Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Conjuring up a Storm

The occult media are at it again. Channel 3 in the UK, ITV aired this (symbolic cover above) big budget disaster film from 2007 on the 4th and 5th of May 2008, at 9-11pm on both nights, called Flood which resonates the biblical flood. It was distributed by Lionsgate. Then on the 6th, under 24 hours after this film was shown to millions the news media is covered with warnings from a "confidential government study" about floods like this one from the BBC: "Flood risk fear over key UK sites" with videos and pictures conjuring up images of previous floods on the various websites and tv spots and how our whole infrastructure would basically collapse. This happened on the same day the news media was reporting a cyclone in Burma killing 22,000 (figure will probably change).

Scene from Flood. Too many symbolic buildings to mention.

Edit: Added this other uber symbolic picture from the film. HSBC hexagon (or square), pyramid etc.

The film stars Robert Carlyle (28 Weeks Later) who was recently in 'The Last Enemy' which was a five part series originally airing on 17th February 2008 and was set a few years in the future when everyone has id cards, finger printing is norm, vaccines being used to spread viruses, microchips and whatnot (see video at end). The name 'The Last Enemy' resonates a quote from the bible. It aired on Sundays at 9.00PM and was made by Box (cube) TV. Below you can see the DVD cover with Robert Carlyle (bringing us back to Flood) in the traditional one eyed/half face in darkness motif. I highly recommend it.

David Suchet is also in Flood, which synchs up to my post on The Bank Job where he plays a gangster who has police in his pocket, the film is steeped in Freemasonic symbolism in my opinion. He plays 'Deputy Prime Minister Campbell' in this. Flood was originally released in theatres (limited release) on the 24th August 2007 and was 110 minutes long(the TV version was extended to 188 minutes for maximum effect). This news from 28/02/2008 shows that the EU recommended £110 million for clearing up the last flood. The film got a 28% ratings share with 6.2 million viewers in it's second night. And wow, the first night pulled in 7.2 million viewers and was on Sunday. See these viewing figures here, the fact that SO many of these figures, not just in flood (how the hell does Gavin and Stacey get 723,000 with a multi channel share of 3.3, it's awful in my opinion!) but almost all of them tells me that television is deeply part of the ritual going on all around us.

I missed Flood on the TV so will probably continue this in a second post when I watch it. Also I'd like to add there's some strange weather going on around the world at present (it felt like the Caribbean here today (6th) in the UK!) so maybe it's working... Below is an American trailer for Flood and the last ten minutes of The Last Enemy (this one a must see, amazing ending! so obviously spoilers).

Edit: I probably won't be posting as much over the next few days/week or 2, exams and all that.

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