Saturday, 10 May 2008

Stephen Colbert 33rd Degree Freemason?

Ever since Stephen Colbert mentioned Ben Fulford and the Illuminati (and asked to join) I've noticed him doing alot more twin pillars/satanic/texas long horns hand signs randomly. At about 1.10 they mention that quantum mechanics is like becoming a 33rd degree freemason. Interesting electro-magnetism and whatnot also in this interview.


Michael Skaggs said...

UN-REAL, yep, if you get the subliminals, you know whats going on here....

Dedroidify said...

I need more than 'the horns' for illuminati evidence. Because that would mean I'm illuminati ;p

Though it's possible, Jon Stewart & Colbert mostly do not touch the sensitive issues and stick to the mainstream. 9/11 is a big example.

Though Colbert was really freaking nervous at the president roast ;)

I posted on my blog the video of colbert talking about the illuminati. You think he read illuminatus? Ewige blumenkraft ;p

Benjamin S said...

I think he knows all about this stuff definitely. He does say in the video "I know what that's like" when referring to becoming a 33rd degree freemason. He's supposed to be parodying Bill O'Reilly and people like that though so maybe he was saying that they all are (which they are probably).

Don't know either way, doesn't really bother me, he (and jon) makes me laugh even if he's illuminati, same if he isn't.

Also the Chrysler building is the stock background of the Daily Show a lot (which is masonic, see my post THe Order: master mason).

Unknown said...

I just got done watching the Dec 3 09 episode and noticed at the end he gave the shake of a Master Mason to the DA of Dallas. Am I saying he's illuminati? No, frankly I think the whole illuminati conspiracy is a load of crap, but... Is he a 3rd degree Master Mason. I haven't the slightest doubt in my mind. The whole 33 degrees of masonry is kind of a sham anyway, even a 33 degree mason is still a 3rd degree mason. If I'm confusing anyone do a little research and you'll see what I mean.

Lo said...

he also did the eye thing...he adjusted his glasses around his eye...tyra did that on her show today...i know this is an old post but still...

Eric Simon Burke said...

Stephen Colbert is in fact an inducted member of the Bavarian Illuminati. He formally accepted their coded invitations on February 28th, 2008 (check about 40 second in). At that point he became the 'Third Outer Head of the Bavarian Illuminati' [the previous third out head died about a year previous... I will not speculate publicly whom that was]
Link to initiation ->

I really can't tell you how I got this information. During the same week, Jon Stewart admits on air during one of the inter-show bumps w/ Colbert that some-one accused him of practicing 'black magick'. This was due to repeated letters sent to the Daily show office inviting Jon to join the "The Erisian Society & Smoking Club", apparently a parallel recruitment effort using some of Wilson's memes (you don't think the Illuminati wouldn't co-opt RAW's work?!?!?! really?!?!).

More info here:

Joseph said...

It's obvious that both Colbert in a satirical way and more so stuart
play the divide and conquer game of the two party system just as well as anyone in the main stream media would. The Two party system is for people who are delusional.

Brian said...

I've noticed the hand signs too! I sort of refer the "Texas Longhorn" hand sign as the symbol of Molech, since it looks like an owl. I think that's actually what the Illuminati worship...I mean just take a look at Bohemian Grove. 40 foot tall wooden owl.

He also does the "okay" symbol a lot, connecting his thumb and forefinger together and holding up the other three fingers. This is also a popular Illuminati hand sign. It can represent the "all-seeing eye" with eyelashes, amongst other symbols like the Eye of Ra, the Egyptian sun god.

I'm guessing, since Colbert is very wealthy, he is probably a member. The most common cover for Illuminati members? Being Christian, or pretending to be Christian. He proclaims that he is a Christian...but with all the hand signs he flashes during EVERY show, which is in the dozens, I can't help but think he is one of them. It is such an unnatural hand sign to make when you're in normal conversation or reading a teleprompter. His show is still funny though. Makes you wonder what the Illuminati are cooking up next? Is this supposed to condition us into thinking like Libertarians because of the conservative satire on Colbert's show, yet subtle attacks on liberal ideas too? What would be the advantage of mobilizing Libertarians?

Are the Illuminati trying to create their next favorite puppets for the next general election, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert? I mean, they're holding a rally together in Washington, D.C., on 10/30. 10 and 30 are popular numbers to the Illuminati...simply because 10x30 gives you 300, which was the number of members in the "Committee of 300" of the Illuminati. Plus, Colbert pronounces the name correctly...instead of Ill-oom-en-aht-tee, he says Ill-oom-en-aht-tay. I could see how both Stewart and Colbert would want more power. They already have massive wealth. They both are probably craving more money, more influence, and more power. And their shows are very popular. Now that Obama is getting somewhat unpopular, people would most likely vote these guys in next, and be fooled once more by the "democratic" election process.

The 10/30/10 rally in D.C. is proof that it's being cooked up by the Illuminati. Nearly everything in media has some connection to them.

If you watch both Stewart and Colbert, you'll end up finding yourself in the middle of the political compass, most likely.

What is interesting though, is that Stewart doesn't do any of these hand signs, but he is the producer of The Colbert Report.

Anonymous said...

The other night Gary Sinese was on Colbert report and brought up an hourglass on Colbert's award shelf, to which Colbert said he got it from the "grim reaper". The same day Tom Hanks was on TDS, seems a little coincidental to me.

Anonymous said...

He jokes at least twice about satanism. You cannot get a tv show, record contract or book deal unless you play the game (hand gestures please confirming). Sad, but now I think his father and brothers were part of a ritual sacrifice (or possible hit by another satanic group) when they were murdered on the flight that was taken down in Charlotte on SEPTEMBER ELEVEN, 1979. Of the 13 people who initially survived, only one was unscathed, went to a different hospital than all the other survivors and won (along with a few others) an undisclosed amount in a lawsuit against the FCC for traffic controllers failure. She was hired SEPTEMBER ELEVEN, 1968, her name Judy Collette Watson (Watson is a well-known satanic family).

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