Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Designed to Change Your Mind

Some more mind control in advertising (one directed at men this time). KIA are currently the fastest growing car company in the UK, this probably has something to do with it. The KIA red logo is an oval or all seeing eyeish with an I in the centre of the eye, the fact that they zoom in on his eye also backs this up in my opinion. K=11 and I=9 so 9/11, the company have only started doing well in Europe and America over the past few years I think wikipedia seems to suggest (post 9/11) so maybe it's a subconscious thing or it could be outright conscious mind control abusing the trauma the event caused on a global scale (which it was meant to, aided by the media of course). I do not count the A because it does not look like an A, more an upside down V. Their explanation is that Ki means to 'come out' (the alter personalities), and the A apparently stands for Asia but it is not really an A. That was probably the genuine (well intentioned) original meaning, but I can not find when the logo itself was created, it seems very suspect to me. Their motto is "The Power to Surprise" which goes nicely with the motto of the advert "Designed to change your mind". Loads of red/white/black symbolism. I'm only doing adverts that I see on television around this time because I think a lot of these are being shown now specifically for a reason.

Your average bloke walks over a checkered zebra pattern, he is heading for the Exit, with a red circle with a point in the middle which is the fire hose. He spots the red KIA and is immediately taken to an alternate reality with some 'They Live' type nonsubliminals where he gets to drive the red car round through different rooms filled with roads, this would bring out the alter personalities as it symbolises accessing the compartments in their mind. One of the compartments has subliminal red pentagrams, the 5 red circles are encircling the road which itself has a circle around it (so more circles within circles symbolism). That compartment is just before the final one where light spirals all around him, completing the process. The number 7 is again on prominent display (see previous posts on advertising).


aferrismoon said...

The factory is in SlovaKIA

Benjamin S said...

Nice spot.

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