Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Return of the Freemasonic/Luciferian Gladiators

This highly symbolic advert for the show is a good place to start (trident, red/blue, finger, etc.) also notice the cube as it loads.

As the world plunges into chaos, at least we have some good old fashioned gladitorial combat to keep us entertained and distracted. As a naive young kid through the 90's, I used to love this show in it's first incarnation. The colours, the weirdly interesting games like the pyramid, the costumes, the logo, the noise, the spectacle etc. The original series ended on January 1st 2000, the chaos of 9/11 soon followed, and now as we run up to the next 'millennium' 2012 we have it back. I gather the new American one has been going for a while, I'm just assuming all the symbolism is the same as in the UK version.

I don't know if I should go into all the symbolism (once the show starts and I can get some screen caps I'll probably do a detailed post) because most of it is pretty obvious with all the Gladiators wearing white (shiney silver, lucifer)/black symbolic costumes, the symbolic events like the pyramid, the upside down triangular Masonic G etc. It's produced by Shine Limited which fits perfectly into the Luciferian thing I've been going on about (there's nothing wrong with luciferianism btw, I'm just trying to show that it is everywhere). The series is set to air on Sunday, 11 May. The logo is also made to look silver and shiney. Lot's of Sun/light worship going on here in my opinion.

There are 12 gladiators (though counting them on wikipedia it looks like 13), 32 contendors, and of course one black/white masonicly dressed up referee. G=7, there are also 7 female Gladiators and 6 male Gladiators according to wikipedia. It is hosted by the lovely Kirsty Gallagher and the legendary Ian Wright. I believe this is how the Masons (obviously not most of them) think and that they chose those two (really famous in the UK) people because one is white and one is black. You can see this illustrated below with Ian Wright to one side of the black/white referee and Kirsty Gallagher on the other side illustrating the black/white symbolism.

It is also sponsored by the symbolic Wii (note the random red luciferian light shining through also).

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