Tuesday, 13 May 2008

All police officers to become Freemasonic Light-Bearers

Tasers are to be handed out to every police officer in the UK like candy, apparently after a "successful" trial. No one knows how many police officers are Freemasons but we can presume they are numerous because of news like this. Taser's shares on Friday closed at $7.37, which further convinces me that the entire economic system is just an occult fraud. And yes, the "problem reaction solution" I mentioned yesterday is at work today, the solution: the Masonic police are going to step up their "stop and search" policy, which is currently breaking news. No doubt we'll be seeing lots more deaths soon as the result of Luciferian electric tasers.

A CSI episode about the "theory of everything", synchronicity and whatnot symbolised this Luciferian taser link as one is fired at a man who bursts into flames.

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