Friday, 16 May 2008

Monarch Sun Sale!

Thought I'd post a few occult ads/images from The Times.

This one, with purple/white/yellow colours. The inside hexagram kind of reminded me of the Cylon base ships in Battlestar Galactica, a brilliant show with some serious mind control themes in it. The hexagram is made up of yellow arrows pointing towards the inner star (yellow brick road pointing the way?). Standard sun worship we've come to expect in advertising these days (though obviously it has something to do with it being almost Summer also).

Using the same purple/white/yellow motif, this line headed the top of The Times. Awwww, they found love on a bus, adorable!!! But look what number she specifically says the bus is, the number 74, the same number as that magical teleporting one in The Bank Job! I've recently seen an advert on TV for a Peugeot (i think) car costing £7,777 I almost burst out laughing... Can't find it online though. Also note the mask on the bus advertisement(mind control).

This one is relevant to my Monster House post, note the hot air balloon, crescent moon with stars, the dog looking up at the stars (dog star Sirius?), symbolic phone number (1347) etc. I've considered maybe the 2 of the O represents a z, so Oz.

HSBC, with its Freemasonic red hexagon/square advert next. Note the numerology (7000 "relationship managers", 64 countries, phone number), subliminal faces on the plugs etc.

Sticking with Freemasonic red squares, this advert for the Burma cyclone appeal has some black/white/red symbolism, as does the HSBC advert above. This is from the internet obviously.

This is another image (from the times) I found to be extremely symbolic with the oddly yellow (brick road) sky with the pyramid building directly behind an airliner resonating 9/11.

I can synch this up to the below, ridiculously symbolic video, which is the intro of the ITV News at 10. It begins with sun worship as it zooms towards it, then flies directly over the illuminated HSBC square building and you can see the above pictured pyramid, completely illuminated. Watch.


Michael Skaggs said...

Nice one!

On the o2 broadband, don't forget the Hot Air Balloon was how the "da wiz" (sorry couldn't resist!) got to Oz...

Also, when I saw the 9/10 (guess they have me brainwashed too) my mind immediately grasped for the 11...

Nice work. Thanks.

Benjamin S said...

Ha, yeah same with me on the 9/11 thing.

Cheers for your support mate!

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