Sunday, 11 May 2008

Channel 4's Freemasonic Fridays Part 3

Channel 4 had its usual double bill of Freemasonic resonating shows that I like, on Friday(covering Peep Show tomorrow). Derren Brown was back, his target a girl called Lauren (pictured below living at house number 11).

I was not surprised that the place it occurs was in one of those London town houses with the sunrise symbolic window above it and was the number 33 shockingly (sarcasm).

The episode was supposed to show the power of negative suggestion, "Don't do this!" would mean you do it, which is a theme I've seen alot of in some of the blogs. To show this, he goes to a black/red/white resonating school and uses this synchromystical cube (jack-in-the-box shooting out pillars, see below) And also identical twins talking about an "invisible hand" that opened the box, not them (because they were told not to so are making oddly symbolic excuses).

Also to illustrate the power of negative suggestion, he goes to a circus (below) and tries it on a trapeze artist skipper person. What interested me was when they were doing one of those flashes breaking up the episode they quickly encircled a red square on an air-bag which the trapeze artist landed on. The way the square was blurred as the camera went round and round the freemasonic red square, it seemed quite hypnotic to me (short sequence pictured below).

Anyway, for Lauren's "treat" Derren makes her symbolically electrocute a kitten inside of a cuboid by using negative suggestion "Don't push the button!". He constantly clicks his red and black pen to implant the command of pressing the red button before the time runs out. To help this, as anyone who knows anything about mind control knows, regression to a child-like alter is usually how its done by a trigger word and whatnot, one of the alters created at that young age. Derren asks her to bring some child toys to bring her back to this "more susceptible time". Anyway, she pushes the button with 1 second to go and this is the scene....(second image down) but apparently the cat doesn't die because it wasn't wired up to the mains... She wins £500 and we get some random pictures of her going surfing, yay for Lauren! :S Watch the entire episode at end.

Expect a post on next weeks episode also (I'm wondering what he's going to do to Doctor Who, hopefully next week).


Michael Skaggs said...

Another great write up and good spots!!

We're able to see the "symbols" they are using in t.v./music now, but what to do? Especially when they start messing with the net, you know they will...Internet2 my friend, coming to a theater near you...Now that they have us all addicted, time to pull the red carpet out from our feet...


Benjamin S said...

I wasn't planning on doing loads of single episode write-up things at all, I've just been amazed how much there is in each individual one lately, they're really kicking it up a notch for some reason.

One coming up on CSI, then Peep Show... aaah I can't keep up with them!!

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