Friday, 2 May 2008

Synchs from the Island of Atum

CSI: NY (Atum) debuted on September 22, 2004. Over the last few weeks it has become very interesting as it's current main story-arc is a checker chariot driving serial killer, complete with a crucifix/sun cross showing more sun worship, they call him the 'cab driver serial'.

One scene blew my mind. It is to do with the unrelated case (all this is from the same episode by the way) below, they find some laundry tokens (pictured below) which reads Oz with the O being the outside circle. Mack Taylor, approaches the Oz/stargate resonating launderette when a checker chariot speeds past him, shocking him (pictured below). They go in, but the tokens only fit in the one with the big black X over it (the circle of the washing machine makes me think of X-Files type symbolism). He puts the Oz resonating tokens into the stargate/washing machine then the stargate opens revealing a hidden world (unlicensed gambling den). The tokens/launderette also resonate the age of aquarius.

On an unrelated case, a 32 year old guy sporting Skull and Bones cufflinks (synchs nicely up with my Bones post, it also sports gold and blue masonic colours), had been posing as a 17 year old high school senior for years, getting with as many girls as possible. Mack Taylor was shocked by his lack of remorse, the similar lack of remorse I guess that 'bonesmen' probably have in real life. The guy he murdered was known as Mr. G to some of his students. Jesse (the murderer/rapist/bonesman) had a Master (he was the Apprentice, going to do a post on UK's Apprentice soon) who was older than he and posed as his father so they could continue to rape young women.

One more quick thing, the CSI's always do subliminals (i.e the quick flashing across city, or some other random thing they quickly flash up on screen to break up the show). I feel that they're doing it on purpose, using these occult designed buildings to create some kind of energy in you or whatever. (CSI Las Vegas has some awesome pictures of the pyramid illuminated)

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