Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Katy and the Kittens... When the Girls are Aloud

Loosely related: Daily Mail shows it's MK suggestiveness once more, comparing obviously MK'd Ozzie actor Russel Crowe to the Cowardly Lion (no heart) in the Wizard of Oz; MCM Sienna Miller will be playing Maid Marion [drug dealer/programmer keeps calling Jennifer Connolly that in Requiem for a Dream, because of fairy-tale/dissociation/drugs connection] in a new Ridley Scott movie that Russel is probably appearing in (according to Mail). And Kiefer has an extreme fear of mirrors, who'd have guessed that! He is another one that is absolutely mind controlled, more on him in my coming Mirrors extended post. Edit: Here's Sienna Miller dressed as a zebra (I did not name the file that) to illustrate my point below the video.

Hot N Cold

Katy's new video [check out her older ones, equally as MK suggestive in my post on her], mainly posted for the zebra/rainbow synch [if you see a zebra and/or black/white duality following someone in the media/movies then they are highly likely MK'd, i.e Robin Tunney ([this is opinion]: don't really buy that "stargate resonators" stuff, seems like misinfo (shifts blame away from filmmakers, to the "universe") making the whole situation rather pie in the sky when really it's absolutely horrific and vile and all very conscious on the part of the insane fuckers that run Hollywood)]. Also note the hot/cold = duality. Couldn't resist doing another one of these music video posts; don't know if people actually watch the videos, maybe I should just screencap the pertinent images. All these MK'd celebs naturally get their doll versions; Katy being no exception (as do the Girls further down). That pink bike in the video appears to be very similar to (the bicycle in it, see video) a chockablock checkerboard soft-porno Tinto Brass' Frivolous Lola [skip to about 1:17 for the checkerboard; that filmmaker is completely involved in mind control, his other films have more checkerboards and loads of MK themes, he even turned Salon Kitty (blatant if you understand MK) into a movie! Edit: Added cover of it to illustrate the Nazi and Kitten programming connection going way back... [the main mistress was called Miss Kitty] kittens (as well as S&M alters and whatnot too) are also extremely helpful in controlling modern day politicians through blackmail/seduction].

Kate Nash (grew up in same area as me incidentally), her breakthrough single was Foundations; but this one has some pretty blatant Kitten programming (also note the all seeing eye near the beginning and such, "I just want your kiss boy" because she's in the sex-kitten alter yes, hence all the kitten costumes.). Look at how they've been fucking with her heart rate (something that is known to go in mind control programming).

Note the checkerboard [incomplete, completes in the centre of the black tambourine, also obviously the pentagrams and such too] evidence that this checkerboard is 100% conscious (use of Freemasonic symbolism) is shown by the use of it on various other album covers, such as the one below.

Note the disembodied heads on their red t-shirts. [this kind of checkerboard cube/room is often used in the equally as controlled porn industry also (especially in fetish stuff)]
Girls Aloud are in my opinion, the Pussycat Dolls of the UK (except much MUCH prettier), they serve the same purpose anyway by getting the young girls to want to be like them; so only caring about looks/money/getting a footballer boyfriend/etc.

Aren't MK'd Kouples Kute? [Ashley Cole (13) and Cheryl Cole (33, originally ballerina/model), most footballers are probably mind controlled; the elite laugh at us for watching their puppets perform for the brainless sheeple in a pointless, divisive activity]

More checkerboards! [Obviously just a coincidence!... wakey wakey it's all under control.] Want to show you one video from this album (Chemistry), their personality switches (to an alter) after "dirty brain" is spoken.... then come all the butterflies [note that the change to the alter ('s clothing) occurs when they spin.. and obviously in all these videos note the lyrics which can be heard as MK suggestive, i.e in this one: "Cause when you take me in your arms I turn to slave and I can't be saved.... Youre minds firing blind... etc."].

Girls Aloud - Biology - Girls Aloud
Note they all wear red shoes, apart from Nicole [the often ostracized/maligned one].

Hmm... blatant carousel hint here [also twin pillars].

The girls out and about, the checkerboard is never far from them.

More Doll Domination!

Their debut video for Sound of the Underground, features symbolism as they are performing inside a cage [grid], with an pentagon hole in the top of it, the glass bulb shatters and such things. But the lyrics are more important, here is a section of them (other ones too, like Waters running in the wrong direction... I can see it in my own reflection):
Chain reaction running through my veins
Pumps the bass line up into my brain
Screws my mind until I lose control
And when the building rocks I know its got my soul

I already covered another one of their videos (and their KK resonation 11 11, mirror symbolism, mind control; also another big KITTY KAT because it's a KIT KAT ad...), here's the link if you're interested (annoyingly it looks like a lot of my images [in other posts too] on imageshack have been lost or something so it's missing one image relating to blood sacrifice of these MK victims). I'm sure if I went through many of their other videos I'd find even more synchs but I feel I've shown enough of them to show they are completely controlled.

In related MKitten news; Miley's Super Sweet 16 is coming up! Naturally celebrating it at Disney Land with her best buddy Mickey Mouse... she is Miley Mouse after all. Also pictured at the bottom; an image of her doing the horns at the end of her performance at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice awards, in late March.

Want more evidence of the Jonas Brothers' controlled existence, note the yellow jumper is positioned in front of GWB [MK'd] as they visited him for some kind of Easter Egg rolling thing ['tf? Some crazy shit! Nope (but yep! also, there's logic to their madness), just another occult ritual].


Dedroidify said...

lol, yet they managed to convince Kiefer to star in the movie Mirrors

Anonymous said...

In the"no good advice" picture there is one girl with red hair. Am not fully aware if this is significant matter. Somehow i connect that to the checkerboard theme. Have a hunch this has been discussed before. Maybe in the synchromystic forums. Dunno.

+ the "chemistry" cover has a Stepford wives theme.


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