Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Channel 4's Freemasonic Fridays Part 4

This week Derren had the Doctor as his victim, 'Doctor Who' implies a loss of identity so can be considered symbolic of mind control. David Tennent who, like Derren is also 37. He gets him to allegedly predict the future (and recall the past) through automatic writing and such things. Here we see him arriving at a house in the country for his 'treat' with clear twin pillars symbolism going on which seems to be a recurring theme in Trick or Treat this season. (see previous parts). He walks through the shiney reflective door, which is obviously a very menial thing but is part of it as it symbolises opening doors to different compartments of the mind (the later Matrix films are filled with this kind of stuff, with the key-master and all).

Inside the mansion there are windows with hexagonal (also hexagons inside the Tardis in Doctor Who) and rising sun symbols on them, they have a distinct purple colour about them. Corridors/hallways, as I've tried to show in my posts on the Hole and the original look into my eye one are used in mind control. Derren apparently triggers him into an altered relaxed state by shaking his hand then putting the hand to his head. He then takes him back in time in almost a remote viewing type way. He does this by saying "And what I'd like for you to do for me David is to imagine yourself in a hotel corridor with doors on either side of you. Then I want you to feel as though you are being pulled backwards, this corridor takes you back.. through time." Paraphrased towards the end. He says that on the door he has been told to stop at reads, 'December the 29th 1938'. He tells him to 'step through the door' this, having been myself writing about this stuff it was clear mind control to me. Once he gets the info he is told to 'shoot forwards' through time to the present day, and he did apparently know what was in the paper that day. It was about a car accident in Chester Square.

They are clocks all over the place. The black cube/box one on the table next to them is at 7:30. After he wakes up, this odd Luciferian scene comes up shooting light at the viewer eminating from a twin pillars and sun resonating clock (siriusly....?!). By the way, David said that it 'felt like a relief' when he was 'allowed' back into the corridor again leaving the alter reality of the car crash from the past.

After this he gets David to pretend to read someones mind, he is going to see in the future what it is they are going to draw. Again he uses the grab the arm trigger and lifts his hand up and lets it drops slowly as he implants the programming into David the Timelord. He then draws a cat (another recurring theme this season) with pointy 'devil-horn' ears. This is done with a nice backdrop synch, London's (Twin) Tower Bridge, again highlighting the use of twin pillars/towers in this show. After selecting a girl 'Claire' to "read her mind" this weird dancing balls of light Luciferian ritual thingy occurs over the twin towers. With the lights moving progressively faster and more of them.

Then on the date pictured in the symbolic picture below, Sunday 13th January 2008 he arrives back at the mansion where he is put in a swimming pool in order to be relaxed enough to enter an 'altered state of consciousness' this allows him to do some automatic writing where he is going to predict an article three days into the future, in The Guardian newspaper on the 17th of January. I wonder if this is age of Aquarius symbolism going on here. This was also present in House as he uses a floatation tank (Derren specifically calls the pool that) to achieve the alter reality. After 45 minutes he is helped out of the tank 'maintaining an optimum trance state in order to write his prediction'.

He does some automatic writing then folds up the paper and puts it inside an envelope, he then folds up the envelope and puts it inside another envelope. I think this probably symbolises the compartmentalised minds that exist within one brain of a mind controlled slave. The robe he wears reminds me of the black costumes they wore in the Eyes Wide Shut ritual scenes.

He finds out the results and he did predict a story about facebook (the word face is said many times) and scrabble. But this is done on the 17th, in this highly symbolic building in London, again with the twin pillars. If you look carefully, in the room you can spy some what I presume are twin pillars in the room next to it (not pictured) with the door left open, probably on purpose.

And to finish, a few random symbolic images from the episode, including a checkered scarf which adds to my whole Freemasonic Fridays thing, when you consider all the twin pillars in this show I'm pretty sure it was chosen to be included in the show (really who wants to see a random dude walk down a street) for Freemasonic purposes. He is the last member of the public they focus on before defocusing on him, making the light more prominent.

And also a couple of Luciferian Doctor Who promo shots as well as one showing him with a "straw man" scarecrow type thing.

Watch the show here:


aferrismoon said...

Check out this weeks BONES for full on Masonikkka .
Saw doc Who episode - agatha Kristy
Everybodies at it

Benjamin S said...

Exactly! It's everywhere right now! I saw that Doctor Who episode with my younger twin bros (become kind of a ritual watching it). Watched that Bones episode last night, Bones is one of my favourites (my original post is a longass Bones occult analysis), was planning on posting screens tomoz. I was going to be extremely mad if they made Hodgkins Gormogon.

It's insane how much of this stuff there is around at the moment, and I wonder if that isn't the reason for it, to drive us all insane maybe.

Cheers, excellent Lost posts by the way.

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