Monday, 5 May 2008

The House of Solomon

Gregory House, like Gil Grisom from my previous post has 2 G's in it resonating Freemasonry and the number 77. Like Gil Grisom, he is also the main man in the show as the title of it suggests, perhaps symbolic for Freemasonry being the top dog in society. His second name is also symbolic, especially in the way it is written. It is a capital H inside a square, a symbol used by other institutions in television like The History Channel. A Freemason seeks to be a "square-man", the square is symbolic of man, perhaps the image above (half his face is in shadow) shows the "man" (society as a whole) they've been moulding over the years: a drugged up (but loveable) asshole. Capitol H can also be seen as representing the twin towers, showing them inside the masonic square. House has a Luciferian flame walking stick which can be viewed as a representation of one of Solomon's pillars/twin towers.

This episode (from last week, a new one is about to air in a couple of hours) comes from the same week as the CSI's, daily show's and other shows that seemed to be filled with synchs last week. It's first scene is very symbolic in my opinion, if I synch it up with my previous posts. Red/black/white symbolism (see bank job post and others) seemed to be shoved in my face straight from the off, I guess they're parodying the writer's strike here. Notice the octagon, the numbers 980(=17), black/white sunrise or crown, and some others from this scene. At the end of this scene the chubby cheerful looking fella has some sort of seizure and the camera focuses on one eye before it fades into the intro sequence with Elizabeth Fraser singing.

The number 13 seems to be important in House. I'll just show a couple of examples from this episode, which is Season 4 Episode 13. House gave all the potential assistants numbers (the characters in the show were getting stale so they needed some fresh ones) before choosing who he wanted to work for him. The number 13 was one of the characters who was hired, but unlike the others who are now called by their names House still calls her "thirteen". Showing the kind of mirrored number symbolism that I've spoken of alot in my posts, House says to 13,
H:"Taub and 31..."
13: "31?"
H: "Oh, I'm sorry I thought that either way was good for you."
Which is a joke apparently about 13's bisexuality. Straight after this, to emphasise the #13's signifance, House randomly goes bowling with one of his old assistants (who has a red/white/black bowling ball). The bowling alley is filled with upside down red triangles, perhaps they made them go bowling to show them doing the hand sign a lot when holding the bowling ball. The reflective surface of the bowling alley might represent the freemasonic phrase, 'as above so below' as the red triangles appear upright in the reflection at the bottom of the below picture. And look what lane # they're in!

Directly after this scene, another symbolic scene as House slams his Luciferian pillar/walking stick onto a table next to a chessboard, and white/black resonating wine and white candle. Then a chessboard is seen as well as a checkered floor in the background.

So we already have King Solomon symbolism going on here with the twin pillars H and the Freemasonic square. To confirm this is conscious King Solomon symbolism, when speaking to the object of his lustful desires: Cuddy, House points his Luciferian Solomon's pillar at her and says: "You are King Solomon!" (referring to her splitting up his friend Wilson's time between House and Wilson's girlfriend). And look what colours she (Solomon) is wearing, red, white and black naturally.

Miley Cyrus is even brought up when a religious person comes in and says "Have you heard the good news", House replies "Miley Cyrus is playing a third night at the spectrum?!". The book the religious guy is holding seems like it is meant to represent black/white/red symbolism also.

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