Sunday, 11 May 2008

How to complete a Freemasonic Mind Control blood sacrifice ritual in 11 easy steps.

Please see my previous post on this. More info at the Daily Mail. Bear in mind that he is supposed to be an alcoholic who had been drinking all day, it seems odd then that he would look "emotionless" and "very calm, like he was on drugs or something." This all occurred inside a square. A square that includes his own name: Markham Square. He was shot 5 times by police, "The multiple gunshot wounds present are associated with severe internal damage to the brain, the heart, the liver and the main vein of the lower body."


Edit: Added this scan in from Murdoch's Sunday Times showing Luciferian (he was stood in the Darkness, the Freemasonic policemen destroyed him in the Light)


Michael Skaggs said...

They just love to control us like minaret puppets on strings don't they? Using their considered "expendables" as blood sacrifices...their grip on this illusion is really coming down now.

I had a fun post with a little humor and had "11" and "64" in there today! Another synch up right here!

Your right on the money and keeping up Ben wow how do you do it!? I never can find the time!
Peace my friend!

Anonymous said...

Modern Freemasonry was created by Bankers namely the family who goes by the name 'Rockefeller". Rockefeller however is not their real name. It is most likely a royal family name such as Warburg, or Windsor. The Freemasonry of the past comes from the Druids and involves sacrificing people. If you notice every celebrity in the past 100 years has used a sign of some sort to let the public know that he or she is a Freemason, or belongs to a similar cult of come kind. Most likely it is Freemasonry. They pretend that they are all about charity. What they're about is killing people. The Army uses a similar saying that "Blood makes the green grass grow." before going to war. The idea of Freemasonry is ingrained into the culture of the world so much so that masons are now fiding new ways of getting their sacrifices, such as waterboarding torture, psychological harassment using aircraft, gangstalking, gas lighting, making their subjects committ suicide, getting their targets arrested, etc. The Patriot Act of 2001 was designed by President Bush to allow Masons to continue the sacrifice. They knew their was no real threat of terrorism, and that the 9/11 attacks were created using actors. But what the Patriot Act did is allow police who are freemasons to harass their targets to the point of committing suicide, or lashing out against police or other individuals who are involved in the gangstalking. Eventually even after being arrested the subject is beat to death even if he or she is inocent to satisfy their god AMON. Yes the holy god that they worship is called AMON. Some call him Baphomet. Monday is the National Day of blood sacrifice, so if you feel you are being harrassed a lot on Mondays, that's the reason why. Please speread this to everyone you know, and keep spreading it so the blood sacrifices will be stopped. The reason they feel blood sacrifices should be made is because thousands of years ago the world became filled with too many people and God felt he had to destroy mankind because of it. They believe this is why sacrifices must be made. So the world will not become too crowded!

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