Sunday, 1 June 2008

The Brainwashing Britain Corporation

The BBC is numerologically 223 (=7), which is of course Skull and Bones' 322 in reverse/mirrored. Their kids channel is CBBC, 3223 which is the number 32 or 23 mirrored (skull and Bones was founded in the year 1832). This is (probably) not a conscious thing but to me, it is the kind of synchronicity that I think is currently 'revealing the truth' to us. Below is an image of the BBC's Coat of Arms with it's motto "Nation shall speak peace unto Nation", 6 pointed stars and whatnot.

But I am really writing this because the BBC are targeting children in their apparent mind control program. Steven Moffat is a person I consider to be highly suspect, he wrote "the unforgettable episodes Blink and The Empty Child" which both contain clear mind control themes. Blink has numerology synchs (17 DVD's and others) as well as angels in stone which I've shown a few times in previous posts about mind control. There are lots of other things in this episode, it won Moffat a BAFTA award. The Empty Child contains a child that has a gas mask stuck to his face (literally, you end up seeing loads of people with these masks stuck to their faces).

Watching yesterday's Doctor Who (which he wrote) my suspicions were confirmed as it was about a young girl wearing purple who has been programmed (she is constantly under hypnosis ((every time she closes her eyes she 'goes to the library')), obviously they leave out all the trauma that causes the girl's consciousness to escape to this alter-reality) to live in an imaginary 'library' in her head, which 'goes on forever'. 'Doctor Moon' (programmer) tells the young girl later in the episode, "The real world is a lie. Your nightmares are real. There are really people trapped in there. Those people need to be saved. Only you can save them. Only you." Which tragically is something that I have mentioned numerous times in my previous mind control posts (keeps them in the alter-reality, so cannot break out of the programming), the whole episode had me pretty riled up throughout. A few screenshots are below (note Donna Noble in purple also, and how they talk to the camera(viewer) after rushing through the door (just before the stargate intro sequence), the interlocking rings on said door which I just mentioned in my previous post, human faces on statues, loads of twin pillars, symbolic stars, I may do a full-on post on it, probably not though, I'll wait for the second part next week to decide). This episode aired on the 31st (13) of May, the next one will air on the 7th June 7pm. 'The Girl' does not have a name (might find it out in the next episode though), like the tragic Valentine in Mirrormask (never find out his real name).

Steven Moffat has taken over from Russel T Davies as the Lead Writer of the next series, series 5. I shudder to think what he will be writing about in the next season :S. He's also writing the TinTin movies, which I can't decide if that disappoints me, having read loads of TinTin in my youth (damn legend) I've been looking forward to those. He tells of his need to get the job of chief Doctor Who writer, "Moffat said: "My entire career has been a secret plan to get this job. I applied before, but I got knocked back cos the BBC wanted someone else."Also, I was seven," he joked." (Hilarious!) Link here. The BBC have explicitly(ish) said numerous times that the purpose of Moffat's episodes are to instill fear into the minds of the youth. Check out their "Fear Forecast" part of their website, the girl, aged 7 has helpfully covered up her eye for them, bet they loved that. Lizo's review of the episode on CBBC website is worth a look, apparently it was the best episode of the series.

One hour before this Doctor Who aired, a 100% mind control program(ming) was on the CBBC channel called, Trapped!. About "6 children in a tower"... There are hexagons, a spiral that the kids tumble down after being sucked into the television, loads of purple, a door (with locks) shutting the children inside the hexagonal prison/tower and others. Listen to the voice, saying stuff like "Wiley snake! Wiley snake!" (phallus) and other random things used in mind control. See it for yourself here. I guess they're trying to create as many mindless drones as possible to fight a future world war or something. I must also say that the creator of this intro seems like a genuine, nice bloke, I wonder if he was specifically told to include hexagons, go purple-crazy, put a spiral in the T of tower etc. Failing that, my explanation is subliminal suggestion got to the designer(s), which of course they would not be aware of themselves so are completely innocent. What also makes me suspect this show is because there is no CBBC website for it, like there is for almost every other CBBC show, this is displayed in this video by a girl who calls it 'elusive' (maybe they don't want to too much attention drawn to it...).

To further emphasize this use of 'towers' in mind control, a few months ago I saw adverts at bus-stops for Disney Land Paris' 'Tower of Terror' attraction (not the one pictured below, can't find it online). Please do some googling if you are not aware of Disney mind control, they have a Tower of Terror (link worth clicking, note the Wizard of Oz headline) in numerous resorts with the one in Paris opening just a couple of months ago in April 2008. They really are 'trapping' the minds of the young aren't they. Look at the emblem that all the fake-hotel workers wear, two twin tower H's and a double headed (eagle) axe T, in masonic gold and blue (and also red), made long before 9/11 I think.

At least the universe is getting some revenge, burning down some Hollywood studio thing, King Kong was destroyed, though this was probably set off on purpose for some unknown reason to me (can we ever truly know their reasoning?). I do think that all this (at present, unbelievable amount of) mind control in the media coinciding with the rise in random acts of violence (knife attacks etc.) is not coincidence at all.

Watch the Doctor Who episode, part 1 here. Also see this twin tower controlled demolition which I thought was pretty random... Also, a post on David Tennant (Doctor Who) in Derren Brown's Trick or Treat (bit behind on covering those) might be worth looking at.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if they are more overt in their brainwashing now, or under more pressure to speed things up, or if by opening our own eyes/I's to it, always present but now obvious.

I found a page on the origins of 322, which may or may not be useful.

Anonymous said...

New Dr Who series for 2010..."The new 13-part series was overseen by a new creative team, led by TV writer Steven Moffat".

The new Doctor is 11th in line.
The first episode is call "The 11th Hour"

11:11 ....another one of 'their' favourites, hidden in plain sight.

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