Monday, 12 May 2008

High School Musical 3rd Degree Initiation

When an advert for High School Musical 3 came up on screen showing production for High School Musical 3 had started I was shocked. Firstly what struck me was the blatant use of red/black/white symbolism which I've been going on about since starting the blog. I'm just assuming most of them are in freemasonic poses, but you absolutely have the Freemasonic square graduation hats, they're even in red! Red squares I've mentioned in most of my posts, crazy synch that both the red square and the red/black/white symbolism are present (see last 5 or so posts).

The High School Musicians/Magicians wear E's on their tops because they go to East High. Remember that CSI New York episode from last week, with the black/red/white resonating New York Empires in it? Well here is the guy that died doing "the horns" twin pillars hand symbol, pictured with a girl wearing maroon/red and white (his murderer, kiss of death) with an E on her top (couldn't time it to get the E and the horns, all the cheerleaders have E's on their fronts though) and also a Freemasonic resonating black/white referee, they are all standing inside a Freemasonic red square.

Horns (vaguely) can also be seen at the announcement of filming press conference thing, I personally think photographers line these things up on purpose to further the Disney Mind control agenda and all that.

The production team have a budget of $13.3 million, obviously just coincidence (sarcasm). It is to be released in the UK on the 17th of October 2008 then for some reason it comes out on the 22nd (France Phillipines Netherlands), 23rd (Argentina Germany) and 24th (America) and after in other countries. See wikipedia. I've never sat down and watched one, I'll probably check this one out (watch it with younger bros who like this stuff ;s) because if my suspicions are right it'll be one big mind control or esoteric ritual.

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Michael Skaggs said...

I have a feeling your right on the money! Nice write up, I was reading about Disney taking on the new name "Disney Hollywood" and saw the excerpts on this movie, just didnt have time to read it. Thanks!

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