Tuesday, 6 May 2008

The Empire Strikes Barack: Soap You Can Believe In

Humorous video, humorous in that people actually think Barack Obama is fighting against the "evil empire" in real life and not completely controlled by them. See my post on the potential coming race war for some background to this really random post.

There was an advert on TV that struck me, I have spoken of cigarette lighters being used as a Luciferian light ritual; well this occurs in Daz's latest advert which also shows the cult of celebrity at work, it's an interesting website anyway where you can see the video. ("Guess the celebrity and win 13,000 Euros!") I can't seem to embed the video so go to the Daz website. I originally watched the advert with the sound off so it probably seemed more sinister then. I've also noticed alot more "belief" coming into advertising lately which is also shown here and in Obama's slogan.

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