Friday, 9 May 2008

The Order: Entered Apprentice

The Apprentice is nothing more than a Luciferian ritual, subconsciously initiating everyone who watches it into the Freemasonic order. Or not, who knows. But I did notice some synchs in the 7th episode of the 4th series which aired on the 7th of May 2008. (something weird going on with 74/47 in The Bank Job). The title of my latest two posts are named like that because both names (of the show/movie) resonate the order, Cremaster and the Apprentice.
Sir Alan Sugar prepares to fire... (actual caption)

Before I show the symbolism in this specific episode, some general points. The Apprentice's title at the start of the show can be considered Freemasonic as they are using white/black as the constant motif, with Sir Alan's face acting as the dark part in the original bit. And in the second picture down (which is what the original image changes to on TV) there is more white/black imagery with the text now white (glowing) and the background black.

What is The Apprentice's catch phrase? It is constantly repeated over and over and over and, YOU'RE FIRED! It's also very specific because Sir Alan always points at the person he is firing the moment he says fired, this is a Freemasonic pose apparently. The fact that he says fire whilst doing the Freemasonic pose, to me indicates clear Luciferian Freemasonry. And lets not forget this is all done over an illuminated table with black reflective sides. Alan Sugar is almost literally the light-bearer!

Check out Sir Alan's 'crib', wow surely he isn't a Freemason or anything......... Nice of them to show us in the 7th episode on the 7th (letter G). In the American Apprentice, the Master (mason) is Donald Trump who has fiery red hair, for the UK version I guess they got the next best thing: grey silvery hair... that is in jest but is also probably true. The opening theme is 'Dance of the Knights', as in the Knights Templar. According to wikipedia the theme music throughout the show was made by Dru Masters.

As I have shown with my CSI post, the opening city-scape sequences (or intro sequences in general) are used for occult reasons by focusing on pyramids and such things. This is clearly in evidence in The Apprentice as the camera specifically lines up the phallic 'gurkin' with the Freemasonic pyramid on top of one of those Masonic banking buildings (Canary Wharf Tower). The picture below shows this, as well as the HSBC hexagon/square(fold the outside triangles inward you get a red square, the HSBC logo is undeniably Masonic). This area they always pan over is called, Square Mile and Canary Wharf(and relates to my The Bank Job post)! His blue helicopter has the letters G and V next to each other. The VERY FIRST panning over of something, is ominously the Thames barrier. This intro sequence is the same every week (as far as I can remember) so the "spell" is rammed home into the masses.

And at the end of this episode, to complete the ritual it pans around the pyramid building, complete with a flashing illuminated all seeing eye naturally. (took me ages to screen cap the second pic so please click!) It's a good one though, showing Tower Bridge with its twin towers, over the pyramid's side. The light is also making a hexagon/hexagram (6 pointed star) which is a nice synch also.

Onto the actual episode. This episode convinced me that at least some of them are actors. Coincidentally or not, both the Jen's got fired: Jenny and Jennifer. They both played the bitchy character. Jennifer the reasonably attractive one, the other Jenny is shocking (I mean in her behavior, she is the ginger girl in the pink thing in the video below). Perhaps this illustrates symbolically the double letters, dualism I've written about.

There was also a great deal of anti-religious sentiment and ignorance going on here too, with Islam and Judaism its victim. Watch this video from the episode (it gets really cringe-worthy at 1:10). By the way; they were sent to Marrakesh in Morocco (again showing dual letters, M). Who honestly does not know what kosher is? This is deeply offensive to Muslims and Jews on the 60th anniversary of the catastrophic event that ties them both together (Israel's creation). I'm sure there is some kind of psychological operation behind this, building up more religious hatred or whatever.

She was 36 on the day the 7th episode was filmed, nice coincidence. This "good jewish boy" (or so he claims, watch the video) Michael also seems to be an actor, though from what I can see he displays some elements of mind control.

Some random synchs were also planted around the place. For instance a shop where they were buying a juicer from is store number 33, the guy working in the shop wears a zebra resonating shirt(not pictured). There is an octagon and a Brazilian no. 7 shirt on display in another shop. The person pictured with the 33 (below) did a roleplay with the pittbull Claire about being girlfriend/boyfriend, then randomly she says, "How long have we been going out?" He responds: "Seven years!" Needless to say their team loses, their total was £603.59.

Some of the items they had to find also seemed a little strange: they needed to get things like a blue cactus (this was a specific height and was very phallic, the man pictured above says, showing Freemasonic reproductive symbolism no doubt: "We just nailed the fucking cactus!", he plays the part of the loud mouthed Southerner), some rug that was specifically white with square patterns and also with silver sequins, and others. Someone who I think is a genuine person is Lucinder who correctly says "they are specific arn't they...." Maybe because it has to be done to their specific ritualistic needs. And to finish off a few symbolic shots from the same episode.


Michael Skaggs said...

Wow, I can't believe I didn't find your blog until now...look at all those damn subliminals! It's staggering...everywhere we are seeing them, because the 3D reality is coming apart at the seams I think!

Nice post!

Anonymous said...

amazing and wonderful captures, well spot on, thanks for guiding the rest of us to watch out of this false cult

Anonymous said...

just 2 comments? or are you just heavily editing? just so you're aware: Sir Alan will be facing an internal board of enquiry among his peers in the lodge in the next few weeks over profiting from charitable activities - expulsion from freemasonry is close to certain.

Anonymous said...

In the last (2009)series that bloke who plays the part of Sugar's side-kick blatently used a masonic phrase, it came across as very contrived. In an out of context situation he asked "was he not on the square?".

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