Sunday, 18 May 2008

Look into my Eye...

I'll begin by first going a little deeper into the mechanics of mind control. The mind is split by repetitive horrors being subjected to it usually at an early age, whether it's abuse, electroshock, drugs or whatever it doesn't matter what method is used the result is always similar. "The mind fractures into compartments designed to "house" the traumas that the main personality cannot handle."* Which is an interesting synch because I will start with the show House, in the penultimate episode of the season there were some serious mind control themes/triggers going on. These are things that I think are probably currently being used a lot to bring out the alter personalities of some of the viewers.

As I have attempted to show in my post on The Hole, All Seeing Eyes/ Faces are used in mind control. Watching the latest episode of House (12/05/08) I was struck by this, as the very first scene had about 10 or so shots of House's (Horus') eye. He was sitting in a strip club with a head injury and could not remember how he got there or if he was having fun, symbolic of loss of identity and alters. He was involved in a bus accident which had 31 (13) people in it. In the strip-club talking to the stripper who was wearing white and black, he says "Someone is going to die." Which I took as a trigger phrase after all the all seeing eyes. This type of thing is also seen in Battlestar Galactica where Kara 'Starbuck' Thrace's eye is focused on twice when listening to the hybrid, the first time I heard the word 'bleed', the second time 'slaughter' as the eye appeared on screen (it looked like the same shot repeated so didn't bother to screencap the second). The very first shot of the episode is multiple uneven mirrors symbolising the multiple personalities.

Sticking with Battlestar, the latest episode had one of those memorable endings involving mind control triggers, this time from one of the Sharons' daughter Hera who draws it then herself walks to the target (to be assassinated) leading the mind controlled assassin towards it who follows her. Faces/parts of the face are used in mind control, this is also seen here as she is triggered to target a number 6 (numbers are also part of mind control), who her alter thinks is trying to take her daughter inside the story-arc shared vision of the opera house. Where she walks down corridors and such symbolising accessing different compartments of the mind. This hallucination/shared metaphysical experience has been going on for a while in BG. The Christ resonator Gaius Baltar (GB) is also pictured with one of the number 6s taking Hera into the light (in the alternate reality). Hera (the kid) walks up to a number 6 (the fact that there are many of the same model obviously symbolises dual/multiple lives/personalities) wearing pink, Tyrol (short name T'eye') with his one eye is also pictured in this scene along with Luciferian light that is constantly emphasised in this show, adding to the all seeing eye aspect of the mind control. This is from the 7th episode of the 4th season. Sharon, who is a Cylon herself completes her programming, killing the number 6.

Moving back to House, he is hypnotised to try to remember what happened (House can remember there was a person who had a serious symptom but cannot remember who, or what the symptom was). He is regressed back inside the bus, where a yellow brick road can be seen on the bottom of the window as light moves across it constantly. Throughout the episode an unknown dark haired woman is shown, she is symbolic of the real woman (Amber) he is trying to remember, which could symbolise alter personalities. She is pictured below with the yellow strip on the window. She has the opposite colour hair to 'Amber' which symbolises dark/light as well as alter personality (hair dye seems to be part of the mind control). This is seen at the end when House finally remembers it was Amber (his best friend Wilson's girlfriend) he was with on the bus, he symbolically tries to save her by grabbing her hand under white/black squares. The change between the black haired woman/alter is symbolised by light then blond 'Amber' appears (with subliminal blood around her neck) symbolising changing to an alter personality. At one point in the episode House says, "Haven't you ever seen the movie Altered States?!"

Amber (above) used to be called 'cut-throat bitch' by House and was always scheming leading the viewing public to hate her (harvesting our energy), so the viewer has mixed/confused feelings about her current predicament. The butterfly transformation could be symbolised by when the light (vehicle) strikes the back of Amber her hair is pushed outward representing the wings. But for a more blatant butterfly subliminal, in Solomon's (Cuddy's) house there is a red subliminal butterfly picture(below). In my post on House (before my current mind control phase) I showed how Solomon's pillars were symbolised in this show by the H and House's luciferian walking stick, it is pictured below being thrown up to the light, here you can also see the number of the bus: 4565, 4+5=9 6+5=11 so 9/11. In this episode I think poles are also used as this type of Solomon symbolism, because they are seen at the start when he as at the strip club, then later in House's regressions/hallucinations and also at the end on the bus with one stuck through Amber's leg. Leg injuries seem to be synching up nicely at present, perhaps the loss of a limb is symbolic of losing a part of your self in the mind. This is shown in Battlestar Galactica as Felix (cat) Gaeta is shot in the leg by a programmed Cylon (who did not know he was a Cylon until the end of the third season, might do a post on that). He constantly sings in a snake-charming like way to cope with the pain, I wouldn't be surprised if some of the lyrics were mind control triggers. He had to have his leg sawn off, I presume the same will have to happen to Amber as House tied the red scarf around the top of her leg stopping the blood from flowing through to stop her dying of blood loss.

Britney Spears, as many people know is from the Mickey Mouse Club mind control factory, so anything that resonates her is also no doubt a trigger or at least symbolic of mind control. Here, the object of House's lustful desires pole-dances for him in his fantasy, dressed in Britney style (hit me baby one more time) school-girl outfit (above). This Britney resonance was also seen in this weeks 'Bones' as the whole episode seemed to be about mind controlled singers, one girl sings the song 'I'm a slave for you', which I've taken as a mind control slave hint. This takes place in a place called the CHECKERBOX... also note the upside red triangles that I pointed out in other posts such as my last House post and also the yellow line is made to look like bricks in my opinion so yellow brick road. More blatant mind control is that the House episode is a two parter with the season finale tomorrow night, the episode from last week is called House's Head, the one on tomorrow night is called Wilson's Heart (see my Hole piece where one dies from brain injury and another from heart). Cameron says when fixing up House's head injury, 'a few stitches will hold your brain in place.' This is clear, conscious Oz symbolism to me.

Back to House and in one of his hypnotic regressions he is taken back to before the crash when he was drinking in the afternoon, he left the hospital at specifically 5.23. But he only remembers a faceless crowd at the bar, this symbolises the loss of identity. The way in which he successfully remembers by the end is to get all the staff inside a bus with images of all the people in the crash's faces on them (pictured below). This bus also resonates 9/11 like the actual one the crash happened in as its number is 3872, 3+8 = 11 7+2 = 9, so again 11/9 9/11.

In one of my CSI: NY posts I showed how the kiss of death (or life) can be used in this context as those episodes were also filled with mind control triggers. They can be seen here as just before one of the 6's shoots another one of the 6's in the head (their hair is dyed differently) because she killed one of the humans, she gives her a symbolic 'kiss of death' seen below. This shooting of her own image symbolises dual lives and self destructive programming often seen. This also appears in Eyes Wide Shut as 12 nude models kiss each other round a circle during the sex ritual scenes. After House finally realises what has happened he is awakened from his alternate reality by Cuddy giving him the kiss of life.

And, to end on an all seeing eye. Big Brother UK appears to be going along with everything else that is red/white/black these days, it just announced its black/white/red shattered glass symbolic logo (broken glass seen in Mark Saunders shooting ((is it me or does the pupil look like a bullet hole?)), The Hole and others). Also apologies if I did not give enough background information on the shows. Shows mentioned are House, Battlestar Galactica, Bones and CSI: NY, click for more info.


Michael Skaggs said...

Spot on again my friend! Great work Ben!

House is a very popular show here in the States, always had a feeling the popular shows were the ones targeted for the MC symbolisms!

Peace bro.

Anonymous said...

I took the time to view an old film which came out of my last post called the Eyes of Laura Mars. This 1978 film, watching it now, is obviously about a mind controlled killer / photographer.

Of interest to you, was that she (the mind controlled person) would stab people in their eyes.

That shattered eye image is AMAZING!

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