Thursday, 22 May 2008

Tragedy turned Occult Media tool

This horrific story about a 7 year old girl being taken to the hospital on the 17th of May and then tragically dying of starvation. Her mother is 33 years old, she has been charged with neglect. The above picture is the one that is being constantly shown in the media, over and over. You can see she has a black bandana on with loads of gold masonic Gs (7) on it, there is also a subliminal all seeing eye below the "SO ....... WORTH IT" on her purple T-Shirt, and 'Superstar' with loads of pentagrams everywhere. If you want to go really over the top there is both yellow (brick road) and green (emerald city) there as well as a white nike Saturn ring tick on black trousers. Khyra Ishaq sounds like a symbolic name. Is the occult media practising some occult magick on top of the already severe (completely enginered) food crisis to make more people starve to death? Also note how they demonise Muslims even more (seems to be alot of that going on now with the 21 and 7 /7 trials and all that) as they describe the 33 year old mother as a Muslim convert and have her pictured in a hajib and whatnot.

As always, with these types of horrific stories that get abused by the media, my heart goes out to her and the family. R.I.P. More on this story: here.

New Big Brother 9 'eye' (they design a new all seeing eye every year in British BB) red/white/black and looks abit like a bullet hole through a window, symbolising fragmented mind of mind control victims.

Also a couple of interesting updates from the Mark Saunders case. They have found no evidence he was an alcoholic depressive always arguing with his wife like they were trying to portray him as. He was shot at by 9 separate officers and was hit 5 times. Here and here. Check the times those two articles were last updated too (1:10) and (7.31).

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Michael Skaggs said...

Nice one Ben!

That poor child...*shaking head*
With increasing populous world wide, one has to reason that MMC victims are increasing as well...the Illuminati/Masons appear to be just "doing whatever they please" right in our faces now to suit whatever their so called needs are. It boggles thats for sure.

I'll tell ya, you've got a keen eye now for it.

Peace bro!

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