Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Adventures in Wonderland

Lily Cole clutching the white rabbit in MM's film.

Lily Cole is the star of Marilyn Manson's directorial debut Phantasmagoria: The Visions of Lewis Carroll. She plays Alice. It is about some old guy who took pictures of young girls or whatever, just a cover for a trauma-based programmer no doubt. Her alter ego is played by Evan Rachel Wood. You can see some stills from the film here where the standard symbolism in mind control is present of masks, rabbits, duality and whatnot. She is also in the now infamous The Imaginarium of Doctor Panassus with that shot of Ledger as the hanging man with all seeing eye within a triangle on his head tipping the synch barrier over the edge, head over to Atlantean Times for some quite excellent work on Heath Ledger. She's done alot of weird shoots, this one in particular was probably done under some serious hypnosis. She has red hair and blue eyes. Like Princess Beatrice, she was born in 1988.

I need a bigger scanner! Need I say more on this one? Monarch butterflies galore! Eyes on the butterflies wings.

I'll kick things off with this highly symbolic shot of her clutching a mask with an illuminated X on it (which if you look through my previous posts there seems to be alot of subliminal illuminated X's, i.e. in House faceless bar). 'My Delicate Masked Retreat' is no doubt a reference to mirrored/dual personalities. I think this is an old one.

The double page spread above with Lily surrounded by butterflies and a giant watering can was part of a series of photos called 'Adventures in Wonderland' which were filled with symbols used in mind control. Here is the cover with twin/mirrored royal swans, swans were the first birds to get bird flu in Britain. Note the date, 17th May 2008.

The below image shows Lily on spiral stairs. Helixes/Spirals are used in mind control triggers/symbolising the mind spiralling down towards an altered state. Also note the fracture atop the arch Lily stands under symbolising the fractured mind of the mind controlled slave. The dress is a Stella McCartney one. In The Hole, there was a slight spiral staircase synch as the one who supposedly locked them in the hole sits at the top of it, the others who are the symbolic mind control victims in the film sit further down the spiral staircase. All three who sit further down the spiral part of the staircase end up dead, I encourage you to read my post on The Hole which imo is 100% a mind control film.

This scan has faces, more arches etc.

This one, not of Lily but part of the same 'Adventures in Wonderland' collection symbolises dual personalities with the mirror in view and the red thing positioned behind her in the mirror.

Here is the Fearne Cotton in red shoes with black/white top (this is not from the Telegraph magazine, its from The Times). I think that 13 at the top right is the page number also she has some kind of star tattoo on her ankle covered up by the red shoe strap.

Here she is looking goddess-like (hell I'd worship at her feet) sitting on a chair on a checkered floor. Also there are some pillars in the background which I'm assuming are twin pillars.

This is another symbolic picture of her, with the focus of it seeming to be the reflection of the phallus in the water.

This one has her in the traditional one eyed motif, covered by a literal lily I guess (I'm no botanist). Its yellow so maybe it symbolises the yellow brick road, and the green titles might symbolise the emerald city.... though I'm probably stretching it a bit here.

The images below are from the Fresh2O Aquarius worshipping photo-shoot/charity (London Eye worship over there also) including images of KK resonator Keira Knightly, Lily and also a random girl in red shoes clutching the Knights Templar flag.


Anonymous said...

Been enjoying your sleuthing/digging into the world of mind control.

The "red thing" in the mirror is likely significant, though I'm not sure exactly what it supposed to be. The fact that she is looking away from the mirror, hence unable to see only the reflection, may be indicative that IT is on the "other side."

As for the cross, it looks more like St. George's Cross to me.

Keep up the good work.

Benjamin S said...

Yeah true, it is the st. george's cross, but its so similar to the knights templar one (red cross) I just call it that these days (because of my own conspiricist programming I guess ^^).

Nice observations on the mirror, I definitely think there's something significant about that too.

Cheers for your support on the mind control stuff, it's very speculative but I'll keep showing it as long as the media keep putting the symbols/triggers in their stuff.

Michael Skaggs said...


Great work indeed, nice digs! You know my views on the symbols--definite triggers from MMC programming.

If indeed the powers that be are increasing their hold and do not wish to see a happy ending for 2012, we are for sure going to see plenty of this!

Peace bud!

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