Saturday, 3 May 2008

Channel 4's Freemasonic Fridays Part 1

Peep Show has been one of my favorite comedies since it's inception, so maybe this is not a conscious thing but just synchronicity. Peep Show's symbol/logo is the all seeing eye with the pupil off-centre, this could be synchronistically linked to the rise in the surveillance society. Below is the picture of the distributor's logo or something (it's on the first DVD anyway), all seeing eye representing C with luciferian light top left?

In Peep Show the characters sometimes wear "head cams" as most of the show is viewed from a first person perspective. Head cams like these (below left policemen, right david mitchell in peep show behind the scenes), that the voyeuristic masonic police have started to wear these days. The only difference being that they're obviously better camera's and they are positioned so the camera is between the eyes, this can be viewed as a symbolic representation of the third eye.
Edit: They've been trying to get an American version going for a while according to wikipedia Mitchell and Webb have said they want Steve Carell and Owen Wilson to be the leads, both people covered by synch bloggers. The episode on last night attracted 1.2 million viewers (7.7% of viewers).

The show preceding this one, Derren Brown's 'Trick of the Mind' had a TONNE of synchs in it which either tells me the whole thing is just a big faked joke or it's universal synchronicity proving it's truth, I'm downloading the show now so should have screens up with the synchs later tonight/tomorrow. Here's a preview of some of his older stuff, I wonder if this is how so much specific occult imagery gets into the media as every designer who puts a sun in their designs can't be sun worshippers, or someone who puts an all seeing eye in the design is not an "illumianti" member, or triangles/pyramids etc...

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aferrismoon said...

Crowley writes that 4 is the number of restriction.
Police are COPPERS, making them Venus Police
anyhow 'Up the Illumin-ante'

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