Thursday, 1 May 2008

Not even Orion Babel can save them

Some weird synchs from last night's football (see my previous posts on Ronaldos, also this is a wonderful post on the football side of things. Read the comments too, very informative.)

Liverpool have always got away with everything, had all the luck, perhaps this is the reason!

Fear the demonic goatie and the baldingness!!! I'm joking, obviously.

Twin Pillars/Dogma/God resonating African king Didier Drogba (double D symbolism?, he is player number 11, again showing double, twin pillars symbolism) scored the first goal on 33 minutes, he struck from 12 yards. All looked well for my Masonic/Russian Mafia Blues. Until Benayoun (Israeli player, also no. 11, Benitez, rising BenBen) slid the ball to the number 9 player Fernando Torres (torah/tarot?). So the player 11 scores, then the player 9 which in England would resonate 9/11 (even though we do say it the American way because it's become such a mythologised event).

According to the BBC's article on the match: "It was Liverpool's first goal at Stamford Bridge in 841 minutes (8+4+1=13) of football, spanning nine matches, and meant the match was destined for extra-time."[emphasis + brackets added] Even though it was scored in the 64th minute, it was scored at 63:xx so still resonates.

Essien had a 22 yard strike ruled out for offside. Then Sami Hyypia (born 7/10/73) fouled the number 13 German, Michael Ballack. Then Frank Lampard (lamp, light worship?) who recently went through a personal tragedy scored the penalty. This made it 2-1. Then according to the BBC: "Seven minutes later Chelsea went two goals clear when Drogba swept home Anelka's (El, no. 39) pass from six yards."[emphasis + brackets added] So double D and twin pillars Drogba scored two goals, scoring a brace/double.

Then just to complete the ritual to make it a nice synchronystic number of 2:3/3:2 Ryan/Orion Babel, you'll love this: scored in the 117th minute. He struck the awesome shot from 30/35 (33?) yards. Both teams wear the adidas 3 stripes/pyramid shaped thingy on their chests.

I thought this quote was nice from the Tower of Babel wikipedia page: "However, the Tower of Babel was not built for the worship and praise of God, but was dedicated to false man-made religion[citation needed], with a motive of making a 'celebrated name' for the builders" Which is what the whole of football is really, in my opinion: a false man-made religion with a motive of making celebrated names for the builders(fans who put loads of their money into it)
like the Christ resonating Ronaldos and the Gerrards/Lampards of this world whom millions worship.

Now I'm off to vote in the Mayoral election sideshow. (back from that, weird synch, on the table where you get your sheets of paper where you put your X on who you want to vote for, there was one of those creepy womans magazines, it was open facing away from the people sitting at the table ((so facing towards the voters that come in)) and was about a 73 year old woman getting a facelift. Also it was held at a school and in the playground there is a large chalk drawn checkerboard, as well as a labyrinth and a clock drawn on the playground floor. ((obviously all are innocent things in a child's playground but still interesting to note imo)))


aferrismoon said...

I'm just devising something on the match in Moscow.
Not just that but I've written a comment at ATLANTEAN TIMES on the big fix with the
CHELSEA - Russian jewish Oligarchy , Abramovich, who knows perhaps part of Berezovsky's plan to gain revenge on the guy he put forward , El Putin, who got him 'exiled'.
10 days ago Putin meets Berlusconi [ boss of AC Milan], talks about energy supplies and Alitalia.
Berlusconi is godfathr to Shevchenko's child who got sold to Chelsea and has done not much
Avram Grant came from Portsmouth , the club with the Stargate logo [ I think he did]
Man Utd - 50th anniversary of Munich air disaster
Ferguson bowing out
The final in Moscow - freaking Oligarch-Politik showdown
Haven't actually read the post yet, just glimpsed, SYNCH AND SWYM

aferrismoon said...

Also London Liverpool - Leona Lewis

Benjamin S said...

Yeah Grant came from Portsmouth, he had no experience with any big clubs, he only managed a club in Israel for a few years (he's tight with Alex Freemason too), damn zionist cabal! Also Chelsea's badge was changed by Abramovich (abraham?) to have the masonic gold and blue colours and to have the royal red rose in it I think, and it used to be a less lizard-looking lion that made up most of the badge instead of one that looks alot like the one on the Man Utd badge which it is now.

I just read your footy post from a couple of days ago, really good summing up. Also your Lost ones always kick ass.

Weird synch, watching red vs blue Arsenal Vs Everton (madeleine country) Bendtner just scored in the 77th minute, he is #26 and he beat #26 Carsley to the header to score the goal.

Benjamin S said...

Ones a lion and ones a devil but they look similar to me, both clutching their trident/sceptre respectively.

Benjamin S said...

Also they made Shevchenko #7, hmm this would have been easier if I could edit my comments and add these little things in.

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