Wednesday, 28 May 2008

007's All Seeing Eye

Check out this Bregenz Opera Festival stage, it will be the backdrop for one of Daniel Craig's fight sequences in the upcoming 007 film (according to The Daily Telegraph's travel magazine, where the above picture comes from). Quantum of Solace is the 22nd James Bond film, and has a budget of $230 million or £113 million (though that isn't exact I think going by wikipedia). I've mentioned the number 7 coming up alot lately in the occult media and this is backed up by Murdoch's Times going 007 crazy having something about it every day for the past week or so, giving away free stories and whatnot. The next bond film (working title Bond 23) is the 23rd so should be very interesting and released a couple of years before 2012. Lot's of weird stuff has happened around the movie leading to people saying it's 'cursed' and all that media hubbub. Anyway, I thought the image was worth posting, if you click on the wikipedia link there's lots of potential mind control things in there (apart from the massive eye, the word green is mentioned loads and others). That opera festival goes from 23rd July (23/07) to 23rd August (23/08), tickets are £735 a piece.

Might as well mention, watched RFK Must Die and it was very very good, listening to his interviews (under hypnosis), seeing images from the scene, really makes you feel sorry for the guy who is still in jail (Sirhan Sirhan). Hillary Clinton was, I think programmed to specifically mention the assassination when there was no reason for her to (wasn't she just comparing how long they stayed in the race? doesn't seem relevant, watch videos below) It would probably be too obvious for them do the same thing to Barack at around the same date (edit: originally had the date wrong, apologies), hopefully they are not that arrogant.

Edit: I'll be gone for a couple of days attending my grandfather's funeral who passed on the 23rd May, R.I.P.

Death Is The Road To Awe

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