Saturday, 3 May 2008

The Madeleine McCann light ritual continues one year on.

"People are also being asked to light candles, shine torches or turn on a porch lamp between 9.30pm and 10pm to symbolise the period when she went missing."

And on the back of my The Bill post (the video of the ex-Bill in the stadium with all the lights going on) I found this ritual interesting. "Everton, Madeleine's favourite football team, will join the campaign to "light the way home" for the little girl by switching on the floodlights at its Goodison Park ground at this time."

"They will attend a service in the Algarve village's church of Our Lady of Light, where a message from Mrs McCann will be read out."
Probably lots more I havn't seen.

And of course Murdoch's The Sun is big on the worshipping of the light front. (second top picture)


Newspaceman said...

The "helpline" phone number for MM - 0845 838 4699 - adds to 64 - chess board squares.


Benjamin S said...

Nice one, hadn't seen that. Also +44 18 83 73 13 36 is another international number i see from the symbolic youtube video that played at last years FA Cup final.

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