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The Order: Master Mason

This Freemasonic arthouse film was interesting, it contains constant overt symbolism so I wasn't sure how to write a post on it. I'm sure I didn't understand some of the Freemasonic in-jokes and some of the metaphors and such, but I enjoyed the symbolism, imagery, the atonal music, harmonies and rhythmn. Some bits are disturbing, re-enacting what Hiram Abiff allegedly went through in his murder and some weird reproductive dental scene. People who have read my previous posts on the CSI's will know my interest in the occult architecture used in major cities. This film is about the building of the Chrysler building and (like his other work, see video at end) also has reproductive organ imagery which Freemasons so love (see phallic obelisks and fountains and whatnot all over the world).

Illuminated triangles on the "seven radiating arches" or are they luciferian flames? I count 30 on that side including the top one.
Luciferian window from the inside, there are 7 parts to the inside triangle, and 11 on the outside of it.
This building, The Bank of America building is 366 m to the tip, and will surpass the Chrysler Building as the second tallest building in New York, the Chrysler is 319 m to the tip.

It is made by Matthew Barney, who went to Yale (so potentially Skull and Bones) he is currently with Bjork and has a daughter who was also born in 2002, same year as his film Cremaster 3. He was born in 1967, below is him in the second half of the film where he plays "The Apprentice" (see next post).

One scene interested me in particular. The person singing wearing white and black (pictured below) is inside one of the illuminated triangles of the Chrysler building. "The pillar on which pride didn't rest. The tower lies now level prone. With this stone true the tower did fall." (99% sure on those lyrics). Then symbolically the luciferian flames are put out by the guy singing. This was released in 2002 so was being made during and after the Twin Towers' collapse I presume. The twin towers symbolic buildings are "now level prone", the Chrysler still stands tall with it's illuminated triangles and "seven radiating terraced arches" reflecting the sun's light.

There are plenty of double headed eagles all over the place, here's a few of them. Also notice the black/white symbolism I've been going on about in all my posts.

The sequence that frames the film at the start and end resonated with me as it was about the giant's causeway in Ireland. It is based on the Irish myth of Fionn mac Cumhail. Below is a screen cap showing him holding twin hexagonal pillars. He was trying to build a causeway to Scotland so his feet wouldn't get wet, this ties in to Freemasonry because of the Scottish Rite, 33rd degree and all that, again bringing us back to Pike.

There are a few Luciferian cigarette/cigar lightings , one example is shown below (with black/white double headed eagles), which occurs after they've put a Freemasonic horse bit (pictured below) removing his teeth because he used a mold to cast the perfect 'ashlar' which goes against his right of passage or something.

Some more symbolic screens to finish (the whole film is basically one big symbolic feature though so couldn't cap them all):


And a random red/white/black one from the film (see previous posts, specifically The Bank Job).

Video to finish.

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Unknown said...

The lyric quote is actually "The pillar on which pride did rest."

Full lyrics are these (accounting for my misremembering "the" "that" and "this", which probably happens several times):

Of glacial ice, a base of stone
A firm foundation for potential
One hopeful line, a gestue still
Toward higher rationale
So lift this hope to vertical
And build this pillar sound
With this stone true, the tower did raise
From th' grace his basis found

O'er poured stone core, a silver skin
High reflection, this surface takes
All-seeing eye, a mirror thin
Paternal estimation makes
Strong discipline and refined will
Shall build this pillar sound
With this stone true, the tower did hope
For th' grace his basis found

This willful lens, this reflection
A deceitful claim to see
No longer straight, nor level to
The line plumb to the sea
His pride gone ill, this beacon still
Did call this pillar sound
With this stone true, the tower did lie
To th' grace his basis found

A silver sphere, an aqua pool
And the blue sea, deeper black
A stone was thrown, horizon cleft
The truthful curve reborn
That pillar on which pride did rest
That tower now lies level, prone
With this stone true, the tower did fall
From th' grace his basis found

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