolic fountain, age of aquarius, this where the Oz resonating magnet was originally found (the cab killer dropped it in there by accident). It originally came from a taxi company, Zenith cabs pictured below with a bunch of other symbolic checker chariot companies. At the cab company's HQ, Stella picks up the no. 17 magnet.

His first victim in the episode is a red/black/white resonating lady. At the end of the episode Mack Taylor's (Gary Sinise) son is taken as a cliff-hanger for the next episode which I presume will be a colossal synch overload, it is called "Taxi" (final scene of the episode is the last of these shots below). Expect a lengthy post on the imagery in it.

Straight after the girl is taken the scene changes to a Luciferian stadium, here it is pictured making the 3 V's (or a W) thing I've mentioned a couple of times. Inside the stadium, another symbolic ritual as red/white/black is everywhere and a red square is in the centre of the stadium. The commentators for the game are situated either side of a Masonic blue and gold all seeing eye (CBS logo).

The main victim in this episode (not related to the checker chariot case) is this guy (below), wearing a symbolic shirt. He makes the 1 million dollar shot and this appears on screen, anyone following synchromystic blogs and stuff will be fully aware of the smiley face useage (recent 'smiley face killer' and such). He is killed by a cheerleader who wanted revenge for him bullying her when she used to be fat (psy-op). Kiss of death is the method of killing as she used Belladonna (symbolic name, and also the name of a wild porn star) plant extract and transferred it to him. In my opinion, average plots like that are secondary to the synchs and symbolism in shows like this. He eventually collapses inside the white basket ball in the middle of the Masonic red square(above).

Moving back to the checker chariot killer, his signature is to carve something onto the back his victim's knecks: L2729. Which if you add them up (L=12) you get 32, the same number of boroughs in London (the City of London is not one of them, they probably consider themselves the superior 33rd), same age as the person who I speculated might have been a mind control victim and was killed ritualistically, and all the other 32/23 synchs out there (there's alot). One thing might suggest the cab killer is actually under mind control (except for the ritualistic, symbolic number) his psychological history was discovered and the classic method of creating a mind controlled assassin, which is severe child abuse was there. A point to note here is the negative subliminals being used here as most sane people wouldn't read what the sheet of paper that flashes on screen and is crystal clear, their minds however will probably pick up on all the negativity and probably effect the viewer subconsciously.

I noticed a rediculous amount of chemtrails in the sky today, it's also been unnaturally hot as of late in the UK, this could potentially be building up to something big on the horizon, like the calm before the storm type thing. We'll see what happens, stay safe.


Newspaceman said...

27 29 is 9 1
Israel : is ra el


Michael Skaggs said...

Nice write up Ben! We had a lot of chemtrail activity here in the Northeast U.S. as I elaborated in my post today.

I am seeing many subliminals pointed out in the pop culture, t.v. and movies my friend, I think they are planted there purposefully. Go checkout Cisco Wheeler/Fritz Springmeiers works on the Illuminati Monarch Mind Control system. I think these are subplanted for the Alter's to start popping out. I have a theory on this I will be sharing at hidden agenda's soon.

Thanks for the spots bud!

Benjamin S said...

Thanks alot Michael, love your post by the way, great energy. Been interested in Fritz Springmeier for a while, need to get round to reading it all in detail though.

Man I can't believe I didn't think of that (it being used to bring out alter's), talk about a disconnect. This weeks CSI: Las Vegas was just 100% a mind control metaphor its just got rediculous lately (reprogammed chips, tin man murderer, Hollywood etc.) I'll do a post on that this evening probs.

newspaceman cheers you meant 9 11 ye, I did not notice that.

Michael Skaggs said...


X-Files, The Pretender, and Millennium have many episodes that are 100% Mind Control Metaphor...
some weird stuff I know, Star Trek TNG is another one loaded with MMC metaphors. Makes me wonder what "crimes" happened around the country when these "episodes" were aired on certain "air dates", know what I mean? If there are MMC puppets out amongst the masses that when they sit down and watch something like this suddenly "blink" into an alter and act out their "programming"...weird.

Keep up the great work!

thursday said...

i wonder this too michael see in jail you have only channels 1-5 (most prisoners have tv in their cell) weekends its lockdown from latest 5pm, you take ure weekend evening meal back to ure cell, nothing on telly i tell you almost the whole jail is watching the CSI's was most decent thing on...i dunno bout now bt a few years ago this is a fact...i dont know what channels CSI is shown on now i never watch it cos it makes me think of jail and i dont watch channels 1-5 either for same reason...well in jail my barrister said you find 3 common groups..the mad (definately plenty of them) the bad (ones who are just nasty pieces of work regardless and bad for pleasure)( and plenty of them LOVE jail life...they have thier lifes there so they do crime to go back to be with 'friends' family even and lovers...and a lot of stuff going on with inmates and officers in holloway its happening...and the sad (ones who are nither mad nor bad but end up in jail through sad circumstances...well the prison population is around 95000 in UK...theyre watching this, these people....also i noted back then like 90% of prison liked same music, the equivalent back then of how we have nikki minaj, and said artists today, youre allowed 30 cds in jail and used to be able to buy cassette tapes on canteen so we would borrow and lend other girls music...and the mans we wrote to in mans jails used to make us mix tapes and post em in our letters....cos EVERYONE liked the same stuff....and after bang up at night it was blasted til the early hours...well...i always wondered why all the criminals liked the same genre of music and if it was connected? to thier criminal activity i mean....thats how i got into this stuff actually i became aware after i googled subliminal messages in music (and cos of the eerie deadness i hear behind the music) i cant explain any other way that sound..

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