Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Monster Houses Everywhere

Steven Spielberg is known for putting occult ideas and motifs into his films. The poster above for his Monster House film shows Luciferian light above the house as well as inside it, the trees on either side of the house could represent twin pillars (it also reminded me of Chris Knowles latest post showing trinity within light). Monster House is no exception, I'm not going to do a big analysis with screens and such of the film. Making the inanimate animated is something quite qabalistic I think, and I've been seeing alot of this kind of thing in the media lately. The double-page advert from the Sunday Times Magazine shows this (sorry about the scans), also below that is a new O2 advert and there have been others I've seen too (I'll add them in as I see them I think).

O2's adverts are always symbolic. The below one has doves and light symbolism, the one below that has more qabalistic and luciferian symbolism. It's worth going on youtube and looking at some of the other O2 adverts.

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