Monday, 12 May 2008

Dreaming I could see the Sun...

More light/sun worship in advertising, been noticing more and more of this as of late. It's the 13th tommorrow, the media has been doing some "problem reaction solution" today after the "13th" (they make sure to say that over and over) teenager was stabbed this year, and then right after the news reports "breaking news" that there is another stabbing, they are calling it a crisis, I guess the solution will be those metal detectors in the middle of the street or some other Orwellian crap.

Here's another one for Magner's 'Light' Cider, the ciders float up to the sun then the phrase "Light by nature" is said. Clear Luciferianism/sun worship in my book.

A Luciferian/pyramid/twin pillars resonating Amnesty International

One more from the symbolic 'Trident' gum (why is all gum symbolic), tumbling down the rabbit hole.

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