Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Look into my eye... (cont. CSI update)

Having just written the original post on this, I watched the latest CSI after that and it had the exact same themes that I had been discussing so was abit aggrieved that I didn't watch it in time to include it in my post as more evidence of this mind control being used a lot lately in entertainment. Warrick Brown is played by Gary Dourdan, who is going through his own personal problems recently being caught with heroin, prescription drugs and the like. He was born December 11, 1966. He got his first break in the show A Different World.

An 'alter' flashback which did not happen, note the emerald city green illuminating HALF his face. Which we'll see in other posts soon also.

The episode begins with a small gospel choir singing "The storm is passing over." at a funeral (pictured below where we can also red ribbons and white/black vicar dog collar, and also disembodied faces on fans). Then the coffin collapses revealing there were two people in, one scrawny white guy the other a large black guy. This could symbolise two opposite personalities living in one head or something. The white guy is the one who was not supposed to be there, he was a personal investigator who worked for Warrick to investigate Gedda, a gangster. Here we see the pathologist removing his brain. Then we see him pulling the skin back over his face symbolising a mask.

Like in House, Warrick goes to a strip club and he allegedly kills Lou Gedda, a gangster. But he cannot remember what happened (don't TV shows get in trouble for repeating the exact themes in other shows in the same week? I guess if they're all working towards the same agenda, then no). Lou Gedda calls Warrick at the lab and he goes over there but is knocked out by the mole in the lab causing a head injury leading to his short-term amnesia. Below is a shot of him in red prison clothing showing the head injury with those ever-present three lights and also one of him in typical 'focus on one eye' camera shots.

It makes sense that strip clubs would be part of mind control seeing as it caters for some of our deeper impulses and in the reptilian brain aggression and sex are fundamentally the same. The House episode in the original post opened in a strip club, an image of the neon sign behind him is shown below. I've also included a subliminal (it flashes on screen for like half a second) of this injury to the head from the same opening House sequence. It all goes down for Warrick at a strip club, here we can see the purple I've been talking about in some of my mind control posts as he walks through twin pillars, a red blood line, below a checkered symbolic pyramid/roof, also note the imo demonic looking star the police have for their badges in Vegas on the police car. That toy they have where they can test for something as blood, that even goes purple too, significantly they do the purple test on a key which symbolises accessing different parts of the mind. Also, remember Amber, or "cut-throat bitch" as House affectionately called her who was wearing a subliminal red scarf symbolising a cut-throat. Well here we have a literal representation of a cut-throat interlaced with a potentially mind controllian neon sign and an illuminated arch.

The flashbacks also contained some mind control themes I've been discussing. Warrick is pictured walking up to the strip club and there are red squares present containing the stripper's image, around the red squares are revolving lights, also note the green light reflecting off the ground and the purple light above the squares. At one point, when recreating the gunshots paths using red lasers that shine into the camera, at the viewer. It became apparent that Warrick was framed by a corrupt CSI and he was, knocked out by chloroform on a red-square handkerchief (also note the horse in the light in the background), he was held up like a rag doll to fire the shots. Even the square they used for measuring was symbolic. A random girl is focused on whom one of the CSI's apparently fancies, Warrick says how his CSI friend is going after 'the red' a reference to her red hair, she is wearing pink/purple and bluey/green colours.

Numerology-wise at one point a CSI states that at aged 33 the P.I. did something bad, then later on listening to a voice recording of the victim he says: 'Case number 333'. Then referring to how they analysed the blood stains on his shirt, a CSI says "7 of these stains were typed using 13 STR Loseye". And there were 5 shell casings at the scene. Now I know a lot of people write this numerology stuff off as coincidence but these numbers are consciously chosen for a reason, and I doubt it's just because 3 is a nice number or something. The guy Warrick is framed for murdering is called Gedda which could be a subliminal for 'Get her' in the way it is said (it's said a lot). Some of the scenes were just pure mind control, and to go along with the 'get her' subliminal this image certainly felt like a trigger for causing some domestic chaos or to add to last weeks 'death of a diva' trigger or something. There were plenty more things in it, such as I've noticed recently a lot of 'lets look weirdly into the camera' in pretty much all the shows lately as if they were looking at the viewer waking up its alter. And also this image showing a fake hot-air balloon, a large yellow O and the phallic illuminated fake eiffel tower thing. This was a little rushed, apologies; going to try and plough through all the shows I've got queued up for analysis.

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Anonymous said...

" with those ever-present three lights"

I have noticed this 3 thing a lot in many t.v. shows. Grimm, for one has an episode about Three Coins In A Fuchsbau. And *every* time someone puts the coins down, they make a triangular shape with it, like those lights. It's always in a row or in that shape. Is there some significance to that?

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