Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Luciferian Volcano and Mind Control

This nice Luciferian image heads up today's (May 7th 2008, issue No. 69371) The Times. Apparently it was caused by the ash from a volcano in Chile rising up against an electrical storm which just happened to be passing through. In my opinion, the strange weather going on at the moment is a direct result of the HAARP technology messing with the ionosphere and such.

Also in the news today (some of the details are fuzzy, differ on different websites), a strange gunfight occurred (happened yesterday, other synch bloggers will probably cover it) between a barrister and police. This info comes from a The Times article. He was 32 years old, his name was Mark Saunders. It occurred in affluent Chelsea, he had been married to Elizabeth for 8 months. He randomly started shooting out his window (he didn't bother to open them, mind control) at neighbours houses and police at 5 pm. The house he lived in was on Markham Square, just off the King's Road. He was shot and killed by police at 9pm. He was a graduate of Christ Church, Oxford, and was "called to the Bar" in March 1999. He was in the army for three years but left in 2002 before the start of the Iraq War.

His wife was called Elizabeth, he met her at family law chambers Queen Elizabeth Building chambers in the Temple. To me, this might suggest that she was his mind control handler because of the Royalty/mind control connection. Last September they bought their home for £2.28 million. And to completely 100% confirm this is mind control, THE big hallmark, I'll quote from The Times article:

That luxury house became the scene of a gun-battle yesterday. Leslie Hummel, a neighbour, said there was an emotionless expression on the gunman's face as he prepared to fire at her out of his window.

"He looked very calm. I thought maybe he was on drugs or something."

Edit: Few more synched up details: 30 armed police officers surrounded the building, 9 of those officers returned fire. He threw a message out to his mind control handler wife on a shoebox, instructed to do this at 7pm. The note read "I love my wife dearly, xxx" and was thrown across into Ms Winkworth's garden. More gun shots were fired at 9.10 pm then again at 9.30 pm when he was fatally wounded. The wife has been tipped as being a future judge. Murdoch's The Times always seems very specific in its numerology and symbolic names in my opinion. Weird amount of three's in there too ("three loud pops" "three stories high" etc.).

Edit: This images below from the Times' website shows the house number 3 in it and also a picture of Mark who lived on Freemasonry and his own name resonating Markham Square. And his wife Elizabeth Clarke. Check out this Sky News story on it (another Murdoch one), complete with 32 pictures. So he was a Rosemary's Baby too. (R.I.P by the way, I mean no offence)


Atlantean Times said...

The moment i saw Kay Burley on sky news yesterday i said to a friend that today something very strange will happen in either newyork or london..I would normally have wrote about it but im preocoupied as you may have noticed with mr ledger again..

Kay Burley always shows up when the shit hits the fan..911 77 mm ledger, she reported all of lots more occult goings on imo

I emailed sky once after she had been particularily hatefull to an interviewee..I called her a rancid bitch...

anyway i think your prob right and i too hope someone writes it up and does some digging..


Benjamin S said...

Kay Burley... rancid bitch, genius. My dad used to teach her son the piano a few years ago :S, he was always going on about her.

The news is writing it off as just a drunk gone totally nuts because of family problems. But I think it's a fact that someone who is drunk cannot hide their emotions so that doesn't wash with me (alcohol is a depressant, makes you way more emotional). Witnesses said he was emotionless, firing out the window without even opening it. I wonder if an image will emerge showing him with the classic mind control glazed look over his eyes.

By the way, added a few things in from The Times printed article. Also Murdoch (what doesn't he own), Sky News has loads of pictures, 32 to be exact. Some of the pictures are of similar things so you know the number is intentional (he was 32 years old). Also lots of black/white checkered symbolism on police and a doorstep and clearer pics of the number 3 door.

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