Sunday, 4 May 2008

Las Vegas: Illuminati Stronghold CSI Style

Warning: Contains a few images of some fake corpses with green blood and also a burning man (all screencaps from CSI).

Gil Grissom is the main CSI, he is the king of the lab, his name has two Masonic G's showing duality and 77 symbolism so maybe this is why he is the leader. Also, see the above picture for a replica of Grissom's lab complete with Masonic checkerboard floor. I was stunned watching CSI: Last Vegas, this episode aired the same week (latest one) as the Checker Chariot killer/Oz/ Age of Aquarius CSI: New York episode. It was all about synchronicity (how three random cases can have so many similarities and connections), string theory, and other weirdness which is rare for a standard CSI.

Firstly look at how it opens, could this symbolic light/pyramid ritual have some effect on the masses' psyche or, as Matthew Delooze has written about Glastonbury (where the pyramid stage is the central stage and how the pyramid is used to harvest energy in a way). It starts by encircling the Las Vegas Stratosphere Tower, illuminated in the night. Then pans over the symbolic colours of the Las Vegas night before arriving at the pyramid with an illuminated capstone. The capstone is then focused on then becomes increasingly more illuminated before, in Luciferian fashion it shoots a beam of light at the viewer. This all takes place within 6 seconds.

"The invasion is coming" so says the first line which happens right after the pyramid/light ritual. She (Evelyn, Eve, El) is symbolically wearing a shiney tin-foil suit (to protect her from the aliens) and rants about string theory, aliens and whatnot. Then a guy is hit by flammable pepper spray, Jim Brass (head cop) says "Light him up!" and he is hit by a tazer and literally lights up in flames, perhaps an ode to Lucifer. They even throw in a "Don't taze me bro!" synch. This episode's purpose might have been to continue the rise in these kind of tazer related deaths or just highlight them or something. The video of it, including him being "lit up" ends up on a fictional youtube and gets over 60,000 hits. They refer to the dead man as, "burning man". Brass calls the woman in the tin-foil suit "very shiney", showing more emphasis on the light.

Eve and El, conspiricist and luciferian light resonator Evelyn is run over by this synchromystical truck. The driver of the truck (who is black, so black/white symbolism clashing with the flash of light) says a "flash of light came out of nowhere", she is made to look almost like a ghostly apparition in the flashback pictured below.

Another synch that happened throughout the episode was that three different people all had green blood. This led to a whole host of Star Trek/(Freemasonic) Spock synch jokes and whatnot. I can also synch this to the latest Doctor Who episode where to use the alien teleportation device you had to make the Live Long and Prosper symbol with your hands (which as I recall is some freemasonic thing), and also to my post on Derren Brown where Glenn was said to be a massive Star Trek fan. Another movie synch came when double G Grissom quoted Ian Fleming about if something happens 3 times it is enemy action. The victim in the right picture was wearing 3 pairs of sunglasses blocking out the light.

To really make it surreal, the mythbusters duo are randomly present when they test out a theory of why the man burned; on a "jelly man" they made to test it on. And as if they're all worshipping Lucifer, they smile and give thumbs up when it goes up in flames.

Squirrels have been in the news a lot recently for some odd reason in the UK, we don't like the "foreign" grey squirrels apparently so we must hunt them down and kill them all. A caduceus resonating machine is present to keep squirrels away from an old couple's lawn. But, like they should in real life the Squirrels were after revenge! And caused this luciferian burning reaction leading to the old couple's demise. Edit: There's a whole bunch of squirrel stories that seem strange that I noticed, like some Masonic colour ritual or something. Check out the links here1, 2, 3, hell just do a search on The Times website and you'll see them all, complete with 13,337's, Damien Hurst and a bunch of other symbolism and numerology to do with the squirels.

And to finish, a quote from Double Masonic G-man Gil Grissom:
"Grissom: String theory is 'the theory of everything.' Quantum mechanics tells us about the very small. The theory of relativity explains the immense. String theory ties it all together. It proposes that atomic particles are made up of infinitesimal vibrating loops of energy or strings. Each string vibrates at its own frequency, like on a violin, producing notes and these notes make up everything in the universe.
Catherine: Cosmic symphony.
Grissom: These strings have been combining and recombining ever since the Big Bang. So, the connections between our victims or any of us are not that extraordinary."

Excellent article by AFERRISMOON, on same episode, goes into more detail and with added Oz flava.


aferrismoon said...

I've got this one set up to go when I get a couple of hours.
Loads of the pics the same, but story will be wholly different.

Benjamin S said...

Cool, looking forward to it :)

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